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The best mechanical lawn mowers of 2023

Mechanical lawn mower


  •  Modern electric, gas and battery lawnmowers have one common drawback – the price. It can reach up to 100. Therefore, many owners of summer cottages and private houses who want to save money buy a mechanical-type lawn mower, which is as simple as possible both in design and in handling and maintenance.

  •  The rating of the best mechanical lawn mowers in 2023 is based on ratings and reviews of popular models on Yandex.Market, Ozon and

The principle of operation and selection criteria for a mechanical lawn mower

  •  The basic operation of a power lawn mower is simple – the rotation of the wheels drives a wheel shaft to which high carbon steel blades are attached. When rotated, they grab the grass and send it to the lower knife. In this case, the grass is cut like with scissors and either falls to the ground or falls into a special bag-grass collector.

  •  The advantages of drum mechanical lawn mowers include: light weight, low noise level, environmental friendliness and economy. As one of the users joked on the Internet, a mechanical lawn mower runs on soup, ate – and go. In addition, movement is good for health, and with a mechanical mower you will have to walk a lot, there are no self-propelled models.

  •  Here's what to look for when choosing the best mechanical lawn mower:

  1. Mowing width. For a large area, the correct width is from 40 cm. For a small lawn, 30 cm is enough, the advantage of small models is their maneuverability around obstacles.
  2. What is the best mechanical lawn mower? The one with the big cutting height. The article will present models with a maximum cutting height of 35 to 55 mm.
  3. Possibility to adjust handles according to the height of the user.
  4. Grass-box availability. Usually its volume is small – 25-35 liters, but it will not take long to clean the area from mowed grass.
  5. The weight. Lightweight lawn mowers are maneuverable and can be used by any member of the family, from young to old. However, I recommend heavy mowers for rough terrain because of their features: they don't bounce on bumps and tend to be of a solid construction.

Ranking of mechanical lawn mowers in 2023

10. Einhell GC-HM 300

Einhell GC-HM 300 in the top 10 mechanical lawn mowers

  • Cutting width / height: 30 cm / 13-37 mm
  • Cutting area: 150 m²
  • Weight: 6.5 kg

  •  Need an inexpensive and lightweight lawn mower with a grass catcher? Einhell GC-HM 300 at your service. This unit is equipped with a soft 16-liter grass collector – not the best feature in terms of capacity, but better than nothing.

  •  4-position cutting height adjustment helps you cut your lawn to your exact grass height requirements. And the knives of this model are made of durable carbon steel grade GB 65Mn.

Pros and cons quickly mows lawn grass quiet very light – suitable even for a physically weak person the handle is not adjustable in height the grass catcher can fly off the mount

9. BOSCH AHM 30 (0.600.886.001)

BOSCH AHM 30 (0.600.886.001)

  • Cutting width / height: 30 cm / 12-40 mm
  • Weight: 6.4 kg
  • No grass catcher

  •  Easy to operate and reliable mower equipped with a spindle system with 4 rotating blades made of hardened steel. Don't worry about the fact that the body of the AHM 30 may suffer from a pebble flying out from under the knives – both the body and the deck are made of steel.

  •  According to the manufacturer, the mowing width and height are small, and the owners of the mower confirm this – the unit does not mow high grass. However, for trimming the lawn it is an ideal option, and thanks to the lightness of the mower, even a teenager can be entrusted with working with it.

Pros and cons

8. AL-KO Comfort 38.1 HM with grass catcher

AL-KO Comfort 38.1 HM with grass catcher

  • cutting width / cutting height: 38 cm / 14-35 mm
  • mowing area: 250 m²
  • Weight: 7,7 kg

  •  Few mechanical lawn mowers are equipped with a grass catcher, but the model from AL-KO has one, albeit a small one – 25 liters. If it is not installed, then the mower will simply throw grass behind itself.

  •  Also, from the advantages of this device, I note a four-stage adjustment of the mowing height, and enlarged wheels for maneuverability and patency.

Pros and cons lightweight works quickly and efficiently on a flat area stylish appearance reliability the handle is not adjustable in height not suitable for cutting thick and tall grass

7. RedVerg RD-MLM400

RedVerg RD-MLM400

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 17-40 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg

  •  RedVerg is one of the brands that have made a name for themselves in the power tools and garden and home market. Its products are characterized by a balanced price/performance ratio.

  •  And the RD-MLM400 is no exception. It costs about 2500 rubles, it is distinguished by a durable steel body and a steel deck, as well as by adjusting the cutting height. The 5-blade cutting shaft cuts short and not too hard grass quickly. For an overgrown area, the unit, according to buyers, is not suitable, but it is ideal for maintaining the height of the lawn.

  •  The disadvantages of the mower include the lack of a grass catcher.

