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Best induction hobs 2022



  •  If you're looking for an electric hob that heats up super fast, responds quickly to temperature changes, and feels cool to the touch, then I recommend buying an induction model.

  •  I present to you the rating of induction hobs 2022 in terms of price and quality, compiled according to the recommendations of experts from various specialized publications, and reviews from ordinary users of Russian online stores.

10. Bosch PUE611FB1E

Bosch PUE611FB1E in the top 10 induction hobs 2022

  • Line: Serie 6
  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  The review opens with a beautiful Bosch induction cooker, made in Spain. It features excellent build quality and has a 17-speed power output. All 4 burners can be used at the same time, and the timer will turn off the desired heating zone after the set time has elapsed.

  •  Each zone of the device has a PowerBoost function (heating acceleration) so that the water boils quickly. However, this function only works for one hotplate if all four are switched on at the same time.

  •  Bosch PUE611FB1E is easy to clean, so the panel will look stylish and modern for years to come. And when washing the panel, you can use the control lock.

Pros and cons runs quietly multi-stage power adjustment stylish look safety price

9. Weissgauff HI 32

Weissgauff HI 32

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  The inexpensive induction hob with 18 cm diameter working areas is equipped with a touch control that allows you to easily control all the burners. It has child protection and a timer up to 99 minutes, which allows you to turn off the desired zone after a certain period of time.

  •  According to user reviews, Weissgauff HI 32 allows you to heat water in just 50 seconds at maximum power. A convenient touch control is so sensitive that it works even on wet fingers. There is also an indication of residual heat, which will show when it is safe to touch the burner.

  •  Alas, this model does not have the PowerBoost function, a tribute to the budget. But there is a function of recognition of the presence of dishes.

Pros and cons design compact, suitable for a narrow kitchen

8.Hansa BHI68312

Hansa BHI68312

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  One of the most budget models in the top induction hobs of 2023. In addition to an attractive price and an excellent set of functions, this cooker offers a child lock, a timer, a residual heat indication and pan detection.

  •  The shiny BHI68312 ceramic upper consists of two 160mm zones, a 180mm zone and the largest 210mm zone.

  •  However, as is the case with inexpensive induction hobs, only one burner can use the boost function to quickly boil water – the power of the others is automatically reduced slightly.

Note: This model has a sound timer. But he does not turn off the burner.

Pros and cons simple touch control high-quality assembly very quickly heats up the dishes no protective shutdown of heating zones (available in model 68302) no cable for connection included

7. Electrolux IPE 6453 WF

Electrolux IPE 6453 WF

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  This is one of the most powerful (7.35 kW) and functional 4-burner induction hobs in the 2023 ranking.

  •  It has many useful features, including:

  • Bridge – allows you to combine two zones into one large one, setting the same temperature and time. This reduces the cooking time for large or long dishes.
  • Individual slider for each heating zone.
  • Power boost function.
  • "Key Lock" function to lock the settings so that the settings are saved even if the control panel is accidentally touched.
  • Function of automatic adjustment under ware.
  • Pause and timer functions.
  • Function of recognition of ware on a plate.

  •  All numbers on the panel are bright and easy to read, the panel itself is easy to clean with a damp cloth and looks very aesthetically pleasing in any interior.

Pros and consbeautifulfunctionalthere is a fast automatic heating systemexpensive

6. Schaub Lorenz SLK IY 32 T5

Schaub Lorenz SLK II 32 T5

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  This compact two-zone model is the perfect budget solution for a small kitchen, studio or dorm. You can even take it with you on a business trip, as long as there is electricity in the place of residence.

  •  The Schaub Lorenz SLK IY 32 T5 features a durable glass-ceramic top and is only 29 cm wide, making it suitable for pots and pans with a bottom diameter of up to 26 cm. malfunctions.

Pros and cons there is a quick heating function easy and convenient touch control fits snugly on the countertop no forks included

5. Bosch PXV851FC1E

Bosch PXV851FC1E in the list of the best induction hobs 2022

  • Line: Serie 6
  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 5
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  The most expensive model among the best induction hobs in 2023. The 80 cm stove has five unique heating elements, with the ability to combine two adjacent burners into a single zone, which the manufacturer calls FlexInduction.

  •  The stove itself recognizes the presence of dishes on the burner, and automatically turns it on. And PowerBoost technology will allow you to quickly bring soup, pilaf or other dish to the desired temperature.

  •  Of the useful functions, I also note the shutdown when liquid gets on the panel, PowerManagement – limiting the heating power to save electricity, and the PerfectFry frying sensor for automatic temperature control to avoid overcooking food.

  •  Rich functionality combined with a large workspace, 17-stage temperature control and ease of operation justify the high cost of Bosch PXV851FC1E.

Pros and consLarge workspaceEasy to cleanThere is child protectionProduction country SpainLarge sizeHigh price



  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: pan size recognition, short pause, timer, pot presence recognition, Booster

  •  The British brand MAUNFELD is known for its induction hobs and other appliances (although today it is mostly assembled in China, but with strict quality control). The CVI593BK2 Pulse Induction Cooker is an excellent value for money performance at a very reasonable price.

