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Ranking of armies of the world 2023 according to Global Firepower

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  •  For 18 years, the Global Firepower website has been closely following the armies of 145 countries around the world. To answer the question of which army is the strongest in the world, the site's experts use more than 50 criteria, ranging from funding to logistics and geographical features.

  •  Moreover, according to GF experts, thanks to their unique formula (and refusal to take into account nuclear weapons), the armies of even small states are able to compete in the rating in terms of combat readiness with giants like Russia, India and China.

  •  The world army rating 2023 is formed according to the principle "the smaller PwrIndx (power index), the stronger the country." So far, no one has reached the maximum indicator of military power of 0.0000.

World army ranking 2023, complete list of Global Firepower

PlaceCountryStrength index
1U.S. 0.0712
2Russian Federation 0.0714
3China 0.0722
4India 0.1025
5United Kingdom 0.1435
6South Korea 0.1505
7Pakistan 0.1694
8Japan 0.1711
9France 0.1848
10Italy 0.1973
11Turkey 0.2016
12Brazil 0.2151
13Indonesia 0.2221
14Egypt 0.2224
15Ukraine 0.2516
16Australia 0.2567
17Iran 0.2712
18Israel 0.2757
19Vietnam 0.2855
20Poland 0.3406
21Spain 0.3556
22Saudi Arabia 0.3626
23Taiwan 0.3639
24Thailand 0.3738
25Germany 0.3881
26Algeria 0.3911
27Canada 0.3956
28Argentina 0.4243
29Singapore 0.4613
30Greece 0.4621
31Mexico 0.4687
32Philippines 0.4811
33South Africa 0.4885
34North Korea 0.5118
35Norway 0.5289
36Nigeria 0.5587
37Sweden 0.5679
38Myanmar 0.5768
39Netherlands 0.5801
40Bangladesh 0.5871
41Portugal 0.6116
42Malaysia 0.6189
43Colombia 0.7011
44Switzerland 0.7191
45Iraq 0.7365
46Chile 0.7712
47Romania 0.7735
48Czech Republic 0.7849
49Ethiopia 0.7979
50Denmark 0.8011
51Finland 0.8099
52Venezuela 0.8228
53Peru 0.8466
54Hungary 0.8643
55Angola 0.8732
56United Arab Emirates 0.8978
57Azerbaijan 0.9391
58Serbia 0.9571
59Bulgaria 0.9757
60Belarus 1.0485
61Morocco 1.0524
62Uzbekistan 1.0692
63Kazakhstan 1.0873
64Syria 1.1095
65Qatar 1.1296
66Cuba 1.1523
67Slovakia 1.1789
68Belgium 1.1836
69Croatia 1.2141
70Ecuador 1.2181
71Sri Lanka 1.2478
72Dem. Republic of the Congo 1.3055
73Tunisia 1.3243
74Yemen 1.3985
75Sudan 1.4079
76Oman 1.4081
77Bolivia 1.4339
78Kuwait 1.4441
79Bahrain 1.4511
80Libya 1.4718
81Jordan 1.5098
82Turkmenistan 1.5986
83Uganda 1.6264
84Austria 1.6543
85Georgia 1.7181
86Slovenia 1.7261
87Kenya 1.7701
88Paraguay 1.7863
89Zambia 1.7896
90Ireland 1.8161
91Albania 1.8466
92Honduras 1.8851
93Lithuania 1.9026
94Armenia 1.9137
95Latvia 1.9161
96Uruguay 1.9269
97Chad 1.9751
98Zimbabwe 1.9787
99Mongolia 2.0263
100Cameroon 2.0296
101Tanzania 2.0387
102Guatemala 2.0419
103New Zealand 2.0617
104Estonia 2.0686
105Ivory Coast 2.0881
106Cambodia 2.1321
107Kyrgyzstan 2.1703
108North Macedonia 2.1717
109Ghana 2.1741
110Mali 2.1992
111Lebanon 2.2381
112Mozambique 2.2895
113Eritrea 2.2956
114Afghanistan 2.3118
115Laos 2.3168
116Southern Sudan 2.5261
117Nicaragua 2.5685
118The Dominican Republic 2.5742
119Niger 2.6327
120Tajikistan 2.6403
121Burkina Faso 2.6607
122Republic of the Congo 2.6648
123Namibia 2.7081
124Botswana 2.7851
125Senegal 2.7961
126Luxembourg 2.8202
127Salvador 2.8583
128Montenegro 2.8704
129Nepal 2.8728
130Madagascar 2.9078
131Gabon 2.9235
132Mauritania 3.0398
133Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.0788
134Kosovo 3.2863
135Panama 3.2877
136CAR 3.2931
137Iceland 3.4845
138Sierra Leone 3.5241
139Belize 3.7178
140Surinam 4.0003
141Liberia 4.0006
142Somalia 4.0196
143Moldova 4.0861
144Benin 4.1269
145Butane 6.2017

