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The best electric hobs 2022



  •  Electric cooktops are the hottest these days. Gas stoves are gradually dying out, as the old building, where gas was mainly used, is gradually being replaced by modern houses – already without gas. And induction scare away strict requirements for dishes. For example, you can’t put an aluminum frying pan or stone-coated dishes on them, you only need cast iron or stainless steel. So it turns out that electric is the most common and easy-to-use option.

  •  This list collects the best electric hobs of 2023 according to customer reviews, reviews on specialized sites and expert reviews.

15. DARINA 4P8 E326 B

DARINA 4P8 E326 B electric hob 4 burners ranked

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59 x 52 cm

  •  Darina is a brand of the Gazprom Household Systems holding. The brand's products are manufactured at a plant in Chelyabinsk and in the Middle Kingdom. Model 4P8 E326 B is made in a slightly vintage style – with patterned, but unobtrusive vignettes and bronze color markings. So, if you are tired of harsh minimalism, pay attention to Darina.

  •  The panel has four burners, three burners are single, one is double. The control is easy, it heats up quickly, but the surface is very delicate – you have to tinker before you pick up a product that cleans well and does not spoil the surface of the stove.

Pros and cons original design fast heat up price very sensitive buttons delicate surface needs special handling

14. GEFEST SVN 3210 K17


  • Panel material: enamel
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59 x 52

  •  And from glossy glass-ceramics, let's move on to enamel. The panel from Hephaestus is velvety brown, the burners are cast iron, the switches are mechanical, they are placed on the side of the device. A great option either to the country or for older people who do not want to retrain in fashionable glass ceramics or tempered glass.

  •  The stove is easy to care for, the surface is resistant to spilled liquids and oil splashes, the indication is clearly visible and understandable, and it is inexpensive.

Pros and consSturdy surfaceSide position of switchesMechanical control is convenient for the elderlyPriceno

13. Gorenje ECT 321 BCSC

Gorenje ECT 321 BCSC

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 30x52 cm

  •  A narrow two-burner hob with a laconic design. The main difference that gives the minimalist plate some originality is the unconventional sizes of the circles: the front one is larger. It’s even surprising why other manufacturers stubbornly take out a large circle away – after all, what is closer, you use more often.

  •  The panel is durable, little prone to scratches, it is easy to clean, judging by the reviews. There is a pause button that can pause the burners and then turn them back on with the previous settings.

Pros and cons Convenient arrangement of circles Sturdy and durable Supplied without a drive to connect

12 Simfer H30E02B016

Simfer H30E02B016

  • Panel material: enamel
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 30 x 51

  •  The panel is made of stainless steel, covered with a brutal asphalt gray enamel. There are two burners, quite large, tightly packed in a narrow space 30 cm wide – that is, you can’t put a wide pot with a frying pan, it just won’t fit.

  •  The burners heat up very quickly, but cool down much more slowly. This model is perfect for a summer residence, a rented apartment or a tiny Khrushchev kitchen.

Pros and cons price / quality ratio indestructible surface and burners price regulators close to the burners, heat up

11. Weissgauff HV 32 B

Weissgauff HV 32 B

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 30 x 52

  •  The most inexpensive of all glass-ceramic hobs in the rating. A small, narrow (which will allow it to be used even in the smallest kitchens) two-burner hob has a classic set, nothing more: 9 power levels, timer, overheating protection, heating indication and child lock.

  •  The circles are quite large – 14 and 18 cm, enough for most ordinary household dishes. The company is pseudo-German, in fact they buy equipment in China – apparently, this is the secret of a very low price. However, judging by the reviews, you should not be afraid of "Chinese" quality – the panel works well.

Pros and consprice no cord included

10. Electrolux EHF 56547 FK

Electrolux EHF 56547 FK in the top 10 electric hobs 2022

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59 x 52 cm

  •  Large and roomy hob from a popular European manufacturer with a clear and concise design in the ranking of built-in electric hobs 2023. Four burners, one of them is oval, the other is three-zone.

  •  The burners heat up very quickly thanks to the heating element: it is Hi Light. Management is very simple, intuitive; nice that each panel has its own scale. The buttons are slider, that is, you do not need to press one button several times in a row to set the temperature, but a slight movement of your finger is enough.

  •  In addition to the standard set (child lock, overheating protection, and so on), there is also a quick heating, a pause with a resume and a countdown timer. However, glass-ceramics require special handling – you can not spill salt, sugar granules on the surface, leave crumbs: the delicate surface can quickly become scratched.

