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Rating of vacuum cleaners for the home in 2023



  •  Almost no Russian household can do without a vacuum cleaner – it will collect dust, clean the carpet and upholstered furniture, and the washing model will also wash the floors.

  •  The ranking presents the top 15 vacuum cleaners for the home in 2023 in terms of price and quality – for every taste: with containers, water filters and a conventional, but still effective, garbage bag.

Rating of vacuum cleaners for the home in 2023 with a container

5. Deerma DX700S EU

Deerma DX700S EU

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Suction power: 210W
  • Dust container volume: 0.8 l

  •  The vacuum cleaner is very light – only 2,2 kg, it is easy to hold on weight while collecting dust. Despite the volume and general lightness, the filter is serious, with cyclonic filtration, which does not affect the suction power, even when filled to capacity.

  •  The nozzle in the kit is unlikely to cope with a long pile carpet, but it will clean the carpet and door mat to a shine. Well, since the motor is located on the mop itself (perfectly balanced), in the process you will be blown with a stream of warm air – but this is a common thing among all vacuum cleaners of this design.

Pros and cons light and maneuverable powerful inexpensive insecure wire mount

4. Polaris PVC 2003RI

Polaris PVC 2003RI

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Suction power: 500W
  • Dust container volume: 2.5 l

  •  Both the volume of the container and the suction power inspire respect – such a vacuum cleaner will qualitatively clean both a long-haired carpet and a sofa filled with pets. And if you need to vacuum something more delicate, the suction power is adjustable.

  •  The device of the container is a multi-cyclone, which means that even when the container is full, the suction power will remain the same. And one more function of the vacuum cleaner is air ionization; now it will not only be free of dust, but also of foreign odors.

Pros and cons

3. LG VK69662N

LG VK69662N

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Suction power: 350W
  • Dust container volume: 1.2 l

  •  One of the most popular models on the Russian market is equipped with a cyclone filter and a fine filter, which is especially valuable for people suffering from allergies. High suction power reduces cleaning time, and a 5 m cord allows you to easily reach even the farthest corners. The movement of the vacuum cleaner around the apartment is facilitated by wheels and a handle.

  •  Since the model is relatively inexpensive, I had to sacrifice a telescopic handle (it is solid, does not move apart) and a power regulator – it is only a valve on the handle. And in the kit there are only two nozzles, the most basic ones. But, judging by the reviews, in terms of power, this is one of the best vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning at home.

Pros and cons powerful compact easy to maintain tube not telescopic few attachments included

2. Bosch BGS05GR2

Bosch BGS05GR2

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Power consumption: 700 W
  • Dust container volume: 1.5 l

  •  Quiet, powerful and compact corded vacuum cleaner weighing only 4,4 kg, and since the body is on wheels, this weight is practically not felt. The tube of the model is telescopic, the manufacturer did not stint on the length of the cord, so the vacuum cleaner's space coverage capabilities are excellent. The BGS05GR2 is agile, easy to change direction and move from place to place.

  •  The suction power is good and can be adjusted via the switch on the body and the handle valve. Another positive feature of the vacuum cleaner is that, judging by customer reviews, it protects the ears: it works very quietly, you hear rather than the roar of the motor, but the sound of the air being sucked in.

Pros and cons quality of assembly and materials compactness and maneuverability power only two nozzles included

1. Philips XB2125/08

Philips XB2125/08 is the best vacuum cleaner for home 2022 according to reviews

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Power consumption: 850 W
  • Dust container volume: 1.3 l

  •  A classic solid vacuum cleaner for everyday use, optimal in terms of price / quality ratio. The suction power is enough to clean long pile carpet and upholstered furniture, which is very fond of pets.

  •  The vacuum cleaner itself is compact and can be stored vertically. At the same time, it is very light – even the elderly and people with a sore back will not feel any discomfort. The garbage container is removed simply and conveniently, it does not generate dust, and large particles of garbage, such as scattered cereals, are collected in a separate compartment.

  •  It's nice that the angle of attachment of the nozzles is adjustable and the crevice nozzle can be stored directly in the vacuum cleaner body. It is a little less pleasant that there is only one nozzle in the kit.

Pros and cons powerful light and maneuverable one nozzle included

Good vacuum cleaners for home with aquafilter

5. Bosch BWD41740

Bosch BWD41740

  • Cleaning type: dry and wet
  • Power consumption: 1700 W
  • Aqua filter volume: 2.5 l

  •  Another model from Bosch in the ranking – and no wonder: this is one of the best manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, whose devices regularly remove dust in many apartments.

  •  Despite the volume of the aquafilter (rather impressive for an average apartment) and the water tank (5 liters), the device is well balanced and moves easily across the floor. The long cord and telescopic tube are good cleaning aids, ensuring that nothing is left unreached.

