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Top 10 Men's Summer Shoes 2023

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  •  One of the main requirements for summer shoes is the comfort of wearing in hot weather. Sandals and flip flops do a great job, but they are best worn on the beach or an evening walk while traveling, and in the city they are far from always appropriate. Together with the stylists of the ZENDEN brand, we have selected 10 pairs of summer shoes for men that are suitable for a variety of occasions.

Men's sneakers Pulse 179-21MV-087T

clip_image002Sneakers are a must have in any wardrobe. The unlined textile upper helps to ensure good air circulation – the shoes are comfortable even in hot weather. The white version will look advantageous with office clothes, and the black one, due to its practicality, is indispensable for outdoor recreation.

Men's sneakers Pulse 278-21MV-010TT

clip_image004Sneakers have been an indispensable classic for decades. A clear silhouette, rubber outsole, textile upper – all these characteristics make the model an ideal choice for a comfortable casual summer look. Beige and blue colors are easy to combine with trousers, jeans, and even sweatpants; You can make a festive outfit by wearing a Hawaiian shirt – the trend of recent seasons.

Men's sneakers Pulse 219-11MV-301TT

clip_image006The trend for complex sneakers with massive soles has not gone away for the last five years – and if earlier only the most radical sneakerheads (that is, fans of fashionable sneakers) chose such shoes, today it is easy to find ugly shoes even in the wardrobe of a person who is far from fashion. The faux leather and perforated textile upper makes the model comfortable to wear even in warm weather, while the sneakers are also perfect for light frosts.

Top siders for men quattrocomforto 300-182-S2L1

clip_image008Top siders, or moccasins, are the perfect addition to a stylish summer look. You can wear them with shorts, and with trousers (chinos or classic), and with jeans, and even with a suit – but it is important to understand that such a relaxed look is not always appropriate. The upper and insole made of genuine leather maintain a comfortable microclimate inside the shoe.

Tracks for men quattrocomforto 179-21MV-124TT

clip_image010Demi-season blue tracks with elastic massive soles and textile uppers are perfect for outdoor activities – this is their main purpose. But, remembering the trend of ugly shoes and "daddy shoes", trekking sneakers can easily be combined with looks from other styles – including classic things. The fashion of the 2020s is first of all eclecticism and irony.

Sneakers for men quattrocomforto 73-32MV-116KK

clip_image012White and black sneakers have rightfully won the status of a universal item. Both of these colors go well with other colors and materials. Genuine leather as the material of the upper and insole contributes to maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the shoe, and the rubber outsole increases the comfort of wearing – even if you plan to go for a long walk.

Men's sandals ZENDEN 333-21MZ-002KK

clip_image014If you have a casual dress code at work, then sandals in classic brown or black will be a great addition to your office wardrobe. Wear them to work with jeans, linen pants or cotton breeches and polos, and on the weekends with shorts, a loose shirt and straw fedora.

Men's sneakers ZENDEN 128-21MV-046VT

clip_image016A little higher, we already said that white sneakers are versatile shoes. They really can be combined with absolutely any fashionable image. Blue sneakers have the same property – with some caveat to shades. The model has a through perforation and is made of split leather, due to which it is easy to transfer even the hottest days in it.

Derby men's ZENDEN collection 110-91MV-014KK

clip_image018Unlike more formal oxfords, derbies can be combined not only with formal suits – they fit into the casual style. And yet, the model of black smooth genuine leather looks most appropriate with dress pants and tops.

Men's Derby INSTREET 116-21MV-015SS

clip_image020But dark brown faux leather derbies can also be paired with less classic pieces like chinos or linen and velveteen pants. Perforations and a soft lining make the shoe more comfortable to wear in the warmer months, while a flexible rubber outsole lets the foot conform to its natural shape as you walk.