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Worst PC Games of 2023



  •  There are games in which you plunge into a warm sea – for a long time and, perhaps, with your head. And there are games that you want to quickly delete and forget. It is these outsiders of the gaming industry that will be discussed now. And if you haven't played one of the worst games of 2023 on PC, you haven't missed anything, and even saved time and nerves.

  •  All of the games listed in this review were released in 2022, and they all have the worst user ratings on Metacritic, which aggregates scores from both professional critics and casual gamers, and on Ranker, one of the Internet's largest opinion databases.

10. Elex II


  • Genre: open world RPG
  • Metacritic user rating: 7.2

  •  The first Elex, a game with a dangerous and unpredictable world, was warmly received by gamers. It intertwined magic and Sci-Fi, there were non-standard quests and interesting storylines, a well-developed character leveling system.

  •  But the second part has not yet been able to repeat the success of its predecessor. It's being sabotaged by the retarded graphics, the lack of development of Jax's partners as the story progresses, and the long, boring ground fights that start to get boring by the third chapter.

9.Shadow Warrior 3


  • Genre: Action, First Person Shooter, Arcade
  • Metacritic user rating: 6.2

  •  This game is neither bad nor good, it is "nothing", according to Ranker experts. In a gaming world where only the very best survive, making something dull is almost as bad as doing nothing at all.

  •  Metacritic users, judging by the rating, are more supportive of Shadow Warrior 3, and note the good design of the enemies and the clear inspiration from Doom Eternal. But at the same time, the game is very short – the entire passage will take about 5 hours – there are no cool weapons, no secrets and nothing to explore.

8. Babylon's Fall


  • Genre: corporate action, hack and Slash
  • Metacritic user rating: no

  •  On Ranker, Babylon Has Fallen is ranked number one among the disappointing games of 2023. While the combat is quite elaborate and fun, the mission structures are repetitive and lack creativity.

  •  On paper, the game sounded great in terms of world and story, but the whole experience is marred by boring locations (mostly mazes), battle passes, and no rewards for teamwork. The game was so poorly received that the developers publicly turned to fans for suggestions, which is a bad sign.

7. Postal 4: No Regerts


  • Genre: Action Adventure, Shooter, Open World
  • User rating: 5.4

  •  The game received mixed reviews on Metacritic. Some users liked it for its similarity to the cult Postal 2 and the abundance of hilarious violence. Others have criticized the new game for rare and not witty humor, tedious missions, and terrible game optimization. So, one user complained that the game crashes literally on every loading screen.

6 Chinatown Detective Agency


  • Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click
  • User rating: 4.3

  •  Set in the neon-lit streets of Singapore in the year 2032, this cyber noir detective story takes place. And while acknowledging the good start to the story, the many memorable characters, and the creative puzzles, players note that they would like a more elaborate world and keep the rich pace of the story, which fizzles out after a brisk start.

  •  Also, the impressions are spoiled by numerous errors and failures that had to be identified before launch.

5. Salt and Sacrifice


  • Genre: role-playing, action, platformer
  • User rating: 4.1

  •  The second part of a good XNUMXD Action/RPG with platforming elements contains interesting mechanics and develops a build system. But the lack of fast travel, ill-conceived user interface, and over-complicated difficulty turned many players away from Salt and Sacrifice.

  •  In addition, the second part is divided into several levels, so that it no longer has one large interconnected world, as it was in the previous game.

4 Roller Champions


  • Genre: sports
  • User rating: 3.4

  •  Roller Champions got into the rating of the worst games on PC due to mediocre graphics, more like mobile, terrible character design and a very high dependence on other players when playing as a team. Should one of them make a mistake, it leads to the loss of the whole team.

3. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong


  • Genre: roleicInwestern style
  • User rating: 2.7

Players criticized the boring storytelling, outdated graphics, and constant nods to minorities in Swan Song. Here is how one of the users succinctly and exhaustively put it about her: “No graphics. There is no gameplay. There is no plot. But the agenda is bigger than this game weighs».

2. Galactic Civilizations IV


  • Genre: strategy
  • User rating: 2.3

  •  Some of the gamers in the reviews jokingly call themselves beta testers, since the game that the developers released seems to be too early, many bugs have not been fixed.

  • Some tooltips were incorrect, misleading, or too vague.
  • There were mechanics in the gameplay that either malfunctioned or didn't function at all.
  • Performance issues and memory leaks have been observed.
  • The user interface is unfriendly to the beginner, not intuitive.

  •  And this list can be continued. Moreover, the players could forgive all this if Galactic Civilizations IV presented them with something innovative. But alas, the novelty failed to repeat the success of the second and third parts.

1Diablo Immortal


  • Genre: multiplayer game
  • User rating: 0,2

  •  Once upon a time, White Cheng, the current director of Diablo Immortal, in response to the dissatisfaction of the players with the announcement of a mobile game, asked: “Don't you have mobile phones?”. Now, after the launch of the game on PC and smartphones, he could ask: “Do you have no money?”. Because there are so, so many microtransactions in this freemium game.

  •  According to an analysis conducted by the authors of the Bellular News channel, the maximum character upgrade in Diablo Immortal will cost the user $110. If the player is persistent enough and is not going to spend a penny (or a cent), then he will be able to bring his character to the ideal after 10 years of playing.

  •  And let Blizzard Entertainment, which developed Diablo Immortal in partnership with the Chinese NetEase, be proud that its game has already been downloaded by over 10 million people. Their creation will long be remembered as the worst game not only in 2023, but in the history of video games.