Pros and cons several types of burners large elegant design no

9. LEX EVH 641BL


  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59 x 52

  •  A large four-burner panel from a Russian manufacturer (which, as usual, manufactures its products in China). Three burners single, one double. The set of buttons is touch-sensitive, concise, all communication goes through a set of numbers and signs, there are no sliders.

  •  The connection is super fast, due to the fact that the manufacturer included the main wire in the kit along with the panel (which happens far from as often as we would like).

  •  Only the surface gives out Chinese origin – it scratches quite easily, so you have to handle it very carefully. But this can be tolerated – it's not often that you find a full-fledged four-burner hob for a low price.

Pros and cons



  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 28,8 x 52 cm

  •  The narrowest of the stoves in the rating – if other two-burner models are usually 32 cm wide, then the Monsher model is only 28,8 cm. Such a slim fit will fit perfectly into any small-sized kitchen. It is easy to mount (thanks to the long cord included), and if it’s not possible to embed right away, then it doesn’t matter – the kit also comes with legs that can be screwed to the tile. So even during the renovation you will be provided with hot food.

  •  Another nice feature is that the power button works after a short period of time, so you can’t turn on the stove just by touching it.

Pros and cons high-quality panel for little money cord and legs included no

7. Weissgauff HV 430 BS

Weissgauff HV 430 BS

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 3
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 45 x 51

  •  Three-burner panel from the Russian-Chinese manufacturer. Its width is non-standard – 45 cm, 9 power levels, has all the necessary functions, from auto-off in case of overheating and a timer to child lock.

  •  The stove has enough power to work all four at the same time without compromising the heating time. The timer can be turned on as an independent unit, or tied to a burner – in the second case, it will turn it off after the expiration date.

Note! The fasteners at the panel are specific, so you will have to cut the countertop under the stove with high accuracy – the position of the fasteners will not allow adjustment.

Pros and cons good price / performance ratio powerful for its price category specific fasteners make installation difficult

6. Beko HIC 64503TX

Beko HIC 64503TX

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 57,6 x 50,7 cm

  •  Beko is a brand under which the large Turkish concern Arcelik produces household appliances. The company's plant is also. The hob itself is four-burner, two burners are standard, one oval, and another two-zone, and there are 19 heating levels for each.

  •  There is more than enough glass-ceramic space – a large frying pan, a large saucepan, a kettle, and a small frying pan fit in. The ideal stove for a large family, where every day you have to cook a lot. The distribution of heat is even, over the entire surface of the burners, heating is fast, but at the same time, the area with touch control remains cool.

  •  There is an intensive warm-up, there is a pause with one button, and, of course, a timer, auto-off and other necessary functions. Judging by user reviews, the brand's products are reliable and durable – there are chances that the panel will serve you for decades.

Pros and consreliability and high quality19 heating levelsheats up very fast

5.Hansa BHC63313

Hansa BHC63313 in the ranking of built-in electric hobs 2022

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59 x 52 cm

  •  In the top 5 electric hobs in 2023 was the Hansa stove – this brand is owned by the Polish company Amica International and was created specifically for sales in Eastern Europe. The panel is very concise – four clear white circles (no concentric circles with varying degrees of heating and other frills) on a jet-black surface and a minimal set of indicators. But the price is more than reasonable.

  •  The burners heat up very quickly (6000 W connection power and Hi-Light elements) and the stove itself remains cool. If desired, the panel can be installed even in a thin countertop, but only if it is made using heat-resistant glue.

Pros and consquality of assembly and materialsquick heatingpricefor its price no

4. AEG HK 654070 FB

AEG HK 654070 FB

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 58 x 51

  •  AEG is a German brand of household appliances, whose brand was bought by the Electrolux household appliances concern in 2005 and has been producing hobs under it ever since. In principle, the European origin of the panel can be guessed by the price – in the ranking, this is the most expensive 4-burner electric hob.

  •  Heating comes from Hi Light elements, fast and reliable. There are two ordinary, one three-circuit burners, one oval; there is even a special marking for a wok pan, especially for lovers of Asian cuisine. A nice feature is that each burner has its own heating scale; for cheaper plates, you have to get by with one laconic strip or just a number.

  •  There are as many as 14 degrees of heating – in contrast to the standard ones from 1 to 9. It is possible to simultaneously “put out the fire” for all burners at the same time, if, for example, you urgently need to leave, and also with one touch to return them to their previous value. Even the residual heat display has not one, but three gradations!

