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The best gas hobs 2022

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  •  Thanks to precise heat control, a modern gas hob allows you to preserve all the flavors of your favorite dishes. With a wide range of finishes including enamel, tempered glass and stainless steel, they also look good. But there's more to consider than just culinary performance and design when it comes to buying.

  •  In this review, you will find the top 10 best gas hobs – 4 burner, 3 burner and 2 burner models. All presented options are selected according to the recommendations of experts, as well as according to the reviews of users of Russian online stores.

10 Simfer H60Q40B470

Simfer H60Q40B470 in the top 10 gas hobs

  • Panel material: enamel
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • WxD: 59x52 cm

  •  The review opens with one of the most inexpensive models in the 2023 gas hobs ranking. It looks good, with a claim to design – strict, black, with an enameled surface and bright rotary switches. The kit comes with a heat-resistant sealant and fasteners, however, they are designed for a maximum of 29 mm countertop. There is also an express burner and electric ignition.

  •  True, judging by the words of users, there is a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey – there is often a slight curvature in geometry, when the corners of the panel are slightly raised. This disadvantage is uncritical, the bending height is only a few millimeters, but you need to be prepared for this and carefully check the product in the store.

  •  The grates can handle standard metal utensils without any problems, but if you put something heavier on them (for example, a stone pan), they can start to move. Therefore, if you are a fan of stoneware, you should consider buying another model.

Pros and Cons

9. GEFEST PVG 2002 / K12

GEFEST PVG 2002 / K12

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 30x53 cm

  •  This tempered glass-coated hob has an interesting design feature of the grate – it is made continuous and raised above the burner.

  •  This automatically removed the problems with small dishes and made it unnecessary to buy dividers. The size of the burners is the same, the distance between them is large – enough for a frying pan and a medium-sized pot.

  •  It is also very easy to take care of the stove – the glass is strong, thick, it is cleaned without problems, the metal "stands" under the burners allow you to avoid smudges.

  •  It's just a shame that with such an impressive appearance and comfortable grille, the Hephaestus engineers did not bother to think about the switches. They are plastic, which immediately reduces the cost of appearance. And although they are brought forward far enough, they heat up slightly and theoretically can melt.

Pros and cons stylish appearance original and comfortable grate easy to clean gas control plastic handles



  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 3
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 52x52 cm

  •  Among the best gas hobs of 2023, this model stands out for its round shape – you won't hit it. It has durable all-metal control knobs, a 3000W wok burner for dishes with a diameter of 24 – 26 cm and two burners of 1700W each. One of the burners is suitable for Turks and other small dishes with a diameter of 6 – 14 cm, and the middle burner is designed for dishes with a diameter of 16 – 20 cm.

  •  The panel itself is made of tempered glass, it is easy to clean and not so easy to scratch.

  •  EGHG.43.23CW\G can work both from main and bottled gas.

Pros and consdurable and reliable Italian burners SABAFunusual designno

7. Weissgauff HGG 320GH

Weissgauff HGG 320 GH

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 29.40x51 cm

  •  Very stylish model, although related to the budget price category. The surface material is not metal, but tempered glass. A heavy cast-iron grate with a rough surface, either to prevent the dishes from slipping, or to give a rough “loft” chic. Switches (stainless steel) are not located on the side, but moved forward.

  •  True, the panel has only two burners of the same size. But there is auto-ignition (independent) and gas control (a system that shuts off a gas leak if the fire suddenly goes out). And if two burners seem insufficient, you can combine two or more panels.

  •  Some design features of the HGG 320 BGH may be inconvenient for some users.

  • Firstly, this is the supply of the main gas hose – it is not connected at an angle (the corner fitting is designed to be powered from a cylinder), but directly to a special connector on the panel. When installing on some countertops, you may need to make an additional hole.
  • Secondly, the grate – it is good for pots and pans, but if you need to put something small on the stove, like Turks for coffee, you will have to buy an additional divider.
Pros and cons stylish and elegant tempered glass panel durable and non-slip grate gas control inconvenient main gas supply wide grate cells

6. Beko HILG 64325 SDX

Beko HILG 64325 SDX

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 58.50x52.40 cm

  •  This stove is safe to use – if the flame goes out, the gas supply will automatically stop. The tempered glass surface means heat-resistant, easy-care and impact-resistant. I do not recommend testing it for strength with the help of blows with a frying pan, but it will withstand the fall of a fork, knife or other not too heavy object without damage.

  •  Electric ignition is built into the handles of the stove – you don’t have to “play around with matches”.

  •  The rear left burner is the most powerful – 2,9 kW. The front right is only 1 kW, the power of the rest is 1,75 kW.

Pros and cons excellent build quality 9 power levels, stepped switching gas-control system no

5. Midea MG696VGW

Midea MG696VGW in the ranking of gas hobs 2022

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 59x51 cm

  •  What makes this 4-burner gas hob stand out in the ranking is its appearance. It has a white panel and silver rotary switches, which looks both stylish and neat. Even spots and scratches on such a plate are not as noticeable as on black ones.

