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The most-most countries in the world

The most-most countries in the world


Do you want to know, which countries in the world are the "most-most" according to different indicators? We will gladly satisfy your curiosity. Today we present a list of the top 10, which includes the best countries in various indicators.

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The smallest country in the world is the Vatican

5p3qvhqbThis dwarf theocratic state, where the residence of the head of the Catholic Church is located, is located in the capital of the Republic of Italy. It is so small that foreign embassies are forced to actually be located in the capital of another country – Rome (including even the embassy of the Italian Republic).

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The largest country in the world is the Russian Federation

n0vxl30wIts territory is 17 km2. The countries following it are almost half as many – these are Canada, the People's Republic of China and the United States. Interestingly, in terms of population density, Russia occupies only 181 places with a population of 8,5 per kmXNUMX.2.

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The richest country in the world – Qatar

4zzecqkbThis is a small state with an area of ​​only 11 km2 and with a population of under two million has the highest GDP (PPP) per capita ($144). And all thanks to the presence of oil and gas – the country ranks sixth in the export of the first and twenty-first in the export of the second.

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The poorest country in the world is CAR

qx2c4qb0GDP in the Central African Republic, constantly experiencing military coups (the last of which took place 3 years ago) is only 607 dollars per capita. However, not everyone in the CAR lives badly – it was there that the tyrant and cannibal Bokassa ruled, whose crown cost a quarter of the annual income of the whole country.

The most drinking country in the world – Lithuania

32xtrvhdUnexpected, right? An ordinary inhabitant of this small Baltic state consumes no less than 14 liters of alcoholic beverages per year!

The hottest country in the world is Qatar

p1alipqlWhen children play snowballs in winter, in Qatar the thermometer falls just below 20 degrees. And in summer the air turns into real hell – up to 50 degrees Celsius (45 or more in the shade). Almost the entire country is a desert.

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The coldest country in the world is Russia

lyb4dkrwIt is here that the village of Oymyakon and the city of Verkhoyansk are fighting for the right to be called the coldest settlements in the world. The measured minimum winter temperature in Verkhoyansk was -67,8 degrees Celsius. Oymyakon was "warmer" by only 0,1 degrees. It is vital for the inhabitants of Russia to know accurate weather forecast.

The most populated country in the world is China

3qvqdophIn 2016, the population of the People's Republic of China was 1. It is expected that the country will enter a state of equilibrium (the number of deaths equals the number of births) by 374.

The most beautiful country in the world – USA

cpis5va2In terms of the number of diverse landscapes, the United States holds the palm. On the territory of this country, you can consistently cross all the climatic zones of the planet – from the tundra to the tropics.

The most powerful country in the world is America

bz42x1s3With a total population of 325, the strength of the armed forces is 607, with a further 197 enlisted in the reserves. Every year, at least 1% of GNP is spent on the army; in 369, “only” $532 billion was allocated to military affairs.

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The cleanest country in the world is Switzerland

3zfhg1eaThis country puts a lot of effort into maintaining environmental cleanliness and safety; in many mountain villages it is forbidden to use internal combustion engines to keep the air clean and transparent.

The most multiethnic country in the world is India

ugg0xqxrSuffice it to say that there are 21 official languages in the Constitution of India. In addition, it is the birthplace of the Kamasutra.

The most developed country in the world is the Kingdom of Norway

hm2ntn0nSince 2009, she has been on the first line of the Human Development Index. The index is calculated by measuring the standard of living, education, literacy and life expectancy of the population.

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The most dangerous country in the world – Syria

fbd2ix1vIn 2006, the country experienced an unprecedented drought, and with it there is an ongoing civil war. More than four million Syrians have already left their homeland.

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The safest country in the world is Iceland

ygis5vuoThe country does not even have its own regular armed forces and only 700 police officers without firearms, which does not prevent it from having one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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This is how the most-most countries of the world look today. What will happen next, time will tell.