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The best snowboards of the season 2014 – 2023



  •  Snowboarding has long been as popular as skiing. Therefore, hundreds of people annually purchase boards for riding. The main criteria when choosing a board are the height of the rider, the rigidity and shape of the board itself and, of course, the reliability of the brand.

Today we offer Rating of the best snowboards of the season 2014-2015, compiled according to the results of the test of a specialized publication Transworld snowboarding. The skiing season will start very soon, which means it's time to choose your board.


Video of the board testing process

The best men's snowboards for all-round riding

men's snowboards for universal skiingThe board for universal skating is designed for long high-speed descents, and for exciting ski jumps, and for unequipped tracks.

  •  Fans of freeride choose longer boards, lovers of well-groomed tracks – a shorter option. Any board from the above five will allow you to get the most out of riding.

  •  5. BURTON Process, price $420

  •  4 Burton Trick Pony $550

  •  3. CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome, price $400

  •  2 GNU Billy Goat $540

  •  1. K2 Happy Hour, price $480

The best men's park snowboards

mens park snowboardsFor those who are fond of the most spectacular and acrobatic style of skiing, park boards are designed. They are rigid and guarantee maximum return on every move of the rider.

  •  Usually the more experienced the rider, the stiffer the board he chooses. In addition, to perform tricks, you need a shorter board, in contrast to the long boards designed for trail and powder riding.

  •  5. ACADEMY Propa Camba, $385

  •  4. ARBOR Westmark, price $399

  •  3. BURTON Custom Restricted $550

  •  2. BURTON Name Dropper, $449

  •  1. CAPiTA Ultrafear, price $450

The best women's snowboards for all-round riding

women's snowboards for all-round skiingMore recently, snowboard manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the features of the female figure, weight and riding style.

  •  As a rule, women's boards are narrower, more flexible and have a larger sidecut. We must not forget about the feminine design.

  •  5. CAPiTA Birds of a Feather, price $380

  •  4. GNU Velvet Guru, price $450

  •  3. LIB TECH TRS Narrows, price $560

  •  2. ROSSIGNOL Diva, price $450

  •  1 ROXY T-Bird $429

The best women's park snowboards

women's park snowboardsPark skating equipment, designed for short stature and small foot size, allows you to perform complex tricks on a par with men.

  •  Although park boards are quite stiff, women's board manufacturers claim that using a snowboard that is sufficiently flexible allows women to provide more maneuverability with less weight.

  •  5 ARBOR Cadence $399

  •  4. BURTON Social Restricted $370

  •  3. CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy, price $360

  •  2. NEVER SUMMER Onyx, $450

  •  1.SALOMON Gypsy, price $450