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10 most unpopular crossovers 2021



  •  “Most popular”, “top 10”, “top ten” and so on – you won’t surprise anyone with such ratings now. So the website of the AvtoPark newspaper decided to go in an original way, exploring the very end of the range of crossovers on the Russian market.

So these models gather dust at dealers, and no one buys them, and gradually they disappear from people's memory. We present to you top 10 most unpopular crossovers – some you might not have heard of, while others have long and firmly forgotten.

  •  The rating includes models with the lowest sales in the last six months. It did not include new models that had just appeared on the domestic market.

10 Changan CS75

  •  At one time, Chinese cars that appeared on the Russian market made a small revolution, thanks to a successful combination of price and quality.

  •  However, in order to be successful, the "Chinese" have to be as less "Eastern" as possible and as comfortable as possible in a European way. And, let's add, new ones, because old models, if not too outdated from a technical point of view, then from a moral point of view, they quickly go to waste.

  •  Therefore, it is not surprising that the Changan CS75 has so few sales. This model appeared at the Moscow Motor Show back in 2014, and became available three years later, in 2017. At first, it was very popular, and although the Russians weren’t given an atmospheric engine and a manual gearbox, the power unit was quite worthy for an inexpensive Chinese SUV: a 1,8-liter turbocharged four with a power of 163 hp. and a six-speed automatic transmission. The price of this model ranged from 1,3 to 1,5 million rubles.

  •  But a lot of time has passed since then, the car is outdated, and the company's management decided to cross out the Changan CS75 from the list of sales this year. It was replaced by a new restyled version – Changan CS75 Plus.

9 Jeep Cherokee

  •  Once upon a time, in the 90s, this brand was one of the most prestigious in the Russian auto spaces, but these blessed days for Jeep are long gone. The fourth generation Cherokee has never been particularly popular: its appearance is dubious, the engines are far from optimal (one with a volume of 2,4 liters and a power of 177 hp and a “six” with a volume of 3,2 liters and a power of 272 hp), and the price even for the cheapest, front-wheel drive version is biting – from 2,9 million rubles.

  •  And since the population of Russia still prefers to buy cars on credit, why not pay a little more and get a much better Grand Cherokee in every respect?

8. Jeep renegade

  •  Another Jeep, the Renegade, was included in the “black” list of the most not bought crossovers. At the moment, only cars manufactured in 2019 remain in dealer warehouses, and there is no smell of models.

  •  The car turned out to be niche, apparently, during the creation, a kind of transitional option was conceived between the usual casual "families" and the brutal "all-pass". The Renegade was positioned as “an entrance ticket to the wonderful world of Jeep”, but as a result it turned out to be of little popularity with both audiences.

  •  However, Renegade also has positive aspects: options are offered with manual, automatic and robotic gearboxes, and there are two engines to choose from – one with a volume of 1,4 (140 and 170 hp), and the second 2,4 liters (175 hp). With.).

7. Foton as a Wand

  •  Another obsolete “Chinese” appeared on the Chinese market back in 2014, and on the Russian expanses in 2017. It was one of the first passenger "swallows" for the company, which was mainly engaged in commercial vehicles: trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, etc.

  •  Foton's crossover came out unprepossessing, but hardy: a worthy "rogue", with a powerful frame, a spacious interior and an indestructible suspension. What was bad was the interior, smelling of Chinese plastic, made of cheap materials.

  •  The price for Sauvana was average, 2-liter engine, 201 and 207 hp. with., checkpoint – mechanics and automatic.

  •  The car has never been particularly popular with Russian motorists, and in the last year, even a sharp drop in price (up to 200 thousand rubles for all configurations) did not save sales.

6. Zotye T600

  •  Zotye T600 suspiciously resembles one of the popular Western car brands, namely the Volkswagen Tiguan. Either the copy itself has become obsolete over the years, or the internal problems of the company have affected, but over the past year the brand has barely managed to overcome the threshold of 100 copies.

  •  Even the manufacturer itself seems to have given up, judging by the fact that prices for equipment have not been updated on the website for a long time. Once the car cost from 1 million rubles. and was sold with an engine of one and a half and two liters and mechanical and robotic transmissions.

5 Opel Grandland X

  •  So far, the most unpopular crossovers on the Russian market have been entirely "oldies" – models aged 5 years or more. But Grandland X from Opel appeared on the market only recently, in September.

  •  However, things are not going well for the younger generation. In general, this is a good model, solid, reliable, truly German in appearance and content. And everything would be fine if not for the price. It seems that Opel overestimated the purchasing power of the Russians, and broke the price of 2,1 million rubles for a front-wheel drive model (namely, this version hit the Russian market).

  •  And other characteristics are not impressive – a 1,6-liter engine with a capacity of 150 liters. with., six-speed automatic transmission. As conceived by the creators, the modes of movement should compensate for the lack of variability, but this is little consolation.

4.Lifan X50

  •  This Chinese car was not very popular at home. He didn’t “shoot” either, perhaps because he is not even a crossover, but a hatchback with increased ground clearance.

  •  As a result, the Lifan X50 could not cross the barrier of 100 units sold. And then, according to experts, two factors “pulled out” sales: a good design and an extremely low price of 600 thousand rubles, which was also reduced by constant discounts.

  •  Inside the "Chinese" is a 1,5-liter engine with a capacity of 103 hp. s., and the gearbox is mechanical or CVT.

3. Chery Tiggo5

  •  The top three crossovers unclaimed by Russians are opened by a model whose sales began in 2013. Once Chery Tiggo 5 was a top-end car, the best European designers worked on its appearance, the interior was spacious, the engine was economical, and the suspension was hardy.

  •  In addition, Chery Tiggo 5 was among the leaders in terms of residual value, which indirectly indicates the quality factor of the car. But those days are long gone, other cars are running in the flagships, and the manufacturing company sells the rest, and new “fives” are unlikely to be produced. For a price of 1 million rubles. the user receives an engine with a volume of 2 liters and a power of 136 liters. with., a manual transmission or a variator, as well as many options, thanks to which the car can be adjusted "by itself".

2 Jaguar I-Pace

  •  Several factors negatively affected the sales of this brand.

  • Firstly, Russians are not so keen on environmental friendliness, and electric cars are not so common bird in our open spaces.
  • Secondly, the Jaguar I-Pace can hardly even be called an "SUV" – the car has only front-wheel drive, although the filling is quite consistent with the premium class of the car: two engines of 200 hp each. With. on each axle with a total thrust of 700 Nm and acceleration to a hundred in just 4,8 s.
  • Thirdly, the price – for this car you will have to pay from 6,4 million rubles.

1 Zotye Coupa

  •  The biggest loser among crossovers in terms of the number of sales was another "Chinese", a relative of the sixth place in the ranking (Zotye T600). It differs from the T600 Coupa in the shape of the body, which the manufacturer made a little more dynamic.

  •  It is not known what brought the novelty down, because the design definitely made the car more attractive, although the price has grown (from 1,2 million rubles). Only front-wheel drive versions with a 1,5-liter engine and 143 hp entered the Russian market. With. The transmission is either a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. Acceleration is budgetary, in 10 seconds to 100 km / h.

  •  And, although the initial equipment is not bad: there is a media system, and climate control, and starting the engine with a button, and an interior made of “young leatherette skin”, as well as a mysterious “negative ion emitter”, this did not save the situation. Only 36 people have bought a Zotye Coupa in the past six months.