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The best gas lawn mowers of 2023

Petrol lawn mower


  •  A gas lawn mower is the choice of those who need to tidy up the site, and at the same time not get tangled in wires. Yes, such a device is not particularly environmentally friendly and works louder than electric models. But with him you will do the work of ennobling the cottage or the local area quickly and without much effort.

  •  In this ranking of 2023 petrol lawn mowers in terms of quality and reliability, budget and inexpensive options, self-propelled and non-self-propelled models are presented for any size of site and wallet. The choice was made based on customer reviews and ratings on and Yandex.Market.

How to choose a petrol lawn mower

Engine power

  •  The first technical characteristic that you need to familiarize yourself with when choosing a lawn mower. The higher the power, the taller and thicker grass the machine can mow. Lawn mower engines typically range from 2 to 6-7 HP.

  • For a flat and small plot of 200 sq.m. suitable engine up to 2 hp
  • For a plot of 200-700 sq. m, with hard grass, it is worth considering a model with a 3-5 hp engine.
  • For a large plot of 8-15 acres, overgrown with overgrowth and weeds, I recommend choosing a 4-7 hp mower.

Two stroke or four stroke engine

  •  The first is more powerful, and good in terms of reliability and cheapness, but has two significant drawbacks – gluttony and rapid overheating. If you are taking a lawn mower for a small area, then a two-stroke engine is optimal. However, a four-stroke engine is more economical, allowing you to work up to one and a half hours without overheating. This review presents lawn mowers with a four-stroke engine.

Self-propelled or non-self-propelled lawn mower

  •  The first option is much easier to operate—helps save your hands from the tedious pushing of the mower—but it costs more. If you have to process a large area or a lawn mower is intended as a gift for the elderly, then it is worth overpaying and buying a self-propelled model. According to experts, it is preferable to choose a rear-wheel drive lawn mower, since the load on the rear axle of the device increases during operation.

cutting height

  •  For a lawn, a sufficient height is 80 mm, for a site near the house – 70 mm, for landscape design – 100 mm or more.

Cutting width

  •  For inexpensive types of lawn mowers, it is 40 cm. The larger the cutting width, the more area the lawn mower can handle at a time, but the more difficult it is to maneuver around curbs and other obstacles.

Mulching function

  •  Allows you to grind grass into gruel to fertilize the area.

2023 petrol lawn mower rating

10. Honda HRG 466 SKEH

Honda HRG 466 SKEH opens top 10 petrol lawn mowers

  • Cutting width / height: 46 cm / 20-74 mm
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Self propelled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 145 cm³, 3.67 hp
  • Grass ejection into soft bag, rear
  • Tank for 0.91 l

  •  Among the best models of petrol self-propelled lawn mowers according to user reviews, this model is distinguished by its powerful Honda GCV 145 H engine. The mower is easy to control and moves forward with confidence even on uneven ground. For more convenient maneuvering, the front and rear wheels are made in different sizes.

  •  The Honda HRG 466 SKEH allows you to collect grass in a 55 liter bag, mulch (you will have to buy a nozzle separately), and throw the grass away. And the two-lever cutting height adjustment allows you to mow even tall grass (in the highest of 6 positions). However, other models have single-lever adjustment, so the Honde is “unsuccessful” in this regard.

  •  Powder coated steel construction makes the Honda HRG 466 SKEH durable and reliable. A foldable height-adjustable handle makes it easy to store and transport the device.

Pros and conseasy to usequick start high build qualitypowerful and durable enginewill cost a lotheavy

9. Daewoo Power Products DLM 48SP

Daewoo Power Products DLM 48SP

  • Cutting width / height: 48 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 29.82 kg
  • Self-propelled
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 145 cm³, 4.5 hp
  • Grass ejection into soft bag, rear
  • 8 l tank

  •  Another self-propelled model in the ranking of the best petrol lawn mowers in terms of reliability. With the signature V-series 145 engine, rear-wheel drive, XNUMX-speed height adjustment and wide cutting width, this marvel of technology quickly and effectively clears even uneven ground.

  •  However, due to the fact that the mower rides very quickly, in heavily overgrown areas you have to either turn off self-propelled or hold the device.

  •  The body and deck of the DLM 48SP are steel, so the lawn mower will last a long time. This model grinds the grass finely enough – suitable for humus. But there is no mulching function.

  •  The grass collector is very capacious (65 liters), but not very convenient – when removing a lot of grass falls by. Users recommend not to fill the bag to the brim, otherwise it becomes heavy. It is better to mow wet grass without a grass collector, otherwise the intake pipe will quickly become clogged and part of the grass simply does not fall into the bag.

