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Most Affordable Air Conditioned Cars 2020

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  •  The air conditioner in the car has long passed into the category of "must have". Especially for economical and prudent car owners who value comfort, the Auto Price website has compiled a list of the 10 most affordable cars with air conditioning.

10. LADA XRAY, Classic/Air Conditioner

  •  The list of the most inexpensive models of cars with air conditioning is opened by the domestic and popular LADA XRAY. Initially, the car was positioned as a youth or for mature people who have already crossed the threshold of their fiftieth birthday. Hence the relatively low price, the compact size of a hatchback, and at the same time the features of a crossover. This is a simple and convenient car, which you can use to go shopping in the city, and get out of the city with friends for barbecue.

  •  In the Classic / Air Conditioner configuration, the driver will receive an engine of 106 hp. With. volume of 1,6 liters., five-speed "mechanics" and all the basic safety features, including airbags for the front seats, emergency alert systems, auxiliary braking, stability control and assistance when starting off.

9. Lifan X50 Comfort

  •  If your goal is to get a cheap air-conditioned car that is comfortable to maneuver in city traffic, then the Lifan X50 is a good choice. A family of four can easily fit in its cabin. It will be crowded only for very large people, but this is a common misfortune of many city cars.

  •  In general, the Chinese of the Russian assembly seeks to use its compact dimensions to the maximum. Thoughtful engineers placed even the rear lights as high as possible so that they could be read by traffic participants without any problems. And from a safety point of view, the car has a good set of both active and passive systems, starting with airbags and belts with pretensioners and ending with emergency braking assistance.

8 Renault Sandero Life

  •  This model was created with an urban environment in mind. It is small, easy to maintain, comfortable. The suspension allows you to feel comfortable both on asphalt and on a dirt road. And although the trunk is small for a family of three, the spare tire fits into it without any problems.

  •  True, as usual in inexpensive cars, the sound insulation leaves much to be desired. Windage is observed at high speeds, but are high speeds often needed in urban conditions?

  •  The Life package comes with an engine from 82 hp. volume of 1,6 liters and a traditional manual transmission.

7. LADA Largus, Classic/Air Conditioner

  •  Large and roomy body "Largus" will please a large family. A huge trunk will fit everything you need for a trip, and a little more will fit on top. From the point of view of loading / unloading things, this model stands out against the backdrop of the domestic auto industry, and leaves behind foreign cars due to its low price.

  •  And if we add to this low fuel consumption, cheap spare parts, an abundance of maintenance shops and a comfortable interior for such a price, we will get one of the best air-conditioned cars on the Russian market in 2020.

  •  The package for this price includes an eight-valve engine with a volume of 1,6 liters and a power of 87 hp. with., five-speed mechanics, anti-lock braking system, GLONASS and a steering column with height adjustment.

6. Lifan Solano Comfort

  •  One of the best cars on the market in terms of price / quality ratio. He has a fairly high level of comfort: there is heated mirrors, heated seats and even a multimedia system. Families with children will appreciate the spacious boot (as well as child seat mounts). There is also a door lock so that children do not inadvertently open them while driving.

  •  The suspension of the Lifan Solano is reliable, and thanks to the increased ground clearance, the car feels confident outside the city, if there is not quite off-road.

  •  The Comfort package, in addition to air conditioning, includes a 1,5 or 1,8 liter engine (100 and 125 hp, respectively), a manual gearbox, as well as an anti-lock braking system, airbags, belt adjustment, etc.

5 Renault Logan Life

  •  The creators of the car relied on simplicity, reliability and comfort, and achieved their goals. This is a fairly spacious car with an indestructible suspension, which is especially valuablen realities. And it is also quite economical – it eats no more than 6-7 liters outside the city. There will be more around the city, but not by much.

  •  Just do not expect racing speeds and sharp turns from Renault Logan. The car accelerates slowly, at high speeds there is a slight windage, although the handling is not bad. Noise isolation could be better. But the stove quickly warms up the interior even in severe frost.

  •  In the Life configuration, the buyer will receive a 1,6-liter engine with a capacity of 82 “horses”, a five-speed manual, ABS and GLONASS systems, airbags and much more.

4. LADA 4×4, Luxe/Conditioner

  •  The classic "Niva" is a well-known and beloved SUV by Russians, regularly carrying mushroom pickers and fishermen out of town. And after the redesign at the beginning of this year, it became even more comfortable: the length of the rear seat increased, two more fan speed modes were added (there were four in total), and the interior design was updated. And finally, the car has got a connector for a smartphone! But the two most important and pleasant changes are the modernized heating system and additional sound insulation.

  •  As for the driving part, there are no special changes, and they are not needed. "Niva" is still passable, manageable, and although the acceleration leaves much to be desired, it is still the queen on the harsh domestic roads and off-road.

3. Datsun mi-DO

  •  The twin sister of the Lada Grants, the Datsun mi-DO claims the same niche as Avtovaz's favorite brainchild, an inexpensive workhorse for car enthusiasts seeking to save money.

  •  The car is compact, economical enough, feels confident both on asphalt and on a country road after rain. The interior of the car is spacious for a family of 4, although the materials from which it is made speak loudly about the budget of the car. The noise isolation is more upsetting (it seems that it does not exist at all) and the trunk (it is only 250 liters).

  •  But for your money you will get not just air conditioning, but full-fledged climate control (as well as a 1,6-liter engine and a five-speed "mechanics").

2. Datsun on-DO, Trust II

  •  At the beginning of this year, one of the most popular budget class cars became even better – it underwent restyling. There were few changes made, but the new version will cost buyers only 6 thousand more.

  •  As before, the Datsun on-DO has a 1,6-liter engine (106 and 87 hp), a five-speed gearbox (you can install an automatic for an extra charge) and an almost indestructible suspension that feels comfortable even in the most remote Russian outback .

  •  And although the car is very similar to LADA Granta (some of the design and external features are borrowed from the top car of the Russian car industry), however, even in the minimum configuration, Datsun on-DO is more benevolent to the buyer. For example, by default, heated mirrors, heated seats, power steering and power windows are included.

  •  By the way, it is worth adding that the Datsun on-DO brand is leaving the domestic market. If you like the car, we advise you to hurry up with the purchase!

1. LADA Granta

In the first place among the most budgetary cars with air conditioning is the permanent leader of the domestic auto industry and sales, and one of best cars for beginners — LADA Granta.

  •  After restyling, the car became even better. A number of initial shortcomings (for example, the possibility of pistons colliding with valves when the timing belt breaks) have been corrected, the temperature regime has been optimized, and so on. As a result, an “iron horse” was born with a very energy-intensive suspension, smooth running even on the bumpiest road, high cross-country ability due to ground clearance and high-profile tires. And if we add excellent handling to this, it is clear why LADA Granta has been consistently holding the top of sales for a long time.

  •  LADA Granta also won the hearts of Russian car owners with an excellent (for a budget car) configurator. The car has four body types, a choice is available between mechanics, automatic and robotic transmissions, and as for secondary options, there are a lot of them. One complete set with air conditioning 17 pieces! And there is always something to save by individual selection of components.