  •  The kit comes with a large number of nozzles – from a large one for washing floors to a turbo brush, a small brush, a special nozzle for "difficult" places to a crevice nozzle and so on.

Pros and cons

4. ARNICA Hydra


  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Suction power: 350W
  • Power consumption: 2400 W
  • Aqua filter volume: 6 l

  •  This is a filter, so a filter – in the ranking of the most reliable vacuum cleaners for the home, this model boasts the largest volume. Here you can clean not only a medium-sized apartment, but also a whole country house. And the volume of liquids that the vacuum cleaner is able to “absorb” is up to 8 liters.

  •  It works not only for suction, but can also blow out air – this way you can blow out hard-to-reach cracks and dry something urgently. If desired, you can not fill the tank with water, but use bags – it is especially useful when cleaning the garage. Well, an additional cherry on the cake is the ability to clean dust in vacuum bags from soft toys. And the vacuum cleaner costs very moderately.

Pros and cons great functionality at a low price powerful large filter volume large noisy


Karcher DS6

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Power consumption: 650 W
  • Aqua filter volume: 2 l

  •  You should not wince contemptuously looking at the power figure – according to the manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner is capable of developing the same suction power as a device with a 900 W motor, but it consumes less electricity.

  •  The model is equipped with a complex system of filters: water, intermediate, fine and final at the outlet – specifically to "catch" wear particles of the brushes of the vacuum cleaner itself. As a result, only clean fresh air is supplied to the outlet.

Pros and cons multi-stage air purification system – it becomes easier to breathe in the house power heavy and bulky

2. Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh

Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Suction power: 325W
  • Power consumption: 1700 W
  • Aqua filter volume: 1.9 l

  •  The vacuum cleaner is really made for those who suffer from various types of allergies – it has a fine filter, as well as a water filter with a dust suppression system. This means that the air that passes through the vacuum cleaner is washed with water and comes out clean and without signs of dust and pollen.

  •  The price of this purity is the need to rinse and dry the filter after each use, but such is the fate of all owners of vacuum cleaners with aqua filters. Fortunately, Thomas is easy to understand.

Pros and cons

1. VITEK VT-8100

VITEK VT-8100 in the top of vacuum cleaners for home 2022

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Power consumption: 1800 W
  • Aqua filter volume: 3.5 l

  •  An inexpensive vacuum cleaner, which at the same time is no worse than the “large” ones – the aquafilter will remove both dirt and sand and retain pet hair, and the fine filter will weed out pollen, bacteria and other allergens. It's nice that the kit comes with several nozzles, including a turbo brush – it will certainly be appreciated by happy owners of long-haired cats and dogs. It is easy to take care of the aquafilter bowl, disassemble, assemble and wash, and the filters themselves require replacement at most once a year (a large selection at Vitek service centers).

  •  Another very nice feature is that the carrying handle is located in a well-thought-out place, and a hand is easily inserted into it; the body can actually be carried on the elbow, which is very convenient. But since the price of the vacuum cleaner is moderate, I had to save money on the hose: it is just plastic, without reinforcement. And there is no compartment for nozzles, you will have to allocate a separate place for their storage.

Pros and consSeveral stages of air purificationDeals with carpets and woolUnreinforced plastic hoseNo compartment for nozzles

The best vacuum cleaners for the home in 2023 with a bag

5. Garlyn BV-300

Garlyn BV-300

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Dust container: bag, 2.3 l
  • Suction power: 450W
  • Power consumption: 2500 W

  •  The vacuum cleaner has as many as five modes of operation – such an apparatus will effectively clean both smooth surfaces, but also long-haired carpets, and upholstered furniture on which pets like to sleep.

  •  A variety of nozzles will provide the required level of cleanliness (an additional plus – they can be stored in the body compartment). There is a fine filter, and the noise level is extremely low.

Pros and conspowerfulfive power levelsmanagement on the handlebrush storage compartmentno



  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Dust container: bag, 3 l
  • Suction power: 360W
  • Power consumption: 1600 W

  •  One of the best corded vacuum cleaners in the budget category, while equipped with a fine filter. Quite powerful, the volume of the bag is large, it perfectly collects both dust and any small debris, however, large volumes affect the case – it is massive and rather heavy.

  •  However, the budget manifests itself in the traditional disadvantage of inexpensive vacuum cleaners – a short hose and the absence of a telescopic handle.

Pros and cons powerful low price large and heavy

3. Bosch BGL6HYG1

Bosch BGL6HYG1

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Dust container: bag, 4 l

  •  Allergy friendly vacuum cleaner – it is equipped with a level 15 fine filter, which, according to the manufacturer, traps 99,99% of the little things that make life difficult for allergy sufferers.

