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The best mechanical keyboards



  •  Mechanical – the loudest keyboard, in comparison with the membrane. And at the same time, a mechanical keyboard is the best keyboard for games and work if you spend a lot of time at the computer. Its keys have a distinct elasticity, do not require strong pressing, they have an instant response to touch.

  •  But over the past few years, there have been so many mechanical keyboards on the market that it is difficult even for experts to understand them. To create for you a selection of the best mechanical keyboards of 2023, I studied user reviewsn online stores, as well as recommendations from reputable online publications (PCMag, Overclockers UK, etc.). And I bring to your attention the final review.

10. ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX in Top 10 Mechanical Keyboards of 2023

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  The top mechanical keyboards of 2023 are opened by a high-quality gaming keyboard from a well-known manufacturer of computer accessories. This is a refinement of the already excellent ASUS Scope keyboard. Asus engineers managed to keep all the best features of the original, while adding new optical key switches. Tall keys register phenomenally quickly, with little to no lateral wobble, meaning that accidental presses are kept to a minimum both in gaming and typing.

  •  But what makes the ROG Strix Scope RX a hit among the best gaming mechanical keyboards is a slightly longer side CTRL key (to make it easier to hide behind cover), as well as a compact design and minimized false presses thanks to a 1,5mm actuation point. . And in general, this is an impeccable keyboard, with an excellent design, solid, heavy, with the ability to customize almost every single key, not to mention such a banality as RGB backlighting.

Pros and conshigh-end design and workmanshipprogrammable and customizablepleasant tactile sensations when used quiet for mechanics easily soiled plastic (fingerprints are visible)Software may conflict with the backlight of other peripherals

9. Logitech POP Keys Cherry MX Brown

Logitech POP Keys Cherry MX Brown

  • Purpose: for desktop computer
  • Connection interface: Bluetooth / USB
  • Mechanical Switch Type: Cherry MX Brown
  • Total number of keys 85

  •  One of the smallest and lightest mechanical keyboards in 2023. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this wireless keyboard allows you to connect via Bluetooth to 3 devices at the same time, such as a PC, laptop and tablet. For easy switching between devices, use the Easy-Switch button.

  •  A special feature of POP Keys Cherry MX Brown are emoji keys. Well, what can I say, such a keyboard is an ideal choice for young, sociable natures.

Pros and cons there is a Russian language on the keys beautiful design no backlight switches are loud

8. AULA F2066

AULA F2066

  • Purpose: game
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Total number of keys 105

  •  Among the best inexpensive mechanical keyboards, this large and beautiful model stands out for having a convenient magnetic wrist rest. An angle of inclination of 6 ° will allow you to position the stand as comfortably as possible.

  •  Another advantage of AULA F2066 is the eye-pleasing backlight with 22 available modes and adjustable brightness. Not bad for a budget keyboard!

  •  Users like the quality of plastic – it's nice to press the buttons. But for a common drawback – the backlash of the keys – the keyboard was awarded only 8th place.

Pros and consmulti-color backlight durable casebudget price categorythere are complaints about key play

7.Razer BlackWidow V3

Razer Black Widow V3

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Total number of keys 105

  •  From the palm rest to the dynamic RGB key backlighting and lighting effects, this popular keyboard is fully customizable for the picky user. The durable aluminum case is not so easy to break, and the branded switches are made transparent – so that the backlight is brighter.

  •  The BlackWidow V3 Razer is available with two switch options – green and yellow. The former have a clicky tactile design, while the latter are silent but lack tactile feedback.

  •  The keyboard has special compartments for neat cable tucking – so that your desktop does not have chaos with extra wire.

  •  The BlackWidow V3 is perfect for gaming, with on-the-fly macro recording, hybrid onboard memory (up to 5 profiles) and cloud storage (unlimited).

Pros and cons macro recording scroll wheel durable and hard wearing expensive

6. Skyloong GK61SK61

Skyloong GK61SK61

  • Purpose: game
  • Key backlight
  • Number of keyboard keys: 61

  •  One of the best budget mechanical keyboards won the love of Russian users due to three advantages:

  1. The presence of programmable backlighting (using GK6XPlus software).
  2. Quiet operation (with red switches).
  3. Hot-Swap mechanism for quick replacement of switches.

  •  Skyloong GK61 SK61 can work with Mac and Windows. Her keys are Russified, so you won't have to buy stickers. The keyboard is connected to the computer using the included cable with a USB Type-C connector.

Pros and cons of many backlight settings

5. Redragon Dark Avenger EN

Redragon Dark Avenger RU ranked mechanical keyboards 2022

  • Purpose: desktop, gaming, laptop
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Total number of keys 91

  •  The top 5 budget mechanical keyboards are opened by a compact and lightweight (780 g) model with a luminous Russian layout. It has OUTEMU Blue tactile clicky switches, programmable RGB lighting, and a gold-plated USB connector to prevent oxidation.

  •  The design of the keyboard is moisture resistant, so even if you spill tea or coffee on it, it will survive. The keys have an impressive resource of pressing – up to 50 million times.

Pros and cons Cheap Hot Swap support Backlight brightness adjustable Long 1,8 meter wire Loud

4. A4Tech Bloody B865

A4Tech Bloody B865

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: mechanical
  • Total number of keys: 104

  •  The best mechanical keyboard under 3000 rubles. It has water protection – it will survive splashes of coffee or other liquids, but I do not recommend washing it under water. The resource of the switches is 100 million clicks, so you can rightfully call this model durable.

