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The most unpopular tourist destinations in autumn 2021


Do not go, children, to walk in Africa. And these are not only words from a poem by Korney Chukovsky, but also the position of Russians in 2021. African countries are among the most unpopular tourist destinations this fall according to the Aviasales ticket booking service.

  •  In this article, I will tell you which tourist destinations Russians bypass, and the possible reasons for this situation.

Africa? I will not go! And that's why…

lumdnotxAccording to Aviasales, countries such as Uganda, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Zimbabwe and Nigeria account for only 4 tickets out of 100 booked.

  1. Uganda – a country not very spoiled by tourists, not only in 2021, but also earlier. And although it is more or less safe there, there is no “zest” for which it is worth going so far.

  •  Normal roads in Uganda are rare, as are large supermarkets. But malarial mosquitoes are just not uncommon, as in other African countries.

  1. Guinea. Quite recently (September 5) there was a military coup in Guinea. Its reason was the desire of the 83-year-old President of the country, Alpha Conde, to take up a third term, contrary to the Constitution of the country.

  •  In such an environment, only the most courageous extreme tourist will venture to go to Guinea. And there is no direct flight connection with Guinea.

  1. Equatorial Guinea – a country known for three things
  • oil,
  • beautiful nature,
  • Spanish as the state language (the country was a Spanish colony).

  •  If neither, then neither the other nor the third attracts you, then there is not much to do in Equatorial Guinea. Almost half of the local population is below the poverty line, and the tourism infrastructure is poorly developed. If you have firmly decided to relax in the autumn in this country, then I recommend good resorts – Bata and Mbini, as well as the Monte Alen National Park.

  1. Mali. Tourism in West African Mali is a booming sector, so if you're into travel blogging, you'll have a lot to discover for your readers. For example, Mali is famous for Dogon dances, which, although they are a tourist attraction, are performed in the same way as the fathers and grandfathers of the Dogon danced.

  •  However, judging by the Aviasales study, Russian tourists prefer less exotic, but more developed places in terms of tourism. Even in the capital of Mali, Bamako, there are very few attractions, the main of which is the Blacksmith Market.

  1. Mauritania. Despite the fact that slavery in Mauritania was officially abolished in 1981, it continues to exist behind the scenes to this day. And in this Islamic republic, alcohol is prohibited, there are difficulties with the exchange of dollars, car rental (it’s easier to hire a car with a driver), and one can only dream of chic restaurants with delights of world cuisine. But in Mauritania there is the "Eye of the Sahara" – a geological formation that can be seen from space. It is a ring of a series of circles, and the estimated age of the Eye is 600 years.
  1. Zimbabwe. Why do Russians not want to go on an autumn holiday in Zimbabwe? Perhaps because it is one of the poorest countries in the world. And you can admire poverty in your homeland, however, without African flavor. In addition, in recent years, the country has experienced more than one coup d'état, and you hardly want to suddenly find yourself in the center of such a "mess". Zimbabwe is also among the countries with the highest rate of AIDS.

  •  However, if you still decide to go to Zimbabwe, you will be impressed by the beauty of the Victoria Falls, Hwange and Matobo national parks. There you can see rare animals, marvel at the majestic Victoria Falls and shop for a variety of souvenirs including soapstone figurines, sweatshirts featuring local animals and great coffee.

  1. Nigeria – one of the poorest countries in Africa (poverty rate of the urban population – 18,04%, rural – 52,1%). Most Nigerians in villages live without running water or electricity. And even in large cities, electricity is intermittent.

  •  If in Lagos, Abuja and some other cities in Nigeria, white tourists can move around without protection, then in other places they can easily be robbed, kidnapped, or even killed. A foreigner for the local population is a walking money bag. And from May to September, there are heavy showers in the Gulf of Guinea, so at this time there is nothing for tourists to do there.

Where else Russians do not want to travel in autumn

0rhjkqjuThe list of outsiders in terms of the number of tourists from Russia also included such countries as El Salvador, Paraguay and Lebanon.

  1. Salvador – the smallest country in Central America, is unofficially called "the land of lakes and volcanoes." It is not among the popular tourist destinations, partly because of the low standard of living, partly because of the high crime rate.

  •  One of the travelers called the capital of the country (it is called San Salvador) "a huge garbage dump", although there are many examples of colonial architecture.

  1. Paraguay. The main tourist attractions of South American Paraguay are one of the most powerful hydroelectric power plants in the world, located on the Parana River, and the Iguazu Falls. And tourists who have visited the country are unpleasantly surprised at the local devastation that makes Paraguay related to some poor African country.
  • Lebanon now experiencing a political and economic collapse, for more than a year the country lived without a government. In addition, access to water supply is severely limited in the country. So this is clearly not the best place to relax in the fall for Russians.