Pros and cons Rides briskly even on uneven ground Sturdy steel construction Cutting height can be adjusted with one lever No mulching Grass catcher must be carefully removed

8. ZUBR GKB-400


  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Wheeled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 141 cm³, 4 hp
  • Grass ejection into soft bag, rear
  • Tank for 1.2 l

  •  One of the lightest and most inexpensive options in the top petrol lawn mowers of 2023. Despite its low cost ZUBR GKB-400 has a solid steel body, steel deck and large wheels on bearings. The model is based on a four-stroke, economical engine, and two compression rings and a chrome-plated cylinder increase its resource.

  •  Central cutting height adjustment with five levels ensures a thorough cutting of the grass. The collected grass can fall into the 50 liter grass collector, or is thrown back if there is none.

  •  The convenient folding handle of the lawnmower has a height adjustment, so it is also suitable for short people. Safety at the level – if control is lost over the mower, then the cutting tool and the engine stop.

Pros and conseconomicalreliableeasy to startmows smoothly and cleanly even tall grassno mulching

7. Hyundai L 5300S

Hyundai L5300S

  • Cutting width / height: 53 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 38.3 kg
  • Self propelled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 196 cm³, 4.83 hp
  • Grass ejection into the soft bag, sideways, backwards
  • Mulching
  • Tank for 1 l

  •  This is one of the best self-propelled petrol lawn mowers for uneven ground. Thanks to the large ball-bearing wheels, the Hyundai L 5300S goes well over bumps, ensuring a smooth and clean cut of grass. And the mulching plug allows you to use the mowed grass as fertilizer for the lawn.

  •  The 65 liter removable grass collector has a full indicator, which is convenient if you do not want to carry a completely filled and very heavy bag.

  •  The body of the Hyundai L 5300S is made of steel with an anti-corrosion coating, like the deck, which ensures a long service life of the machine. You can adjust the mowing height in 6 positions, and a convenient height-adjustable handle will allow you to quickly set the mower in the right direction.

  •  Another small but nice feature of this model is the presence of cup holders.

Pros and cons powerful durable maneuverable starts without problems a sharp two-blade knife cuts even shoots with a thick stem it is difficult to find spare parts on the Russian market



  • Cutting width / height: 50 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 20.6 kg
  • Wheeled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 125 cm³, 3 hp
  • Grass throw to the side
  • Mulching
  • Tank for 0.8 l

  •  Large mowing width, 6-stage mowing adjustment and a powerful air-cooled 4-stroke engine make this model quickly up to the task. This technique also has a mulching function, so you don’t have to worry about where to put the collected grass. But the grass catcher is missing.

  •  Fuel consumption is economical – 0/8 liters per hour. At one gas station, the mower will be able to process a plot of 15 acres.

  •  The owners of the CHAMPION LM5127BS write in their reviews that it goes through weeds and bumps without any problems, and it is very easy to wash it – just turn it on its side and water it with a hose.

Pros and cons easy maneuverable reliable engine Briggs and Stratton perfectly mows even on uneven ground durable steel body periodically clogged with grass ejection deflector deck, although steel, but the metal is thin no grass catcher

5. Husqvarna LC140SP

Husqvarna LC140SP in the ranking of petrol lawnmowers

  • Cutting width / height: 40 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 26.8 kg
  • Self-propelled
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 123 cm³, 2.7 hp (1950 W)
  • Grass ejection into soft bag, rear
  • Tank for 0.9 l

  •  Fifth place in the ranking of gasoline lawn mowers in terms of price and quality, I gave models from a popular Swedish brand. It has rear-wheel drive and can move at a high speed for a lawn mower – 4 km / h. The LC140SP cutting width is suitable for small cottages and private lawns.

  •  Wheels on ball bearings, and a central adjustment of the cutting height in 10 positions provide convenient operation of the device. The Husqvarna LC140SP has a proprietary four-stroke engine and an easy start system that even an elderly person, woman or teenager can handle.

  •  In addition to collecting the grass in a 50 liter grass collector, the mower can throw the mowed plants to the rear. It does not have a mulching function.

Pros and consReliable and durable constructionEasy to startHandle adjusts for height Not too noisyNo mulching

4. STIGA Combi 53 SQ

STIGA Combi 53 SQ

  • Cutting width / height: 51 cm / 27-90 mm
  • Cutting area: 1800 m²
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Self-propelled
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 166 cm³, 3.5 hp
  • Grass ejection into the soft bag, sideways, backwards
  • Mulching
  • Tank for 1 l

  •  Top rated petrol lawnmowers in 2023 in terms of width, height and mowing area. Combi 53 SQ is a good choice for a large and overgrown area with tall grass and shrubs. The cutting height is adjustable in 5 steps.