  •  In general, the stove is good for everyone – both in quality, and thoughtfulness of management, and durability. It's just that the price is high.

Pros and cons 14 levels of heating a number of features missing from cheaper stoves durable and reliable noisy relay switching inside the panel price

3. Hyundai HHE 6680 BG

Hyundai HHE 6680 BG

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 58 x 51 cm

  •  An excellent four-burner panel for a reasonable price from a Korean manufacturer. It looks stylish (an interesting detail is the beveled front edge). There is an oval burner, so that lovers of ducklings and whole-baked fish will have a place to turn around. Tempered glass practically does not heat up outside the zone of burners, the risk of scalding is minimal.

  •  It's nice that the power consumption of a level A device is the minimum electricity consumption (and cash costs). The cord, however, is a bit short (manufacturers of inexpensive household appliances prefer to save on length), only 1 meter, so you will have to take this into account when thinking through the installation.

Pros and consdesign burnertempered glassshort cord

2. Kuppersberg ECS 403

Kuppersberg ECS 403

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 3
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 45x52 cm

  •  The Kuppersberg brand is a Russian company that manufactures products at Russian and Chinese factories. The panel is three-burner and narrower than the standard 60 x 60 – suitable for those who have a small kitchen and limited space. Hi-light heater – water in a pot on such a stove boils at maximum power in just 5 minutes.

Attention: the power supply is at the front of the stove, but the power cord goes out to the side, so it will not work to cut the stove one into one: the countertop must have a rim of at least 30 mm.

Pros and consElegant designNarrower than standard Hi-light heaterSide connection is not convenient for everyone

1. Evelux HEV 642 B

Evelux HEV 642 B is the best electric hob

  • Panel material: glass ceramic
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • WxD: 59x52 cm

  •  In the first place in the ranking of the best hobs in 2023 is the product of a Russian company that positions itself as Slovenian, but in fact buys products in Turkey and China. But what difference does it make if their products are of good quality? So the HEV 642 B panel comes with hi-light heating elements, which are made of a low resistance alloy and therefore accelerate very quickly to the set temperature. Two of the four burners are double, the heating of which can be adjusted to the size of the cookware, there is even an oval one. So, if you like to cook pilaf in a duck bowl, this panel is for you!

  •  Of course, the panel still has other necessary and useful functions, such as an electronic timer, automatic shutdown in case of overheating, as well as a heating indicator. There are black and white options – for lovers of traditional and bright cuisines.

Pros and consprice/quality combinationdouble burnersoval burnerhi-light heating elementno

How to choose the best electric hob?

Panel material

  •  One of the key technical characteristics, which determines both the durability and reliability of the panel, as well as the ease of maintenance. The following options are currently on the market.

Enamel. Simple, reliable, budget option. Can be supplied in different colors. Difficult to maintain, scratches and chips easily appear on the surface, and it is better to use products without abrasive elements.

Stainless steel. The good thing is that the surface of such a panel is not as sensitive to impact as that of others: you can drop dishes on it, and nothing will happen to it. The main disadvantage of the steel surface is that no matter how hard you try, there will always be stains on it – either from water that has not been wiped dry, or fingerprints.

Glass ceramics. It looks beautiful, heats up easily, keeps the temperature well, is able to withstand many years of operation without losing aesthetics. But it costs more than enamel or stainless steel, plus the fall of something heavy or small, but with a sharp end, may not withstand. And repairing a glass-ceramic hob is not cheap. And abrasive products should be avoided.

Strained glass. The most fashionable and most expensive option. But such a plate is resistant to both scratches and falls, and is easy to clean. Well, it’s better not to drop anything sharp on it – even tempered glass has a tensile strength.

Heating element type

  •  Now on sale a choice of heating elements big.

  •  Classic – spiral or flat metal "pancake". The stoves equipped with them are very inexpensive, but you will have to pay for the reduced price with time and effort. Such an element heats up for a long time, cools down even longer, plus it is not easy to wash the ribbed surface if something suddenly spilled onto the stove.

  •  For glass-ceramic stoves, there is more choice; Rapid elements come first in the list. Here, a high-temperature coil acts as a heat source. They are cheaper than other options, but you have to pay for the speed of heating. It for such elements starts from 12 seconds after switching on. The most common purchase, because they are reliable and inexpensive.

  •  Hi Light. Under this mysterious word is a tape made of a special low-resistance (that is, low-resistance) alloy. Such heating elements heat up quickly (they need only 6 seconds to reach the set temperature), and cool down even faster. You will have to pay for speed – plates with this type of element are more expensive than spiral ones.

