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Top 5 Best Office Software for Android



  •  The Android system has gained immense popularity, it became apparent after a large number of sales of android platforms. A huge number of the best programs for this platform have spread on the Internet. All kinds of text editors could not remain in the shadows, and over time, the best office programs for Andoid came out.


5. Pixel Smart Office

Check these top 2023The ease of use of this program is obvious. There are a lot of effects here that help to cope with the task very quickly. For example, by moving your finger you can rotate the screen, in addition, you can simply move objects.

  •  The program interface itself is made in a fashionable 3D style, which only gives it an unforgettable appearance and ease of use. In addition to visual effects, the program has nothing to brag about, the functionality is standard (any Microsoft Office files and, of course, support for the PDF format).


4Think Free Office Mobile

Check these top 2023This android app has its own twist. Recently, various online services have gained considerable popularity, one of which is Google Docs. One of the best office programs for android, which is in fourth place in this ranking, has its own "cloud" online service called ThinkFree.

  •  Just like other office programs for Android, ThinkFree can work with the main formats from Micsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel). However, the disadvantage of this application can be considered the inability to edit PDF files, only viewing is available.

3. Quick Office Pro

Check these top 2023The great advantage of this program can be considered spell checking, which is very important if you plan to create a full-fledged office document. For better convenience when working with the program, the possibility of integrating the document into popular cloud services was thought out. Many will surely enjoy the simple sharing of files via Google Drive or using Dropbox. The program supports all major formats of office applications. In addition, the program has a simple and intuitive interface, suitable for most tasks.

2.Office Suite Professional

Check these top 2023This office program for Android systems can rightfully be classified as a professional application. This wonderful product contains many useful features. For example, using OfficeSuite Professional You can even open zip archives. And the functionality of the program is supplemented by a explorer, with which it is easy to find the desired file.

  •  Integration with Google Docs only adds to the pluses of the program. In addition, OfficeSuite Professional can be installed on platforms such as Windows Mobile, the popular iOS, PalmOs and even BlackBerry.

1. Documents to Go

Check these top 2023The name of this office program for Android does not contain the prefix "Pro" or "Proffesional". You may not even guess that among other office programs for android platforms, this product occupies the first leading place.

This true state of affairs is explained by the fact that the application Documents to Go combines rich functionality and very easy operation. The program supports not only common Microsoft Office formats, but also support for Microsoft Office 2010 files. In fact, Documents to Go is a universal program for working with popular office documents in the Android system.

  •  Among other things, this product is distributed not only in the paid version, but also in the free version. This is another plus of the program. Just like OfficeSuite Professional, Documents to Go supports PalmOs, BlackBerry and iOs platforms. However, what makes this Android app different is the support for the Maemo system, which is based on the Debian Linux platform and is installed on many tablets.


  •  Undoubtedly, the best Android office app is Documents to Go. However, in pursuit of a competitor, more and more new office programs are being born that strive to catch up and overtake Documents to Go in all respects. Office software developers have made high-quality applications for Android.