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Top 10 Best Books for Teens

Rating of the best books for teenagers


Top 10 Best Books for TeensInternet technologies are increasingly replacing reading with watching videos, chatting, forums and social networks. However, Russia has been one of the most widely read countries in the world for years, occupying the 7th line in the corresponding rating.

Today we offer everyone Top 10 Best Books for Teens. The selection includes works that are most popular among readers aged 13-17.


10. The Hunger Games, S. Collins

RatingsThis trilogy became a bestseller in bookstores even before the release of the sci-fi movie of the same name. The action of the novels takes place in the future on the territory of the state of Panem. The main character of The Hunger Games, Katnes Everdeen, takes part in a brutal competition for survival, and then an uprising against the totalitarian government of Panem.

9. To Kill a Mockingbird, H. Lee

RatingsLee won the Pulitzer Prize for Mockingbird. The book is set in the 1930s and is told from the perspective of a child. In the novel, Lee condemns such tragic features of modern society as xenophobia and violence.

8. The Hobbit series, J.R. Tolkien

RatingsThe incredible adventures of Tolkien's heroes captivate both adults and children. Among the works of Tolkien, 10 books are dedicated specifically to hobbits and other inhabitants of Middle-earth.

7. Book Thief, M. Zuzak

RatingsZuzak writes extensively for children and teenagers. The Book Thief is the story of a little girl who lost her family in pre-war Germany. Books that she finds, and sometimes steals, help her survive. An addiction to reading leads Liesel to start writing on her own.

6. The Little Prince, A. de Saint-Exupery

RatingsThis allegorical work is written in an unusually beautiful language and evokes a special state of mind in readers of any age. "The Little Prince" must be read in a publication accompanied by the author's illustrations by Saint-Exupery.

5. Harry Potter, D. Rowling

RatingsA series of books about the little wizard Potter and his friends is one of the most popular among the works of modern literature. "Potter" is read with pleasure by people from different countries, cultures and age categories.

4. 100 years of solitude, G. Marquez

RatingsThe work is written in a special style of "magic realism". More than 30 million sold worldwide. copies of the novel. There are almost no dialogues in this book, the sentences are lengthy and detailed. Such stylistic devices create a special atmosphere and allow you to immerse yourself in the special world of Marquez's characters.

3. Fahrenheit 451, R. Bradbury

RatingsIn his fantasy novel, Bradbury describes a consumer society held together by mass culture, where all dissent and criticism are brutally suppressed. For a long time, the novel was a victim of censorship in different countries due to the mention of abortion and hellfire.

2. Pride and Prejudice, D. Austin

RatingsUnfortunately, many more teenage girls have seen the film of the same name but not read the original. Meanwhile, this book is one of the best British novels written under the influence of the atmosphere of the late 19th century.

1. Count of Monte Cristo, A. Dumas

RatingsThe plot of the novel was drawn by A. Dumas from the archives of the Parisian police. As a result, the exciting story of the adventure of Edmond Dantes became the second most popular novel by Dumas after The Musketeers and the best book for teenagers.