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Rating of the best irons in 2023



  •  The steam generator does a good job of smoothing fabrics, but no home appliance is as good at creating sharp arrows and smoothing out stubborn wrinkles as an iron.

  •  I present to you the top rating of the best irons in 2023 in terms of price and quality, compiled according to the recommendations of experts, as well as reviews and ratings from users of Yandex.Market, Ozon and other Russian online stores. The article contains models for home and road use, from the budget and premium price categories.

The best inexpensive irons

5. Philips GC2676/20 EasySpeed Advanced

Philips GC2676/20 EasySpeed Advanced low cost iron ranked 2023

  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 40 g/min
  • Steam boost: 180 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  This inexpensive ceramic iron heats up quickly, leaves no residue on clothes, and will turn itself off after 8 minutes (in a horizontal position after 30 seconds) if someone or something distracted you from the ironing process.

  •  Thanks to a long two-meter cord, it is convenient to use the iron away from the outlet, and its low weight allows you to drive it back and forth on the ironing board for a long time and not get tired.

  •  Another significant advantage of the GC2676/20 is its beautiful appearance. It is not a shame to give such a device to your mother, wife or girlfriend.

Pros and consAnti-drip systemFast heat upMultiple operating modesLarge water tank – 300M automatic descalingMedium power steamer



  • Power: 2500 W
  • Continuous steam: 50 g/min
  • Steam boost: 150 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  This small steam iron is a good option for ironing small details such as shirt collars or freshly hemmed trousers.

  •  Users noted the convenient self-cleaning function, the lightness of the iron (1.1 kg) even with a full tank, and its long three-meter cord.

  •  Of the features of the model, I note the possibility of pairing via Bluetooth v4.0 – this allows you to control the device from a distance through a proprietary application, and, if necessary, stop the heating of the ceramic sole. Also in the application there is a "Safe Mode" that does not allow you to turn on the iron through the outlet.

Pros and cons light and maneuverable bluetooth connection there are modes for different types of fabrics not too powerful steam boost

3. Xiaomi YD-012V

Xiaomi YD-012V

  • Power: 2000 W
  • Continuous steam: 20 g/min
  • Steam boost: 90 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  Third place in the ranking of inexpensive irons in 2023 went to the product from the Chinese Xiaomi. This is a small cordless iron that weighs only 600 grams and is ready to use in just 35 seconds.

  •  While some may find the case too small to be comfortable to hold, users have found that the iron's handle remains cool to the touch even when used at the highest temperature.

  •  Despite its low price, Xiaomi YD-012V boasts features inherent in more expensive models. Including:

  1. self-cleaning system,
  2. the ability to charge from the docking station and work without it,
  3. ionizing coating of the sole for fast sliding without damaging the fabric,
  4. limescale protection,
  5. drip protection.

  •  Yes, the steam of this model is not very powerful, and it cools down quickly, but if you don’t need to iron a mountain of laundry, then Xiaomi YD-012V is top for your money (sorry, dear readers, I couldn’t resist this meme).

Pros and cons ease of use fast heating can be used without a wire you have to periodically put it on the base and wait until it heats up

2. Scarlett SC-SI30K44

Scarlett SC-SI30K44

  • Power: 2000 W
  • Continuous steam: 40 g/min
  • Steam boost: 120 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes

  •  This inexpensive iron is good for almost everyone: it has a continuous supply of steam, and there is a steam adjustment. And the manufacturer built a self-cleaning system into his brainchild. And do not forget about the anti-scale system.

  •  What did Scarlett save on in the production of the SC-SI30K44? On the volume of the tank – only 180 ml, and on the length of the cord, which is 1,8 meters. So you will often have to add water during operation, and you may need to use an extension cord. Otherwise, the iron has no shortcomings.

Pros and consceramic soleplate glides easily over fabric lightweight heats up quickly there is splashing short cord small reservoir

1. Rowenta DW4130D1

Rowenta DW4130D1 in the top of household irons in terms of reliability

  • Power: 2500 W
  • Continuous steam: 40 g/min
  • Steam boost: 150 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes

  •  The first place in the ranking of budget irons is occupied by a light (1,5 kg) and high-quality model with a durable stainless steel sole. There are 300 holes in the soleplate, thanks to which the steam is distributed evenly over the entire treated surface.