Top 10 armies in the world 2023: the strongest

10. Italy

Armed Forces of Italy

PwrIndx: 0.1848

  •  According to experts, the reason why Italy appeared in the top ten of the strongest armies in the world in 2023 is a large military budget – $ 37 billion. The events in Ukraine gave an acceleration to the military spending of NATO countries, including Italy. However, in December last year, Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, in an interview with La Stampa, said that there was no need to increase the country's military budget above 2% of GDP.

  •  In terms of technology, Italy's results are average: 850 aircraft (13th), 404 helicopters (9th), 197 tanks (62nd overall) and 313 ships (7th).

9. France

French Armed Forces

PwrIndx: 0,1848

  •  France does not have as many ships (23rd, 126 units), aircraft (10th, 1004 units) and tanks (58th, 222 units) compared to the rest of the states, however, those that are, modern and very effective.

  •  Mirage and Rafale aircraft, Tiger helicopters, LeClerc tanks and the only aircraft carrier after the United States with its own nuclear installation – all this is part of the main forces of the French army.

  •  France is also quite capable of providing itself with machinery and equipment, which, if necessary, will help to conduct protracted hostilities.

8 Japan

Japan Self-Defense Forces

PwrIndx: 0,1711

  •  Although the Japanese army has only 240 thousand people, which is only a small part of the number of dangerous neighbor North Korea (an impressive 1,2 million troops), the Land of the Rising Sun makes up for the difference with the most modern weapons.

  •  The Japanese have 1 special-purpose aircraft, more than most other armies in the world, and a very impressive fleet of 451 destroyers (third after the US and China). Keeping all this wealth afloat is serious budget allocations (36th place, $11 billion).

7. Pakistan

Pakistan Armed Forces

PwrIndx: 0.1572

  •  Relations between India and Pakistan continue to be tense, which makes one look at the numbers with redoubled attention – especially given that both countries have nuclear weapons. The population of Pakistan is 242,9 million people (5th in the world). At the moment, there are 654 people in the army of this Muslim country.

  •  In terms of the number of air force units, Pakistan is in the top ten (7th, 1413 units). Tank troops are slightly behind (8th, 3742 units), but Pakistan, like its rival neighbor, does not have so many ships (28th place, only 114 units).

6. South Korea

South Korean soldiers

PwrIndx: 0,1505

  •  Although this East Asian country is relatively small in size, however, in terms of the number of armed forces, the number of aircraft (5th place, 1602 units) and the number of tanks (2331 units, 10th place), it is firmly among the top ten leaders. But the navy is small – 157 ships and 19th place, respectively.

  •  And all this with a relatively small budget ($42,1 billion, 10th in the world). But what to do, South Korea has to build up its muscles in the eternal rivalry with its northern sister, who also tries to keep up, despite the weakness of her economy.

