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Russia's 10 Most Impoverished Billionaires 2020 (Forbes)



  •  Having swept like a skating rink through ordinary Russians, the coronavirus has left its mark on the lives of the richest people in the country. The most affected of them lost a total of $2020 billion in 17,5.

We present to you top 10 most impoverished Russian billionaires according to Forbes.

10. God Nisanov, Zarakh Iliev


  • The fortune of each of them is $2,745 billion
  • Decreased: $0,995 billion (each)

  •  The hotel business and leasing of retail space are the main sources of income for these Russian entrepreneurs.

  •  They own luxury hotels and hotels (Ukraine, Radisson Collection Moscow), shopping centers (European), the country's main food platform Food City, as well as the largest Moscow clothing markets – Sadovod and Moskva.

  •  Some of these facilities had to be closed for several months due to coronavirus restrictions.

9. Vladimir Bogdanov


  • State at the end of the year: $1,836 billion
  • Decreased: $1,002 billion

  •  While the decline in oil and gas prices hasn't made gasoline cheaper for ordinary Russians, it has hurt rich Russians. More precisely, for those of them who own oil companies, like Vladimir Bogdanov, the head of Surgutneftegaz.

8. Oleg Deripaska


  • Condition: $ 3,018 billion
  • Decreased in a year: by $1,072 billion

  •  The share price of the aluminum and electricity producer En+ Group, owned by Deripaska, fell from 645 rubles to 531 rubles over the year. But En + Group is not the only rich Deripaska, he also owns:

  • GAZ group,
  • "Ingosstrakh",
  • Basel Aero,
  • and agricultural holding "Kuban".

  •  Despite the impressive decrease in his fortune, Deripaska does not give up and does not refuse charity. Recently, information appeared that he became a sponsor of the construction of a house for the taiga hermit Agafya Lykova.

7. Igor Altushkin


  • Condition: $ 4,08 billion
  • Decreased: $1,331 billion

  •  The main asset of the Ural billionaire Altushkin is the Russian Copper Company, the third largest copper producer. 13 metallurgical and mining enterprises are gathered under its wing. Due to the instability of copper prices in 2020, RCC shares fell in price.

  •  In addition, in 2020, RCC, represented by its "daughter", faced protests against the development of the Salavat copper deposit in Bashkiria. As a result, all work in the Abzelilovsky district was curtailed. According to the head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, together with RMK, 40-60 billion rubles of investments and jobs left the region.

6. Samvel Karapetyan


  • Condition: $ 2,567 billion
  • Decreased: $1,533 billion

  •  Karapetyan is the owner of 100% of the shares of the Tashir group of companies, which includes about 200 structures.

  •  Its main activities are the construction and management of commercial real estate, and Tashir is also engaged in the hotel business, manages shopping centers, a network of cinemas and restaurants.

  •  And considering that due to the lockdown, many objects included in Tashir were closed, it is not surprising that Samvel Karapetyan entered the list of impoverished Russian billionaires.

5. Mikhail Gutseriev


  • Condition: $ 2,106 billion
  • Decreased: $1,689 billion

  •  Gutseriev's fortune is based on black gold and real estate, he is the main shareholder of the Samfar group of companies, which includes PJSC Russneft, JSC NK Neftisa, PJSC Mospromstroy and a number of other companies.

  •  Due to the fall in oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic, Gutseriev's largest assets were at risk, market participants even began to discuss the possible bankruptcy of RussNeft after Gutseriev missed payments on a VTB loan at the beginning. And the agency Moody's even assigned the status of "limited default" to RussNeft.

  •  However, the state included RussNeft in the list of backbone enterprises. Which, however, did not save Gutseriev from a significant decrease in his fortune.

4. Leonid Fedun


  • Condition: $ 8,259 billion
  • Decreased: $1,757 billion

  •  One of the Russian oil kings owns a 12% stake in Lukoil. In addition, together with Alekperov, Fedun manages the large diversified holding IFD Capital.

  •  Due to the fall in oil prices in March, Lukoil shares fell sharply in price. And although the price of Brent oil rose to $52,48 at the end of December, Lukoil shares are still lower than last year.

3. Gennady Timchenko


  • Condition: $ 20,376 billion
  • Decreased: $2,339 billion

  •  One of Russia's richest entrepreneurs is the founder of the Volga Group, which owns shares in many companies, including Novatek, Stroytransneftegaz and SIBUR.

  •  In 2020, the fortune of Gennady Timchenko decreased due to the global fall in gas prices, which, in turn, depend on oil prices.

2. Leonid Michelson


  • Condition: $ 24,531 billion
  • Decreased: $3,555 billion

  •  Like the third member of the list of the most impoverished Russian oligarchs, Mikhelson owns shares in Novatek (24,02%) and Sibur (48,48%).

  •  During the current year, Novatek shares lost 57 rubles in price, from 1262 to 1205 rubles per share.

1. Vagit Alekperov


  • Condition: $ 19,179 billion
  • Decreased: $4,082 billion

  •  Before you is the most impoverished billionaire in a year, according to Forbes. However, Alekperov will not have to repeat after the hero of "12 chairs" "it's not mange pa sis jur", because he owns a fortune that is estimated at almost 20 billion dollars.

  •  The basis of the wealth of the Russian businessman is a block of shares of NK Lukoil (28%), which a year ago were traded at a price of 6179 rubles per share, and in 2020 – only 5100 rubles.

  •  The decline in the quotes of Lukoil, as well as other oil companies, is to blame for the failure of the OPEC + deal, as well as lockdowns (isolation mode) due to the coronavirus.