  •  infrared or halogen. Here the traditional element is replaced by a halogen lamp, which serves as a heat source. It works very quickly – a few moments will pass before the sausage in the pan starts to sizzle.

  •  In terms of heating speed, a halogen stove can compete on an equal footing with induction or gas, but there is a minus here: the element can overheat if you cook something for a long time. The disadvantages here are that the lamp is not as hardy as a metal coil, and the halo panel is more expensive.

Heating zone

  •  Here the ideal solution – the best electric built-in hob – does not exist. It all depends on you, the number of your family members and your favorite dishes. As a rule, an electric panel may have from one to four burners, and each of them may differ from the other in shape and size. The most common option that we have become accustomed to since childhood is the 2 by 2 system. Such a stove has two large and two small burners.

  •  If you live alone or do not like to cook, then you can consider options in the form of two burners (such a stove is usually about 30 cm wide, that is, you can save space in the kitchen) or three (here, as a rule, the standard width is 60 cm).

  •  But kitchen science does not stand still, and now the tile industry offers burners "two or more in one" – when one heating element is able to work on dishes of different sizes, and at the same time not waste electricity. The secret here is smart electronics, which independently determines the size of the dishes and heats only the area that directly touches the bottom. It is difficult to expect variability here at all – after all, the dimensions of the thermal element are fixed, so the heating element will be lined into two or three "zones". Some gourmet cookers even have oval zones for elongated cookware.

Classic or independent

  •  Here we are talking about the close relationship between the oven and the hob. In the classic version, when the stove and oven are bought as a set, the panel and oven are combined into a single system by wires and are powered from one outlet. Such models, as a rule, are cheaper, however, mechanical switches are often placed on the front panel of the oven. Which is not very convenient. Well, if the oven breaks down, then it will become impossible to use the hob until the repair.

  •  An independent panel can be installed anywhere, and the choice of oven types is unlimited. And the breakdown of other household appliances will not have any effect on the ability of the panel to work.


  •  Typical dimensions of a modern built-in hob are 60 cm deep. But the width already depends on the number of heating elements. It can be either 60 cm (typical), or narrower (if we are talking about two burners) or wider (if you have a large family or you are proud of your culinary talents) – up to 90 cm.

  •  Please note that a typical hood is also 60 cm wide.


  •  There are two types of switches on modern hobs: mechanical and touch.

  •  Mechanical toggle switches are large, their position is easy to read even for visually impaired people, they can be rotated with wet fingers, and they practically do not heat up. However, they are difficult to clean. And in the case of a horizontal arrangement next to the burners, this will often have to be done.

  •  Touchscreens are the most fashionable now. They are "drowned" in the panel and react to touch. In order for such a touch switch to send a signal to the stove, you must either slide your finger over it (slider) or fix the press (button).

  •  Hands will have to be wiped dry each time, and it will be difficult for an elderly person to make out the small print of the symbols.

  •  Both touch and mechanical switches can be located either in front of the panel or on the side. It is more convenient on the side, since there is no risk of accidentally touching the switch when moving dishes from place to place.


  •  The frame functions of the panel are not only aesthetic – it is able to retain the run-out liquid. On the other hand, recessed panels that make up a single visual space with a kitchen worktop look more spectacular.

Useful little things

  •  Now marketers are trying to sell their stoves as high-tech products with many options – most of which, I assure you, you will not use. But there are some features that I think are essential.

  • This is a timer (not just counting time, but automatically turning off the stove and beeping),
  • residual heat indication (so as not to burn your hands)
  • and auto-boiling (reduces the temperature after boiling liquid, very convenient when cooking soups).
  • If you have children, you will have to take care of the control lock.
  • And, of course, the automatic shutdown of the stove if you put a pot of soup on the burner and read Odnoklassniki.

The best manufacturers of electric hobs

  • Hobs AEG and Electrolux are twin brothers, both brands belong to the same company. Good quality product in the middle price range.
  • Beko – Turkish appliances of low and medium price category, excellent price / quality ratio.
  • Bosch is a German manufacturer of home appliances whose products are listed for their reliability and durability.
  • Gorenje. Products of a Slovenian company offering a wide range of panels – from budget classic to elegant colored with metallic-colored fittings.
  • Hansa – produces economical, but high-quality products.
  • Hyundai – inexpensive Korean panels of Chinese assembly.