5. England

British troops

PwrIndx: 0,1435

  •  The number of airships (16th, 663), tanks (57th, 227) and naval vessels (38th, 73 units) of the British is not as impressive as the others in the ranking, not to mention on the number of troops. Why is the United Kingdom firmly established in the top ten winners?

  •  And all thanks to the impressive military budget (7th place in the world, 50,2 billion dollars), which is not inferior to many larger states. And the point is the advantageous location of the island, which is not so easy to attack.

4. India

Indian Armed Forces

PwrIndx: 0,1025

  •  The high rating of India is largely due to its huge population (1,4 billion people) and, as a result, a large number of military personnel (1,4 million people). India does not lag behind others in terms of the number of aircraft and tanks (fourth and sixth places in the list, respectively).

  •  But the navy is not as numerous as one would expect from a country washed by the Indian Ocean. In terms of the number of ships, it is inferior to the much less numerous Thailand (292 ships against 295 Indian ships). As they say, the reason is the large consumption of oil and its small production.

  •  Interestingly, the border troops of India are the only ones in the world that use camels as a means of transportation.

3. China

People's Liberation Army of China

PwrIndx: 0,0722

  •  If the United States relied on the air force, and Russia – on tank troops, then the Celestial Empire turned its face to the sea. China's naval forces include 730 pieces of military equipment – the first place in the review. In this, it is not far behind its neighbors – Russia (598 units) and, suddenly, North Korea (519 units and 3rd place).

  •  China also has the second largest military budget, an impressive number of military aircraft (third place after the United States and Russia, 3284 units), and in terms of the number of military personnel, the PLA easily outstrips all other armies in the world – 2 million people.

  •  And although special forces and other masters of the cloak and dagger are not included in the ranking of the most powerful armies in the world according to Global Firepower, China loudly declared itself when a few years ago Chinese soldiers took 3 out of 4 prizes in the annual international competition held by King Abdullah II in Jordan.

2. Russia

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

PwrIndx: 0,0714

  •  As in the past year, Russia, along with the rival country of the United States, is at the top of the militaristic pyramid.

  •  The second place in the ranking of the most powerful armies in the world in 2023, Russia is provided primarily by tank equipment (both heavy and light). The overall indicator of the power of tank troops (12 units) in our country is almost twice the estimate of the next one on the list – and no, this is not the United States, but North Korea (566 units).

  •  Russia is slightly behind other countries in terms of the number of ships, and the availability of fuel for them guarantees the fact that Russia is one of the largest oil producers in the world. In terms of the number of military personnel (830 thousand people), the Russian Federation ranks fifth in the world, but this number is constantly fluctuating due to short-term conscripts.

1. USA

US Army 2023 strongest in the world

PwrIndx: 0,0712

  •  For several years in a row, the US Army has been ranked first in terms of combat capability and military capacity. But America is not satisfied with the role of an observer armed to the teeth, it actively interferes in the affairs of other countries and is always ready to test new weapons in action.

  •  True, not all other states enthusiastically accept this situation – in some states (for example, Iran), the US army forces are even included in the list of terrorist organizations. But the American fighting machine is not going to slow down.

  •  The maintenance of troops (1,3 million people) costs the US treasury a lot, and the lives of soldiers are valued dearly. Each one is insured for up to $500. However, America is ready to pay such a price – it is not without reason that military spending far exceeds all other countries ($000 billion against China's $761 billion and Russia's $230 billion).

  •  American soldiers are recruited into the army exclusively on a voluntary basis, and they decided not to be limited to US citizens only. Even residents (citizens of other states who permanently reside in America) can become part of the army. It is also important that military service makes it easier to obtain American citizenship. The set goes from 18 to 42 years.

  •  But the American army is not content with human resources alone. If Russia is a tank power, then the United States is an aviation power. The total number of aircraft and helicopters from all branches of service is more than three times higher than (13 versus 300), not to mention other states with the most powerful armies.