  •  It's self-propelled so you don't have to strain to carry 34kg of weight from place to place, and the double ball-bearing wheels roll confidently even over bumpy, uneven terrain. The build quality is excellent – the model with a steel body and deck is made in STIGA's own factory in Slovakia.

  •  The Combi 53 SQ offers all kinds of grass management – from placing it in a 60-litre grass bag with full sensor, to throwing it sideways or backwards, or mulching to fertilize the soil. However, according to user reviews, the manufacturer has reduced the cost of the models of the latest assembly, they come with a soft grass bag without a full indicator.

Pros and cons build quality suitable for large garden plots and cottages powerful easy to start large wheels no hose fitting – inconvenient to wash the mower

3. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

  • Cutting width / height: 46 cm / 28-75 mm
  • Cutting area: 1400 m²
  • Weight: 25.4 kg
  • Wheeled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 140 cm³
  • Ejection of grass into the soft bag
  • Tank for 1 l

  •  The third place in the list is occupied by a non-self-propelled model with an EMAK K 500 OHV engine. According to customer reviews, such an engine works even after 5 years of active operation.

  •  Thanks to the large 70 liter grass collector, it allows you to process a large area at a time, but it will be difficult to empty such a bag alone, due to the weight.

  •  This technique is made reliably – both the deck and the body are steel. But switching the height of the mowing is made inconvenient, and even only 4 positions.

  •  The handle is made folding, adjustable to the height of the user, and is very convenient when operating the lawn mower – the palms do not slip off it. The owners also note that the mower moves easily over uneven places.

  •  Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus can not be called voracious. On one tank, it can process 9 acres of lawn a couple of times. So, if you are considering which gas lawn mower is better to buy for a large summer house in order to save on gasoline, then this model is a great option.

Pros and cons powerful and reliable engine capacious grass collector maneuverable suitable for uneven areas economical fuel consumption not noisy does not always start on the first time on a cold inconvenient switching of the cutting height over time, the drive transmission can “stretch”

2. RYOBI RLM 4114


  • Cutting width/height: 41 cm / 25 – 75 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Self propelled lawn mower
  • Petrol engine, 140 cm³
  • Grass ejection into soft bag, rear
  • Mulching

  •  If you are looking for an inexpensive and well-made machine in the review, pay attention to the RYOBI RLM 4114. This lawn mower is designed to mow areas of 600 m², and thanks to its easy start, even a girl or teenager can work with it.

  •  Ball bearing wheels allow the RYOBI RLM 4114 to move smoothly even on uneven terrain. The engine is a four-stroke, manufactured by Ryobi.

  •  The machine throws the cut grass into a soft 55-liter grass collector (it is mounted on a wire frame) or back. The manufacturer also provided for the installation of a mulching nozzle, but it will have to be purchased separately.

Pros and cons quality build cuts smoothly and well not too noisy hard to get parts moves very briskly, it can be difficult for an older person to keep up with it

1. Makita PLM4628N

Makita PLM4628N best petrol lawn mower 2023 (price/quality)

  • Cutting width / height: 46 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Cutting area: 1400 m²
  • Weight: 31.2 kg
  • Self propelled lawn mower
  • Petrol 4-stroke engine, 140 cm³, 2.6 hp
  • Grass ejection into the soft bag, sideways, backwards
  • Mulching
  • Tank for 0.8 l

  •  The top 10 petrol lawnmowers are headed by a model from a well-known Japanese brand. It has an easy start with a primer and starter cable, and is easy to maintain with a tool-free air filter change.

  •  The PLM4628N engine is not branded, but from Briggs and Stratton, one of the leading manufacturers of lawn mower engines. Their products are renowned for their durability and quality. It is equipped with a Lo-Tone muffler so that the noise from the running lawnmower does not bother households or neighbors.

  •  Both the deck and body of the device are made of durable steel, and the handle is foldable and with adjustable height, so that it is convenient to use both tall and short people. The wheels are ball bearing and very manoeuvrable.

  •  Another advantage of this model is the ability to mulch the grass.

  •  Overall Makita PLM4628N is the best petrol lawnmower in the ranking in terms of value for money.

Pros/Cons Quiet Easy to use Cuts smoothly and quickly Starts easily Over time the brake lever cable can be pulled out Flimsy nozzle for side ejection of grass