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The funniest surnames and the world

funny surnames


  •  A beautiful and harmonious surname is a reason for pride. But not everyone is so lucky in life. Let's look at the funniest surnames and the world, and you yourself decide whether their owners are lucky or vice versa.

Or add to a particularly funny surname one of most unusual names. We are sure that the result will make you laugh.

The funniest female surnames

15. Sausage

SausageA very tasty name. By the way, the word "sausage" comes from the French saucisse ("sausage"). And it, in turn, is formed from the beautiful Latin word salsicia (“salinity”).

14. Drunk

DrunkThis surname was formed from the nickname "Drunk" with the addition of the suffix "-s". However, in the old days, such a nickname did not have a negative connotation. On the contrary, it was supposed to protect its owner from addiction.

13. Bloodsucker

BloodsuckerIn the heat of a domestic quarrel, a husband can call his wife by her last name, and, formally, he will be right.

12. Rukosueva

RukosuevAn old surname formed from a personal nickname. According to Dahl's dictionary, the word "rukosuy" means "clumsy, rotosey." And among the people, beggars and vagabonds, who did not even have mittens, were called hand-wielders, and in cold weather they warmed their hands in a beggar's bag.

11. Dryback

SukhozadIs this a real name, or just an attempt to attract attention? Who knows, because access to VKontakte is still free, and not by passports.

10. Dobrobaba

DobrobabaA positive surname that immediately says, in front of you is a good woman!

9. Holiavka

HoliavkaToday, the word "freebie", with which this surname is consonant, is used as a synonym for "free, for nothing." There is an assumption that this word comes from the Polish word cholewa – boot top. There the poor gentry hid food, small items – something that can be "taken for nothing," for free.

8. Kid

The kidThe jargon "kid" means a boy or youth. Probably not easy for a girl to live with such a surname.

7. Crucian

CrucianWhat can you say? The man is in the right place!

6. Kill-wolf

kill wolfThe funniest surnames are often associated with professional activities. We venture to suggest that among the ancestors of people with the surname "Kill the wolf" were good hunters.

5. Honest

HonestIt's good when the chief accountant is honest.

4. Blablyas

BlablyasQuite a rare and unusual surname. And it's pronounced like a mini tongue twister.

3. Adova

AdovaPerhaps this surname has nothing to do with the biblical Hell. It may also be related to the Hebrew name Ada, which means "decoration."

2. Vagina

smeshnie_familii_zapilili.ruThe first carriers of this surname could live near the tributary of the Northern Dvina – the Vaga River. There is also a theory that Vaga is one of the variants of the name Evagrius, which in Greek means "happy on the hunt."

1. Don't drink beer

Don't drink beerIn the Poltava region in Ukraine, such a surname is very common. There is even a district called Nepyipy.

List of the funniest male surnames

15. Wolfhound

wolfhoundThe first bearer of such a harsh surname must have been a hunter. Wolfhounds are called large dogs, with which they hunt "gray predators, mothers and puppies."

14. Fierce

FierceTogether with the initials, this surname, as it were, hints: it is better not to get on the carpet with such a lieutenant colonel.

13. Cockroaches

cockroachesWell, how can you not smile, imagining a possible mining process?

12. Good evening

Good eveningIf you watched the old Soviet film "The Queen of the Gas Station", then you probably remember that the main character, played by Nadezhda Rumyantseva, had the same surname. And this name was also worn by a famous Odessa boxer of the 20s. According to the memoirs of actor Boris Sichkin, when the name of the boxer was announced, the whole audience answered with laughter: “Hello!”.

11. Not pizdit

Don't fuck upWe do not know the origin of this surname. But one cannot help but notice its resemblance to a colloquial expression meaning "tells the truth" or "does not talk."

10. Freak

FreakThe word, which today has become one of the funny surnames, in Old Slavonic meant "foolish, holy fool." A freak is a person or animal with physical disabilities or unpleasant oddities in behavior.

9. Goodbye

AdieuExcuse me, can I have another doctor?

8. Booty

PopaIf you decided that this surname was formed from a known part of the human body, then you were mistaken. Its origin is associated with the Romanian word popă – that is, "priest, priest."

7. Cautious

CarefulWho else to appoint responsible for such an important matter as fire safety?

6. Skinny

skinny warmThis surname alludes to the height and weight of its original bearer. In this case, thin-warm means a slender, thin and (or) short person.

5. Riptail

RiptailSuch a funny surname, like many others, “leaked” into the Russian language from the Ukrainian language. It is there that compound surnames are used (Chelombitko, Prostibozhenko, Nebeybatko, etc.).

4. Bore

BoreAnother nickname that has become a surname. And not too pleasant for one of its owners. Judging by this photo, he changed it to a more euphonious one.

3. Cheerful

CheerfulAnd the ultrasound is interesting, and the doctor is cheerful.

2. Kakashkin

smeshnie_familii_zapilili.ruIt is possible that initially this surname was read not Kakashkin, but Kokazhkin, after the name of the Albanian town of Kokaj. According to one of the bearers of the surname, in the 20s of the last century, many shoemakers from Kokay moved to Odessa. There they became first Kokazhkins, and then Kakaskins.

1. Foundation

FoundationA solid, reliable, one might say, fundamental surname.

The funniest foreign surnames

  •  No comments. Just watch and enjoy.

10. Jin Hui

jin hui

9. Batman bin Suparman

Batman bin Superman

8.Jesus Condom

jesus condom

7. Dick Paradise

Dick Paradise

6 Oliver Loser

Oliver Loser

5. Cholera


4. Anurag Dikshit

Anurag Dikshit



2. Hitler Mussolini

Hitler Mussolini

1. Shit Fun Chew

Shit Fun Chew

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