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STARWIND STB7586 Stationary Blender Review


Company STARWIND has presented to our attention a new stationary blender STB7586. It is ideal for quick chopping and mixing of various products, with it you can quickly chop vegetables, whip cream, prepare smoothies and juice. In addition, the device can also easily cope with such a task as crushing ice.



A type stationary
Power 500 W
Rotation speed adjustment Yes
Number of speeds / modes 2
Volume of the bowl 0.8 l
Material of the bowl glass
Blade material stainless steel
Pulse mode Yes
Ice crushing mode Yes
Washing in the dishwasher yes, removable parts can be washed
Features Glass bowl, plastic bottle
Power supply from the network
Housing material plastic
Color black/silver
Warranty 12 months.

Appearance, equipment

Check these top 2023Blender STARWIND STB7586 pleasantly surprised me with its compact size and great functionality. The case is made of high quality plastic with metal inserts.

Check these top 2023It has a power of 500 W, which is very good for its compact size. The blender is not overloaded with modes and has 2 speeds and 1 pulse mode. The presence of these modes allows you to get the desired result when grinding products.

Check these top 2023Check these top 2023The blender comes with two containers. The main bowl is made of glass, has a volume of 0,8 liters and a removable lid. The second is made of plastic, has a volume of 0,6 liters and is made in the form of a shaker, which is convenient to take with you.

  •  All removable parts of the shaker can be washed in the dishwasher, which is very convenient.

Impression from work

  •  Having started using the STARWIND STB7586 blender, I appreciated that it is equipped with wide rubberized legs that allow it to maintain a stable position even on a smooth table top. There is no need to catch him on the table and constantly control him during work. You can safely cook other dishes while this unit mixes the ingredients.

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  •  It is convenient that the main container is made of glass – this allows you to whip even hot products in it. The removable lid allows you to add ingredients during the whipping process. The bowl is strong, which also allows you to whip up ice, for example, for frappe.

Check these top 2023I liked the second container for its functionality – it is made in the form of a shaker, ideal for sports drinks. You can beat the ingredients directly in it by placing the shaker on the base or in the main bowl. The lid of the shaker is hermetically fastened, which keeps the contents from exposure to the environment and protects against leaks.

Summing up

  •  After testing the presented model, I can draw the following conclusions:

  •  I liked the compact size of the stand blender. It does not take up much space and fits well into the interior, so you can not put it in the closet if you use it every day. The materials from which the STARWIND STB7586 is made are quite strong and of high quality. There are no backlashes or cracks, everything is tightly and securely assembled.

The power of the blender is enough for mixing products, including frozen ones. Regarding the volume, I can note that, compared with an immersion blender STARWIND SBP5655b it is louder, but it is quite logical.

  •  The set of containers also pleased. The volume of the main glass container is not very large, only 0,8 liters, but this is enough to prepare a dish for one or two people, which is quite convenient. I liked that the manufacturer took into account the modern fashion for a healthy diet and added a shaker-shaped bowl made of plastic to the kit – a very convenient and functional addition.

  •  With the blender, you can make a wide variety of dishes, including mixing cocktails, preparing baby food and crushing ice.

Check these top 2023Of course, it is worth noting that all removable parts of the blender can be washed in the dishwasher, which is very convenient.

  •  Summing up the review, I will say the following: more well-known manufacturers have blenders with the same set of containers, but they also cost several times more, despite the fact that the functionality is not inferior to the presented model. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth overpaying money for a brand.