  •  It is very convenient to operate the vacuum cleaner – all the controls are right on the handle, you don’t have to bend over or feel for the pedal with your foot. Even the design of the bags is well thought out – they have a special valve that tightly fixes the contents inside. The set of nozzles is classic – for smooth floors, for carpets, for small things.

Pros and cons of solid appearance and reliable build quality vacuum cleaner maneuverability very effective fine filter high price of consumables

2. Miele SBAD3 Classic

Miele SBAD3 Classic

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Dust container: bag, 4.5 l
  • Power consumption: 1400 W

  •  Very powerful and stylish looking vacuum cleaner – even without a turbo brush, it easily copes with any debris, including short animal hair on carpet or upholstered furniture. If desired, you can buy accessories, for example, a fine filter.

  •  Alas, garbage bags are disposable and at the same time the price is not so low – when buying a vacuum cleaner of this brand, you should think about additional costs.

Pros and cons build quality and materials power expensive accessories short cable

1. Philips FC8780/08 Performer Silent

Philips FC8780/08 Performer Silent is the most reliable vacuum cleaner for the home

  • Cleaning type: dry
  • Dust container: bag, 4 l
  • Power consumption: 650 W

  •  In the first place in the ranking of wired vacuum cleaners with a bag is a model from a well-known manufacturer for Russians – Philips Corporation. This vacuum cleaner is intended primarily for large areas – this is hinted at both by an impressive 4-liter garbage bag and a working radius of 12 m due to the length of the cord and telescopic handle.

  •  The power is adjustable, there is a protection system against accidental switching on, power adjustment, filters for large debris and fine cleaning – a solid device not to impress the neighbors, but for life.

Pros and conshigh-quality materials and assemblylarge bag volumemaneuverablefew attachments included

Which vacuum cleaner is better to buy for home

  •  Now there are a lot of different vacuum cleaners on the market, but they can all be divided into several types, depending on the type of dust collector: these are bags, an aquafilter or a container.


  •  Here it is better to focus on reusability – with disposables you are tormented. However, some appreciate the convenience that disposable bags deliver (closed and thrown away), but you will have to pay for this. However, even a reusable bag sooner or later begins to wear out and will have to be replaced.


  •  How to choose a vacuum cleaner with a container – here you need to pay attention to the volume. The larger it is, the more massive the body, and the more difficult it will be to manage such a vacuum cleaner. For ordinary apartments, 2.5-3 liters is enough for the eyes, but for a country house you may need a larger size.


  •  The peculiarity of such a vacuum cleaner: the intake air is driven through the water, so at the exit it will be devoid of almost all contaminants. However, cleanliness turns into the need to rinse and dry the filter after each cleaning. Therefore, when buying such a vacuum cleaner, first of all, evaluate how convenient it is to handle it. They are often detergents.


  •  The most important technical characteristic. Usually, power consumption and suction power are indicated; they differ. The higher the first parameter, the noisier and more uneconomical the vacuum cleaner will be. The higher the second, the more effectively he will cope with his duties.

  •  It is generally recommended not to buy models with suction power up to 260W. 300 W is enough for an ordinary apartment without carpets and pets. Above 350 – will cope with bedspreads and carpets.

Horizontal or vertical

  •  We are all well acquainted with a horizontal vacuum cleaner, but vertical vacuum cleaners have appeared on the market relatively recently. Most of all, they resemble a mop, and since the body and volumes are small, they are most suitable for regular cleaning of small rooms. But they take up little space, they do not need to be assembled and disassembled. They are often wireless.

  •  The advantage of horizontal vacuum cleaners is the large volume of the dust collector, they are suitable for large rooms or even country houses. Fuss with them more, but cleaning can be done as soon as your hands reach – such a vacuum cleaner will cope with any pollution.

Wired or wireless

  •  The cordless vacuum cleaner easily and without problems will reach even the most hard-to-reach places. True, this turns into the need for recharging – every time after cleaning you will have to put the device on the docking station.

  •  As a rule, corded vacuum cleaners have more power than cordless ones, but this turns out to be worse maneuverability (who among us has not tripped over a stretched wire).

Manual or robot?

  •  In order for the robot vacuum cleaner to work well and effectively clean the entire surface of the floors and find its way to recharging without problems, it must independently map the area and make adjustments to it. Only expensive devices are capable of this. But at the entrance you will get a clean apartment without the slightest hassle.

What brand of vacuum cleaner is better to buy for home

  •  The question about brands is asked very often. In our time, there are many reliable manufacturers of household appliances:

  • Korean Hyundai and LG,
  • chinese Midea,
  • European Philips and Bosch,
  • Russian Polaris and Redmond
  • and many more options.

  •  We advise you not to think about which vacuum cleaner company is better, but to decide on a purchase, focusing on a visually pleasing model, taking into account technical specifications, expert reviews and reviews of real users.