Pros and cons price works quietly mows well smooth lawn no grass catcher

6. GARDENA 330 Classic

GARDENA 330 Classic

  • Cutting width / height: 33 cm / 12-42 mm
  • Cutting area: 150 m²
  • Weight: 8.2 kg

  •  This rear ejection mower is equipped with blades that rotate as you drive. The faster the move, the better and more efficiently it cuts the grass. GARDENA 330 Classic is not designed for weedy areas, but it is quite capable of coping with single tall weeds up to 10 cm high.

  •  To do this, according to user reviews, you have to lift the mower and place it so that the plant stem is between the knives.

  •  The device does not require long development, it is light, durable and very quiet. Even a person who is afraid of complex garden equipment will cope with it.

Pros and cons perfectly mows even lawn four-stage cutting height adjustment convenient folding handle with adjustable height steel body and deck tall grass is wound on wheels sensitive to unevenness – you have to go through it several times


CHAMPION MM4026 in the ranking of mechanical lawn mowers

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 25-40 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Throw grass back

  •  This model does not have a grass collector, but you can buy it separately – the cost is about 1000 rubles. However, its volume is small – 30 liters, so decide for yourself whether you need this option.

  •  CHAMPION MM4026 is not suitable for a loose area, but it goes confidently on a more or less even surface. It has a manual stepless cutting height – you can adjust any position in the range of 25-40 mm. Both the deck and body of the device are made of steel. The handle is foldable for easy storage.

Pros and cons very light – the hand does not get tired during long-term work quiet easy to assemble and operate in irregularities it quickly clogs with grass

4 Husqvarna 54

Husqvarna 54

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 12-38 mm
  • Weight: 8.6 kg

  •  The fourth place in the top is occupied by a mechanical lawn mower from a well-known manufacturer. It is made of steel (and the deck too), has a low weight and manual four-stage cutting height adjustment. But the grass catcher is missing, it can be purchased separately (Husqvarna 9649010-30).

  •  The Husqvarna 54 is very easy to assemble and even easier to drive – even a child can handle it. It can mow even an uneven area with small bumps, although some places may have to be passed a couple of times.

Pros and Cons Quiet agile Clean and efficient cut Wheels slip through wet grass Tall grass can get stuck between blades and wheels

3 Husqvarna 64

Husqvarna 64

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 12-55 mm
  • Weight: 8.7 kg

  •  This tool differs from the fourth number in the review by an increased mowing height. You can also pick up a grass collector (Husqvarna 9649010-30) for it.

  •  There is a mowing height adjustment, but only manual and in 4 positions. The body and deck of the Husqvarna 64 are made of steel. This model is not designed for cutting weeds or a house adjoining area heavily overgrown with tall grass, however, it is suitable for maintaining the lawn in order once every 2-3 days.

Pros and consQuiet, manoeuvrableQuality of components Cuts grass up to 15 cm Wheels slip through wet grass Tall grass can get stuck between blades and wheels Due to vibration on uneven surfaces, it can chafe your palms during prolonged use

2. GARDENA 400 C Comfort

GARDENA 400 C Comfort

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 12-42 mm
  • Cutting area: 250 m²
  • Weight: 9.4 kg

  •  Unlike the “classic” version, the “comfortable” one has a deflector for ejecting grass and a rubberized handle that can be adjusted to fit your height or folded for easy storage.

  •  The cutting height is one of the best among mechanical mowers, and the cutting height adjustment is central, and not manual, four-position.

  •  The deck and body of the GARDENA 400 C Comfort are made of steel, and the large wheels with a special profile pattern go perfectly on a flat lawn and do not crush it.

  •  The cutting cylinder made of hardened steel and with a special anti-stick coating does not come into contact with the counter knife, so the mower cuts the grass silently.

  •  There is no grass catcher, but it can be purchased separately. According to customer reviews, the GARDENA 400 C Comfort picks up grass up to 15 cm.

Pros and cons manoeuvrable quiet quality assembled (made in the Czech Republic) poorly mows wet grass

1. STIGA SCM 240 R

STIGA SCM 240 R is the best manual lawnmower of 2023

  • Cutting width/height: 40 cm/25-60 cm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg

  •  This mechanical lawn mower cannot be called a budget one, but it is made to last – both the body and the deck are made of aluminum alloy. And the height adjustment of the STIGA SCM 240 R is available, manual, in 3 positions.

  •  The mower's handle is height adjustable, something cheaper models usually can't boast of. With this unit, you can mow not only ordinary grass, but also tall weeds that are beyond the power of other mechanical models. Thanks to the large wheels and its weight, the STIGA SCM 240 R does not jump over bumps.

Pros and cons build quality large cutting width cuts rather than chews grass no grass catcher