  •  The iron has a dry ironing mode, as well as ironing with steam at high temperature conditions.

  •  The features of the Rowenta DW4130D1 include high energy efficiency, thanks to the eco-mode. Also, the manufacturer has provided a system of protection against scale and a groove for buttons.

Pros and cons two meter cord anti-drip system heats up quickly no auto shut off function small water tank – 250 ml

The best irons in terms of price and quality

5. Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A

Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A

  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 50 g/min
  • Steam boost: 180 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  The top iron for the home in 2023 is opened by a moderately heavy and beautiful model with a glossy body, a long cord (2.5 meters) and a water spray function.

  •  The iron heats up instantly, irons well even without steam, the aluminum sole glides perfectly – what else is needed to iron a mountain of clothes and make the arrows on the trousers sharp, like a knife blade?

  •  But if all of the above does not convince you to buy this model, then I will add to its advantages the self-cleaning function, scale protection and anti-drip system. Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A allows you to use tap water, but to extend the life of the iron, it is still better to use distilled water.

Pros and conslarge water tank – 400 mlincludes a measuring cuppowerful steam boostincludes a nozzle for delicate ironing

4. Panasonic NI-W950

Panasonic NI-W950

  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 40 g/min
  • Steam boost: 140 g/min
  • Outsole Material: Aluminum
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  A good iron, according to customer reviews in 2022, is distinguished by impeccable build quality and wide functionality. It has anti-scale protection, anti-drip system and self-cleaning function.

  •  Comfortable soleplate shape, stylish design, powerful steam boost – these are the three main advantages of this iron. Users note that the sole of the iron is scratch-resistant, and its shape allows ironing in all directions without wrinkles or creases in the fabric.

Pros and consthere is a spray functionstylish designpowerful steam shotsole is easily washed from dirtlong pauses between steam shots



  • Power: 2600 W
  • Continuous steam: 50 g/min
  • Steam boost: 180 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  Need a good inexpensive iron with cordless use? Look towards REDMOND RI-C272. It has a self-shutoff function that will prevent the soleplate from heating up after 30 seconds of inactivity in a horizontal position and 8 minutes in a vertical one.

  •  Powerful steam boost is available in both the horizontal and vertical position of the iron, allowing you to smooth wrinkled fabrics, whether they are stiff or soft.

  •  REDMOND RI-C272 is very light, even with the base attached. And all its controls are intuitive and easy to use.

Pros and cons light (1.3 kg) smoothes well even hard and rough fabrics has a self-cleaning system can spray water when removed from the base cools down quickly

2. JACOO JIS-1240


  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 250 g/min
  • Steam boost: 80 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  Among the best brands of irons, the Russian brand JACOO is a newcomer, but judging by the ratio of price and technical characteristics, it has good potential. Lightweight (1 kilogram) JIS-1240 costs less than 1500 rubles, while it is equipped with everything that may be required during and after ironing:

  • anti-drip system
  • spraying
  • constant steam system
  • anti-scale system.

  •  At the same time, it can still effectively iron both horizontally and vertically.

Pros and consXNUMX-meter cordbright designprotection against overheatingceramic sole does not stick to the fabricno automatic shutdown when not in use

1. Eisenhof FS200

Eisenhof FS200 in the ranking of the best irons in 2023 in terms of price / quality

  • Power: 3000 W
  • Continuous steam: 65 g/min
  • Steam boost: 200 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  The ranking of the best irons in 2023 in terms of price and quality is topped by a model with rich functionality and a non-stick ceramic soleplate.

  •  It allows you to regulate the supply of steam, emits a signal when it turns off automatically, and the self-cleaning function and anti-scale protection simplify the care of the device.

  •  The Optima Temp setting system prevents heat damage to the fabric.

Pros and cons has a groove for buttons light – 1,5 kg long 3-meter cord capacity for water – 300 mln

premium irons

5. Rowenta DW 9240

Rowenta DW 9240

  • Power: 3100 W
  • Continuous steam: 65 g/min
  • Steam boost: 230 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  This appliance has made it into the steam iron rankings thanks to its excellent wrinkle removal and powerful steam boost. The latter helps the steam to penetrate deep into the fibers, moisturizing the fabric from the inside and contributing to the smoothing effect.

