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10 smallest robots in the world

Rating of the smallest robots in the world


  •  When it comes to robots, we think of gigantic machines capable of lifting a heavy truck or ship. But science began to develop along the path of reducing technology, rather than increasing it. Nanotechnology is considered one of the promising industries of the future. It is believed that with its help it will be possible to control anything, be it the weather or human health.

At the moment, a large number of scientists are working on the design of micro- and nanorobots. To keep up to date with the latest innovations in the world of microscopic technology, here are 10 smallest robots in the world.

Robot "Micro"

kyy0t41yOne of the smallest robots in the world is the invention of scientists from New Mexico. Micro can easily fit on a coin with a face value of 5 kopecks. Its height is only 1 centimeter, it moves due to caterpillar treads, albeit very slowly.

  •  The application is quite extensive, ranging from medicine and ending with espionage activities. Now the Micro is equipped with a thermal sensor and its own memory of 8 kb. The robot is considered autonomous, since its movement does not depend on the wires connected to it, it is powered by a conventional battery.

  •  Micro is the prototype of the technologies of the future due to its size. With the development of microcircuits and microprocessors, it will be able to perform more and more complex functions, and its speed will increase significantly. The main thing is that the invention does not fall into bad hands.

Sarah Bergbreiter's robot

eg5i0qlnA scientist from the University of Maryland, managed to create the smallest quadrupedal automated robot. The control system of the invention is carried out using a magnetic field. Thanks to this, each part of it can move independently of the other.

  •  The US military is mainly interested in its use. The dimensions of Sarah's creation are suitable for spy missions. However, scientists themselves have laid eyes on the four-legged baby, as it can help them push the boundaries of research. In the near future, Sarah Bergbreiter plans to reduce the size of her invention by 50 percent.


3g4md0bdOne of the smallest robots, which is almost entirely made from natural DNA components. Couplings and motor proteins are set in motion with the help of ultraviolet light. The appearance is similar to an amoeba, from which the name followed.

  •  Its shell is made of wax and fats called lipids. This is a special habitat, suitable for the survival of internal organic engines. The robot itself is able to maintain life even at sub-zero temperatures.

ri2emnz5Roboameba also belongs to the inventions of biotechnology, as it combines two different scientific approaches. The creators believe that the robot can become the main source for the development of technology of the future. Basically, Roboumebu plans to use in the field of medicine.

Loader robots

1qryffzqThe invention of scientists from Stanford is aimed at transporting loads of colossal dimensions without the involvement of human assistance. Robots acting as loaders weigh only about 10 grams. The secret of their strength is quantity.

  •  One such robot can lift a load 1500 times more than its weight, that is, a mass of 15 kilograms. And now one can only imagine, for example, how much 100 of these babies can lift – an object weighing 1,5 tons. In other words, a team of such loaders can easily move an average car.

Robovie Nano

rcptfoxhVstone has invented the smallest human-shaped robots. Their height does not exceed 15 centimeters. The energy source of Japanese cars is carried out from conventional batteries or accumulators. The humanoid creature can perform over 6 different movements.

  •  Basically, Robovie-Nano is still used in the toy industry. In the future, thousands of such robots are planned to be combined into one intelligent network and provide them with the ability to learn, like, for example, the voice assistant from Yandex – Alice. Such an invention can be used as an educational toy for children.


j5ehkii2The developers of the Harvard Institute have invented the world's smallest robot in the form of a bee. One of the most important functions of creation is to save the energy of a flying microscopic apparatus, since the charge of such devices is spent at a tremendous speed.

  •  With the help of a special device that uses the effect of electrical adhesion, the bee is able to stick to any object, thereby conserving energy reserves. The invention uses the environment to increase the distance of its movement. However, while the problem of movement due to insufficient charge remains relevant.

Extra small

03ulmzicAnother smallest flying robot in the world from the creator Matt Piccoli. The scientist managed to solve the problem with the rapid depletion of Robobee's energy. With the help of a special laser beam, Piccolissimo is continuously charged.

  •  Its design consists of simple elements – a propeller and a processor that controls the device. The main area of application of the flying microscopic drone is the collection of data in case of emergencies using various sensors. Such use will allow mankind to reduce the death rate of rescuers.

Robot cockroach

q4hcyvujEuropean scientists in their laboratories have created the smallest cockroach robots with a length of 30 millimeters. The main type of movement of the invention are specialized wheels. Machines can distinguish the behavioral features of insects.

  •  When conducting experiments, scientists managed to influence the collective behavior of cockroaches. Due to their size and physiological properties, insects took the creation for an individual of their species. In the future, such miniature robots are planned to be used for a deeper study of the animal world.

Max Planck robot

  •  The inventors of the German Max Planck Institute managed to create one of the smallest robots in the world. Its size does not exceed 1 millimeter, which is 10 times smaller than the Micro. This is a fairly functional robot that can move freely on vertical and horizontal surfaces using a magnetic field.

  •  Thanks to the rubber body under the influence of magnetic radiation, it can freely change its shape. The expected field of application of the invention is medicine. Due to its size, it can be used to diagnose and study human organs with high accuracy.

molecular robot

u5tqrsgxThe smallest robot was created by scientists from Manchester recently. Its size barely reaches one millionth of a millimeter. The invention is controlled by special chemical reactions.

  •  It is made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen atoms. With its help, you can transport the desired molecule to a specific place. A million of these robots will look like a grain of dust.

  •  The scope of such devices is extensive, ranging from manufacturing to medicine. They can easily influence the molecular component of a person and treat almost any disease.

  •  The progress of technology is an integral part of the future. No one knows what awaits us in 10, 20 or 100 years. The most important thing is that the created robots are used only for the benefit of mankind. But, given the experience of history, this is hard to believe.