  •  The keys are relatively quiet, and if desired, you can replace the standard WASD, as well as E, Q and F with dark caps, they are included. The cable at the keyboard is long (1,8 meters), with a nylon braid.

  •  What users did not appreciate was the arrangement of English and Russian letters on the same level, as well as one – blue – backlight option. But you can adjust the brightness of the backlight and the speed of the flicker presets.

  •  Of course, since the keyboard is gaming, it supports both button reassignment and macros, for this purpose the KeyDominator 2 proprietary software is used.

Pros and consreliabilityinstant response (0.2 milliseconds) to pressingloud

3. Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro RZ03-04360800-R3R1

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro RZ03-04360800-R3R1

  • Gaming keyboard
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  The ultimate mechanical keyboard for gamers looking for a wireless device. It features low-profile optical switches that provide precise and quiet feedback.

  •  You can easily connect this full-sized keyboard with a USB dongle, and it supports Hyperspeed (2,4GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0 at the same time.

  •  A feature of Deathstalker V2 Pro is support for multiple devices at once, that is, you can connect a mouse through the same key as the keyboard.

  •  Want to use the keyboard on other devices too? Switch between the devices you need using the dedicated buttons on the side of the keyboard.

  •  You can play for up to 40 hours on a single charge, and Razer Synapse software lets you customize your RGB lighting zone.

Pros and cons well-assembled – aluminum alloy outer case all keys are programmable you can store up to 5 macro options in the cloud storage long key life – up to 70 million keystrokes price you have to buy stickers with Russian letters

2. Bloody B820R LK Light Strike Red

Bloody B820R LK Light Strike Red

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  If I were to make the top mechanical keyboards under 5000 rubles, I would give this model the first place in terms of price / functionality ratio.

  •  Bloody B820R LK responds to the touch of the owner with lightning speed, thanks to optical switches – a response of up to 0.2 ms. It has water protection, so that coffee (or a stronger drink) spilled during intense battles will not harm the gadget. And in the dark, the keyboard will glow beautifully with one of the 6 backlight types you choose. And only the letters light up.

  •  The keys can withstand up to 100 million clicks, and users recommend taking the version on red switches, it has a very quiet and smooth ride.

Note: Russian letters on the keys are located to the right of the English ones, and on the same level (one of the users aptly called this "Klingon script"). I find this manufacturer's decision unusual and even inconvenient, you just have to get used to it.

Pros and consBeautiful appearanceAnti-Ghost technologyComes with interchangeable keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F) Durable and waterproofMacros can be setSoftware is not intuitive

1. HyperX Alloy Origins Core HyperX Blue

HyperX Alloy Origins Core is the best gaming mechanical keyboard

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Total number of keys 87

  •  The winner of the rating is a durable aluminum keyboard that will take up little space on your desktop, because it does not have a number pad. In the HyperX NGENUITY application, you can adjust the backlight and assign macros to the keys. The keyboard also has built-in memory for 3 profiles.

  •  Alloy Origins Core is equipped with branded switches with open LEDs – it looks expensive and rich. And retractable legs increase ease of use, allowing you to set the gadget at one of three angles. As for the margin of safety of the switches, it is impressive – up to 80 million clicks.

Pros and cons The case is reliable, made of aircraft-grade aluminum You can record your own macros in proprietary software Three angles of inclination Detachable cable Many buyers complain about the rattling gap

How to choose a mechanical keyboard: what to look for when buying


  •  There are many different keyboard sizes: full size, 96%, 80%, 75%, 70%, 65%, 60%, etc. Each size has its own unique layout design. As the keyboard is “squeezed”, the number block and multimedia keys are usually removed from it. If you want to get a compact and at the same time functional model, I recommend paying attention to keyboards with 87-85 keys.


  •  The wireless keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth or using a special adapter (such as a 2,4 GHz adapter) included in the package. Thus, users do not have to worry about wires on and under the table. However, all-metal keyboards are unlikely to provide good wireless performance because metal tends to block wireless signals. Thus, all-metal wireless capable keyboards have an unstable connection.

  •  Wired keyboards connect directly to the PC with a cable, providing consistent performance without signal interference or noticeable lag. These keyboards are ideal for gaming, especially eSports.


  •  On the standard printed circuit board that registers keyboard input, all switches (switches) are soldered, so they cannot be pulled out manually. If you want to replace switches, you'll need soldering experience and the right tools.

  •  The hot swappable PCB allows you to quickly swap switches without any soldering skills.

The three main types of mechanical keyboard switches and their color combinations

  1. Linear: The simplest type. The keystroke is a straight smooth path from top to bottom. There is no tactile or auditory feedback when pressed, and minimal force is required to operate the switch.
  2. Tactile: These switches give a slight "bump" when pressed (usually around the actuation point). This "tactile feedback" helps the fingers feel when a key has actually been actuated.
  3. Clicky: This is a subtype of tactile switches. There is a very light hit, but with a well-audible "click".

  •  Regular linear switches (red and black) are generally preferred for gaming, while tactile switches (brown) and clicky switches (blue, green) have become popular with typists.

  •  However, if you're in the office, you might want to avoid loud clicky switches like blues and greens and opt for tactile switches like browns instead.

The best manufacturers of mechanical keyboards

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Asus
  • Class
  • A4Tech
  • SteelSeries
  • Reddragon
  • Sven
  • Defender