  •  And the motion sensor is responsible for turning off the iron when not in use, so even if you forget to turn it off manually, nothing bad will happen.

  •  The icing on the cake is the anti-scratch and anti-scale stainless steel soleplate that will keep your steam iron looking and working like new for years to come.

Pros and cons long cord – 2,5 meters steam shock power laser processing of the sole 350 ml tank according to buyers, heavy

4. Philips GC5034/20 Azur Elite

Philips GC5034/20 Azur Elite

  • Power: 3000 W
  • Continuous steam: 65 g/min
  • Steam boost: 260 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  If you have not yet decided which iron is better to buy for your home, then one of the suitable options is Azur Elite from Philips. It has a powerful steam boost, which allows you to flawlessly smooth even very wrinkled things.

  •  High power guarantees very fast heating, and the automatic shutdown function when not in use "makes sure that this heating does not lead to burning through the fabric."

  •  This model has both an anti-scale system and an anti-drip system. And DynamiQ technology is responsible for the optimal amount of steam with every stroke of the iron.

  •  The tank capacity is average – 350 ml, so the length of the cord is impressive – 2,5 meters.

Pros and cons light weight – 1,66 kg tap water can be used high-quality Indonesian assembly no

3. Panasonic NI-WL41VTW

Panasonic NI-WL41VTW

  • Power: 1550 W
  • Continuous steam: 11 g/min
  • Steam boost: 50 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  The third place in the ranking of irons for quality and reliability in 2023 is occupied by a cordless model, with all the features inherent in premium irons.

  •  It can iron within a minute of turning on, and the ceramic symmetrical soleplate has two spouts so you don't have to move the iron.

  •  A special feature of the NI-WL41VTW is the Power Shot system – responsible for a powerful burst of steam to smooth even thick fabrics.

  •  You can drain the water from the tank at the touch of a button. However, the tank itself is not too big – 135 ml, so get ready to add water in the process.

pros and cons

2. Philips GC4909/60 Azur

Philips GC4909 / 60 Azur

  • Power: 3000 W
  • Continuous steam: 55 g/min
  • Steam boost: 250 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

  •  Anything that makes ironing easier is welcome in this review, which is why it features the Philips GC4909/60 Azur. It works great with both delicate and hard fabrics.

  •  The manufacturer says that the SteamGlide Elite soleplate heats up to maximum temperature in just 2 minutes, and provides a powerful and uniform steam supply. It also sprays a fine water mist rather than dripping onto the fabric. If there is dirt on the sole, they can be removed with a damp cloth or a jet of water.

  •  There is also an automatic shutdown if the iron is stationary horizontally for 30 seconds or vertically for 8 minutes.

Pros and consheating speedlong 3-meter cordcomfortable handlehigh-quality assemblystylish designsmall hole for pouring water

1. Braun TexStyle TS775ETP

Braun TexStyle TS775ETP best iron for home 2022

  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 50 g/min
  • Steam boost: 200 g/min
  • Vertical steam: yes

  •  With an almost perfect rating on Yandex.Market, a large reservoir (400 ml or almost 17 minutes on a test) and outstanding crease removal, this appliance deserves the title of best iron for the home of 2023.

  •  It's also intuitive and easy to use, with a 2,5m long tangle-free cord, anti-scale features and an anti-drip system. Be careful with delicate fabrics like nylon, but otherwise the TexStyle TS775ETP is great for a large and varied stack of laundry.

Pros and cons light – 1,6 kg the handle does not slip in the hand glides easily over the fabric irons even dense fabrics from the first or second stroke no

Travel irons



  • Power: 420 W
  • Steam boost: 45 g/min
  • Water tank: 45 ml
  • Included: measuring cup

  •  This small (152x84,5x113 mm) and inexpensive iron can operate in the temperature range from 65-230°C. It has three working modes:

  1. dry ironing,
  2. steaming,
  3. splashing water.

  •  Non-stick soleplate glides easily over fabric. And thanks to its light weight (425 grams), the device is easy to use even for an elderly person or teenager.

Pros and cons compact heats up quickly small water tank low steam boost

4. Compact travel iron Pioneer

Compact travel iron Pioneer

  • Power: 420 W
  • Continuous steam: 20 g/min
  • Water tank 40 ml
  • Power cord length: 1.95 m

  •  Lightweight (600 grams) and stylish orange iron is equipped with an impressive 1,8-meter cord for such a crumb, has a heating indicator and three temperature settings.

