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10 most destructive earthquakes in modern history

Rating of the most destructive earthquakes in modern history


RatingsMillions of years ago, powerful earthquakes occurred daily on our home planet – the formation of the habitual appearance of the Earth was going on. Today we can say that seismic activity practically does not disturb humanity.

However, sometimes violent activity in the bowels of the planet makes itself felt, and tremors lead to the destruction of buildings and the death of people. In today's selection, we bring to your attention 10 most destructive earthquakes in modern history.


10. Iran, June 21, 1990

RatingsThe strength of the shocks reached 7,7 points. The earthquake in the province of Gilan led to the death of 40 thousand people, more than 6 thousand were injured. Significant destruction befell 9 cities and about 700 small towns.

9. Peru, May 31, 1970

RatingsThe worst natural disaster in the history of the country claimed the lives of 67 Peruvians. A push with a power of 7,5 points lasted about 45 seconds. As a result, landslides and floods occurred over a wide area, which led to truly devastating consequences.

8. China, May 12, 2008

RatingsA powerful earthquake in Sichuan province had a force of 7,8 points and led to the death of 69 thousand people. About 18 thousand are still considered missing today, and more than 370 thousand were injured.

7. Pakistan, 8 October 2005

RatingsAn earthquake measuring 7,6 killed 84 people. The epicenter of the disaster was located in the Kashmir region. As a result of the earthquake, a gap formed on the surface of the Earth, 100 km long.

6. Turkey, December 27, 1939

RatingsThe force of shocks during this devastating earthquake reached 8 points. Strong aftershocks lasted about a minute, and then followed by 7 so-called "aftershocks" – weaker echoes of the shaking. As a result of the disaster, 100 thousand people died.

5. Turkmen SSR, October 6, 1948

RatingsThe strength of the shocks at the epicenter of the most powerful earthquake reached 10 points on the Richter scale. Ashgabat was almost completely destroyed, and, according to various estimates, from 100 to 165 thousand people became victims of the disaster. Every year on October 6, Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Earthquake.

4. Japan, September 1, 1923

RatingsThe Great Kanto Earthquake, as the Japanese call it, almost completely destroyed Tokyo and Yokohama. The force of the shocks reached 8,3 points, resulting in the death of 174 thousand people. The damage from the earthquake was estimated at $4,5 billion, which at that time was equal to two of the country's annual budgets.

3. Indonesia, 26 December 2004

RatingsA 9,3 magnitude underwater earthquake triggered a series of tsunamis that killed 230 people. As a result of the natural disaster, the countries of Asia, Indonesia and the east coast of Africa were affected.

2. China, July 28, 1976

RatingsAn 8,2 magnitude earthquake has killed nearly 230 people near the Chinese city of Tangshan. Many international experts believe that official statistics have greatly underestimated the death toll, which could be as high as 800 people.

1. Haiti, January 12

RatingsRatingsPower the most devastating earthquake in 100 years was only 7 points, but the number of human victims exceeded 232 thousand. Several million Haitians were left homeless, and the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, was almost completely destroyed. As a result, people were forced to survive for many months in conditions of devastation and unsanitary conditions, which led to an outbreak of a number of serious infections, including cholera.