  •  But enough about the design. Let's talk about the capabilities of Midea MG696VGW. It has a wok burner with a maximum power of 4500 watts, a burner for 1000 watts and 2 burners with a medium power of 1750 watts. There is also a gas control, so if the flame goes out, then the gas will not be supplied.

Pros and cons looks nice easy to clean wok burner no



  • Panel material: stainless steel
  • Total number of burners: 2
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • WxD: 29x51 cm

  •  Need a compact gas stove for a miniature kitchen? Then pay attention to this two-burner model from the popular South Korean brand (and traditionally Chinese assembly). It has a durable stainless steel surface, automatic electric ignition and a fairly high total power of 3800 watts.

  •  One burner has a power of 900 watts, and the far left one has 2900 watts, so both the kettle and the pot with soup or other liquid will boil very quickly. Gas control is also present, as one of the users wrote in the review.

Pros and cons will fit perfectly into a small and bright kitchen strong and durable large power reserve metal coating will have to be constantly wiped from stains

3. Candy CHG6LX

Candy CHG6LX in the ranking of 4-burner gas hobs

  • Panel material: stainless steel
  • Total number of burners: 4
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 59.50x51 cm

  •  The surface of this plate is made of stainless steel without coating. On the one hand, stains from water and grease are clearly visible on such a plate; you will have to wipe it regularly. On the other hand, it is very durable, shock-resistant and, if handled correctly, will sooner get bored than break.

  •  The grates are also durable – cast iron, the manufacturer assures that they can be washed in the dishwasher.

  •  The controls are on the side and don't get hot even if you're cooking on the two closest burners. In addition, they are more difficult to get dirty when cooking.

  •  The power of the heating elements is 1000 W, 1750 W and 2500 W (two burners).

Pros and consG30 gas injectors are supplied with the stove safe convenient location of power regulators short wire – 1 meter, and even without a plug

2. Bosch PCQ7A5B90

Bosch PCQ7A5B90

  • Panel material: stainless steel
  • Total number of burners: 5
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 75x52 cm

  •  Good in functionality, durable household appliance for a large family. 5 burners (one of them WOK, 3 kW) will allow you to cook many different dishes at the same time, and the gas control will “make sure” that the gas is shut off instantly if the flame suddenly goes out.

  •  Cast iron grills are three-section, which makes them easy to care for. They can even be washed in the dishwasher.

  •  Buyers praise the precise stepwise adjustment of the flame, stable grilles, but note that the surface of the stove is very “capricious”, it is better not to clean it with abrasive products.

  •  Surprisingly, such an expensive model does not have a plug in the kit. There is only a wire stripped at the end.

Pros and cons offers 5 burners at once powerful wok burner high build quality one of the most expensive on the market short cable – 1 meter, and no plug

1. Weissgauff HGG 451 BGH

Weissgauff HGG 451 BGH best gas hob 2022

  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Total number of burners: 3
  • Installation: independent
  • Electric ignition: yes
  • Gas control: yes
  • WxD: 45x51 cm

  •  The top gas hobs are topped by an elegant and small appliance from a popular home appliance brand. It can also operate on bottled gas, jet adapters for this are included in the package.

  •  Electric ignition is built into each of the handles, and gas control will save the house from trouble if the stove flame suddenly goes out and you are not around.

  •  The grates are made of cast iron – this is a standard solution for such stoves, durable, reliable, but it is difficult to wipe off grease and dirt from such plates. Unlike the material of the hob itself, the care of glass ceramics is not difficult.

  •  One of the three burners has a maximum power of 3,4 kW and a triple flame ring. This will allow you to heat up any dishes very quickly. In general, the HGG 451 BGH is a solid model that has almost no flaws. But buyers found one.

Pros and consWok-burner low pricethe kit does not include an adapter for connecting a gas hose

How to choose a gas hob for the kitchen

Cooktop coating materials

Stainless steel – durable material that will suit any interior. Serves for a long time, resistant to thermal and mechanical stress. But it is more difficult to care for than glass ceramics.

Strained glass – looks beautiful, easy to care for, safe (if damaged, it crumbles into cubic fragments that you won’t cut yourself), but it is inferior to glass ceramics in terms of strength and heat resistance.

Enamel – fragile, but inexpensive and easy to maintain material.


  •  Ideally, control sticks should have a crossbar for easy grip and a clear pointer. The controls must not be placed too close to the stands or burners.

Gas control

  •  Automatically turns off the gas if the flame goes out. This feature should be standard, but unfortunately not all models are equipped with it.

Size options

  •  Electric gas hobs come in 60, 70, 80, and even 90cm widths, so choosing the best size for your kitchen will depend on countertop space, the size of the hood, and/or the number of burners you need.

Availability of wok burners

  •  Such burners have intense heating and are suitable for frying and quick boiling. They are best suited for stock pots and very large pans.

Rating of manufacturers of gas hobs

  • weissgauff
  • Midea
  • Simfer
  • Beko
  • Schaub Lorenz
  • Candy
  • Bosch