  •  The reservoir of the device, although not large (40 ml), is protected by a lid, so that not a drop will be spilled. The handle is equipped with a rubber pad, and does not slip even in a sweaty hand.

  •  The Pioneer iron is suitable not only for business trips, but also for ironing small and delicate items such as baby undershirts or patchwork.

Pros and consHeats up quickly Cools down slowlyEasy to operateNo

3. Polaris PIR 1007T

Polaris PIR 1007T

  • Power: 1000 W
  • Vertical steam: yes
  • Add. functions: steam boost, constant steam supply
  • Features: folding handle

  •  A reliable model with a 1.7 meter cord and a fairly capacious (for a travel model) 200 ml water tank is great for a person who needs a universal iron for home and travel.

  •  The Polaris PIR 1007T has a groove for buttons, an on indicator and a thermostat to adjust the heating intensity of the sole (by the way, it is made of solid stainless steel). But there is no automatic shutdown, as well as self-cleaning and anti-scale protection.

  •  What makes this model truly travel-friendly is the foldable handle, thanks to which the Polaris PIR 1007T will fit even in a small travel bag.

Pros and cons Lightweight Great for steaming all over the sole Long, non-stiff wire Can easily damage handle lock

2. VITEK VT-8305

SLIM VT-8305

  • Power: 1000 W
  • Add. functions: constant steam supply
  • Features: folding handle
  • Water tank: 70 ml

  •  The small and light iron (19,6 cm x 9,3 cm x 9,8 cm, weight 640 grams) is equipped with a foldable handle that allows you to transport it in a small suitcase or travel bag. It has an on indicator, but this model does not have an automatic shutdown.

  •  With the "steam boost" function, the iron can carry out vertical steaming. But keep in mind that its tank is small, and water will have to be topped up often.

  •  Please note that VITEK VT-8305 is not a wireless model, but operates from a power cord.

Pros and conseasy to usesize and weightceramic soleplate glides over laundry without leaving marksfragile due to the large number of plastic parts

1. Prym 611915

Prym 611915

  • Power: 375 W
  • Add. functions: dry ironing
  • Water tank 40 ml
  • Power cord length: 1.75 m

  •  A very popular model in the Russian market, and even good reviews. Why is it so loved by users?

  1. Lightness and maneuverability, weight is only 420 grams, Teflon sole.
  2. The ability to switch the voltage from 220 V to 110 V and vice versa.
  3. Ergonomic handle.
  4. The cord is 1,7 meters long for such a small device.
  5. Three temperature modes, including for dense fabrics.
  6. Can iron things with steam.
  7. Automatically turns off when not in use.

  •  Of course, the ironing and steaming quality of the Prym 611915 is worse than the best irons for the home of 2023, but it will do an excellent job of maintaining everyday clothes.

Pros and cons long cord fast heating excellent steam for its size cord is stiff, because of it a light iron can fall from a vertical position brittle plastic

How to choose the best iron for your home: important criteria

Size of iron and water tank

  •  Check the weight of your clothes iron at the store to make sure it's not too heavy. If you want to cover more fabric in one pass, choose a larger sole.

  •  If you iron a lot in one session, you will need a large water tank – from 400 ml or more. It is desirable that the tank is transparent – it is easier to keep track of how much water is left.

steam force

  •  The most efficient irons usually have a steam power of 120 to 180 g/min. Steam is your friend when ironing stubborn creases, so a powerful, long-lasting steam iron will iron your fabrics faster and better. But powerful irons will also cost more – on average, for a couple.

Security features

  •  Most modern irons automatically shut off when tipped over or not in use, but the best iron manufacturers go even further. Their devices will turn off when they are tilted for a long time in any direction, and not just when they are on the sole.

Different ironing needs

  •  If you iron a lot of heavy cotton or denim, the first thing you should know is whether your iron has a steam boost and water spray function.

  •  If you don't want to limit yourself to just clothes, check out the vertical steam function to iron curtains, coats or other items.

The best iron companies

  • Panasonic
  • Brown
  • Philips
  • Bosch
  • Polaris
  • Tefal
  • Rowenta
  • Xiaomi
  • Scarlett