  •  It offers a Booster function, a sleep timer and a momentary pause with saving settings. It is also equipped with child protection, recognizes the presence of dishes and its size. There are 3 burners on this stove: 16 cm, 18 cm and the largest at 28 cm.

Pros and cons Convenient touch-slider controls Excellent build quality Some buyers complain about the smell coming from the stove during initial use

3. Midea MIH64516F

Midea MIH64516F

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  The first three in the ranking of built-in induction hobs in 2023 are opened by a Chinese model from a well-known and very popular manufacturer. Midea products are loved for their affordable price, excellent build quality and good functionality. And the MIH64516F is no exception.

  •  It is equipped with a child and pet lock button, has 2 small burners by 14 cm and two large ones by 22 cm. There is a timer that turns off both a separate burner and the entire stove. It works very quietly, only the fan is audible. The power is decent – 7 kW. And if water gets on the panel during boiling, the device will automatically turn off.

Pros and consoff timerExtremely simple control – separate for each burnerBuild qualityno

2. Gorenje IK 640 CLI

Gorenje IK 640 CLI

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent

  •  First of all, the design of this model attracts attention. Management is not the usual touch, but with the help of rotary switches. This makes Gorenje IK 640 CLI an ideal gift for a person for whom "these sensors of yours" are uncomfortable and unusual. The pen turns within the gradation, and does it smoothly.

  •  Provided and protection from small playful pens, and stretching to twist the controls. The safety lock can only be switched off when all the cooking zones are not working.

  •  This stove has 9 degrees of heating power, and it heats up very quickly, as it cools down.

  •  Although the IK 640 CLI is not a cheap model, there is no cord or plug included in the package. Alas, this is a common drawback of induction panels.

Pros and consUnusual and stylish designPowerBoost function is activated immediately on all cooking zonesThere is a residual heat indicatorNo shutdown of heating when water gets on the burnerNo timer

1.Beko HII64200FMTX

Beko HII64200FMTX in the ranking of induction hobs 2022 price / quality

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Functions: timer

  •  This cooker offers 9 different power levels to choose from, so you can precisely control the heating temperature. You can also set the off timer individually for each hotplate or for the entire hob.

  •  With a maximum power of 2300W, this hob is perfect for fast and efficient cooking. There is also an enhanced heating mode, and one Flex Zone – the stove will use only the surface that the bottom of the dish touches, this allows the use of dishes of a non-standard shape.

Pros and cons

How to choose an induction hob and how it works

The principle of operation of induction cookers

  •  When an induction cooker is turned on, electricity (alternating current) passes through coils under the glass surface of the cooktop. This creates a rapidly changing magnetic field. When a pot containing any magnetic material, such as iron, is placed on the surface of the cooktop, a current is induced in the base of the pot. This current is converted into heat, which is then transferred to the contents of the pan.

Panel size

  • 60 cm hob – comfortably accommodates three zones. If there are 4 zones, this can make the cooking space quite cramped, especially in terms of access to the controls. Large burners should be at least 21 cm in diameter for maximum efficiency when using larger pans. If you don't often use four zones at the same time, then three zones on a 60 cm hob is all you need.
  • Panel 70-75 cm – comfortably accommodates four zones.
  • Panel 80-90 cm – comfortably accommodates five zones.

What features are important for a quality hob?

Auto power off

  •  Automatically turns off the heating element in case of overheating or when the pan is removed. Most modern models on the market have some form of this feature.

Automatic heating

  •  Allows the hotplate to heat up to a higher temperature and then automatically reduces it to the preset setting after a certain time. This is useful if, for example, you are cooking rice using the absorption method and want to bring it to a boil first and then simmer it.


  •  Similar to automatic heating, the hotplate quickly heats food or liquid to the maximum temperature and then automatically lowers the temperature to a pre-selected lower temperature.

Spill protection

  •  The hob may switch off and sound an alarm if spilled liquid comes into contact with the controls or hotplates.

Pan detection

  •  The induction hob will not work if there is no pan on the burner or if it is not suitable for this type of hob.

Child lock

  •  Useful if there are small children in the house and you don't want the little ones to play with hot pots.


  •  Some hobs are equipped with a pause button that temporarily blocks the heat settings.

Induction or gas stove: what to choose?

  • Induction is the fastest cooking method.
  • Both induction and gas, according to experts, control the heat of the burner well. At the same time, the gas provides visual feedback when you dim or rekindle the flame.
  • Cast iron coasters on gas hobs can be bulky and difficult to clean.
  • The induction has a smooth surface that is easy to clean.
  • You need special cookware for induction, but this is not a problem for gas.
  • Induction is generally the more expensive option of the two.

Rating of manufacturers of induction hobs

  • electrolux,
  • Bosch,
  • Gorenja,
  • Midea,
  • zanussi,
  • kitfort,
  • Hephaestus,
  • weissgauff,
  • hotpoint ariston,
  • Backhoe.