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The most unusual trends



  •  Every year more and more strange trends appear in the world. 2015 was no exception. Ear stitching for weight loss, bubble nails, selfie sticks, huge lips, a beard adorned with artificial or natural flowers – all these and many other unusual new trends have a lot of fans.

We present to you the most unusual trends .

7. Stitching the ear

scxs0wjxYou may have heard of gastric stapling, known in medical circles as gastric banding. This is yesterday. A new and less invasive weight loss method is gaining popularity. Ear stapling involves placing a staple on the inner cartilage of the ear. The brace stays in place for two months and all this time acts on certain points, allowing you to suppress your appetite. A kind of Western version of acupuncture.

There is no scientific evidence for the benefits of ear stapling for weight loss. But there are cases of ear infections. Four patients in Texas who received ear braces complained of jaw pain that prevented them from chewing properly. Well, it’s also a peculiar way to lose weight, but we recommend that you look best modern diets.

6. Diet with coffee and butter

fk3tcbglSuch an unusual diet idea came to entrepreneur Dave Asprey when he traveled around Nepal in search of an unusual weight loss remedy. There he was offered tea with butter, milk and salt after a long day of hiking. The drink gave Asprey strength, and he tried to create something similar with coffee.

  •  Asprey built his own bulletproof coffee shop in Silicon Valley. They serve "bulletproof coffee" (a mixture of coffee, butter and MCT oils, 460 calories), which is supposed to help anyone who wants to lose weight, increase energy and mental performance. Perhaps if you add a piece of cake to such a diet, then your mood will also improve. Until the “losing weight” gets on the scales.

  •  The coffee-and-oil trend has already gone beyond the boundaries of Silicon Valley and has spread throughout America.

5. Flower beard

4xopdyvqDo you have a beard? I'll tell you yes! Do you have flowers in your beard? Well, I don't even know what to say. This weird fashion trend, which started in 2014 and is still popular in 2015, leaves a double impression. Whether to admire the creativity and diligence with which hipsters decorate their vegetation, or to say “you have something ridiculous stuck in your hair.”

4. Bubble nails

wdvg4t0kFunny and unusual trend. It looks like spherical multi-colored growths on the nails. Such a manicure is performed by applying multiple layers of gel. It seems as if a miniature hump has grown on the fingers, and in everyday life it is not very practical. But fashion requires sacrifice.

3 Giant Mohawk

uouoijukThis trend, which should have died many years ago, returned in 2015 as Jurassic Park. All that the owner of such a mohawk is focused on is keeping his head right under the weight of his hair.

2. Selfie stick

qvo00rmhSome people think such an accessory is stupid, but, in addition to the main purpose, the selfie stick has many other uses: it can be used as a back comb, you can fight off a pack of dogs or throw it to your dog instead of a regular stick, you can use it instead of a cane, beat the dust out of carpets, have a selfie stick battle with a friend. Just an indispensable thing in the household. And LG released selfie smartphone V10, which we reviewed the other day.

1. Huge lips

w1boylsrThere is nothing wrong with naturally large lips. But it is not good if a woman seeks to increase her lips to hypertrophied sizes with the help of a vacuum tube or injections. This year, a strange trend has emerged – teenage girls are injecting silicon into their lips to mimic Kylie Jenner's mouth. This is the most dangerous and stupid fashion trend of all included in the rating.