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Rating of the best universal car covers

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  •  Don't know what to give a car enthusiast? There is a win-win option – universal car seat covers. Even with the most careful handling of the machine, this accessory quickly loses its original appearance. And if children or pets are often carried in the car, then it becomes painful to look at the covers.

  •  So that you can choose the most practical and comfortable universal car covers, I have compiled a selection of 10 options that are suitable for the price and reviews. The list includes models that are on salen online stores.

10. Set of covers AIRLINE ASC-KS-12

Cover set AIRLINE ASC-KS-12

  • Type: case, t-shirt
  • Purpose: on the armrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: velor

  •  This set of protective covers for cars looks, frankly, not premium. But this is not surprising, given its cost. But if you are preparing a car for sale on the secondary market or just want to update the interior of your "swallow" at no extra cost, then the AIRLINE ASC-KS-12 is a great option for a purchase.

  •  Velor is pleasant to the touch, and does not fade under the sun. And the T-shirt covers are easy to pull on the car seats.

  •  The "Sio" ASC-KS-12 kit includes 8 items, including:

  • 2 front seat covers
  • 4 headrest covers
  • 1 rear seat cover (2 pieces).
Pros and cons the covers are tactilely pleasant to the touch sewn neatly in the reviews, users complain that there are no hooks in the kit, check before buying

9. Set of covers AUTOPROFI GOB-1105

Set of covers AUTOPROFI GOB-1105

  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: jacquard
  • Size: M

  •  These discreet and inexpensive universal car covers are made of jacquard. Jacquard fabrics are called fabrics, in the pattern of which different types of weaving of natural or synthetic threads alternate.

  •  Car covers made of jacquard are durable, wear-resistant, retain their appearance for a long time and are breathable, so the driver will not sweat much while sitting on such a cover. Also, these covers dry quickly.

  •  The disadvantages of jacquard covers include the difficulty in care. If a dirty or greasy stain appears, it is hardly possible to simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. You will have to wash the cover in the washing machine or use a special cleaning compound.

  •  Size M fits cars with headrest width 46cm, backrest width 56cm and length 64cm, seat width 48cm and length 56cm.

Pros and consstrong and durable stitched with high quality inconvenient hook fastening

8. Set of capes AIRLINE ASC-B

Set of capes AIRLINE ASC-B

  • Purpose: on the back, on the seat
  • Material: polyester/cotton

  •  The 3-piece rear seat set is a godsend for those who often carry small children or pets in the back of the car.

  •  Juice stains, sticky hands and dirty feet will remain on these covers, and it's very easy to remove them and put them in the washing machine. Also, the kit perfectly protects against traces of a child seat, which literally "bites" into the seat. The filler of the capes is standard – foam rubber.

Pros and cons tight soft and pleasant to the touch difficult to attach to the bottom of the seats

7. Set of covers PSV Elegant next

Cover set PSV Elegant next

  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: eco leather
  • Size: M

  •  Such a set can be purchased in different colors: black, black and burgundy, black and yellow, black and white, etc. It is made of perforated eco-leather, durable, elastic and pleasant to the touch. These covers are very easy to care for.

  •  The filler is traditional – foam rubber, but the manufacturer was greedy for it, so the layer is only 3 mm, and not 5 mm, like the previous participants in the rating of the best universal car covers. However, the price of this kit is lower.

Pros and cons Stylish design Durable and comfortable

6. Car covers universal AUTOPROFI JAC-1102 ANTHRACITE JACQARD


  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: jacquard
  • Size: M

  •  Do you need the most budgetary, but at the same time durable and comfortable protective covers for your car? Pay attention to the kit from the Russian brand AUTOPROFI.

  •  It includes 11 items made of jacquard fabric with 2 mm foam filling. The front row seats have a burst seam for airbags.

  •  The manufacturer assures that the covers are made according to a new pattern – a 3D cut, close to the model covers. However, since this product is positioned as a universal one, one can only guess which model AUTOPROFI has in mind.

Pros and consmanufacture qualitymaterial qualitylow priceno

5. Set of covers AUTOPROFI Verona VER-1505

Set of covers AUTOPROFI Verona VER-1505

  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: textile
  • Size: M

  •  Popular car covers for the front and rear seats are made of linen, a breathable, heat-resistant fabric. The 3D cut with asymmetrical seams gives the covers volume and a good fit to the seats.

  •  The front seat backs have a fold-out seam for airbags, and small pockets in the back. The thickness of the foam filler is solid for a budget kit – 5 mm.

  •  There are zippers in the back and seat of the rear row for easy division of the back row in the proportion of 40/60 and 60/40.

Pros and consOriginal 3D drawing Wear-resistant and breathable fabric Covers stretch well If the elastic is pulled strongly, fasteners can break Holes for headrests must be done by yourself

4. CARCAPE/ Alcantara car seat covers 2pcs. SOFIA model

Alcantara car seat covers 2pcs. SOFIA model

  • Type: cape, case
  • Material: alcantara
  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the seat, on the back
  • Set: 2 pieces

  •  The easiest and cheapest way to protect the driver's and front passenger's seats from rubbing and dirt is to cover them with seat covers. These accessories are very easy to attach with elastic bands and hooks, and the silicone lining prevents the capes from slipping.

  •  Alcantara has good breathability, looks elegant and does not fade in the sun.

Pros and consbeautiful appearanceeasy to clean and installmultiple color optionsno

3. Universal car covers for the entire interior made of eco-leather OLIMPIC

Universal car covers for the entire interior of eco-leather OLIMPIC

  • Material: eco leather
  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the seat, on the back

  •  The top 3 best universal car covers of 2023 are opened by a model presented in red, blue, white and beige. Looks modern and sporty.

  •  The underside of the covers is glued with 5 mm heat-resistant foam rubber. And thanks to the AIRBAG stitching, the covers can be used in cars equipped with airbags.

  •  Together with the covers, there are 2 pillows – an emphasis under the head for the driver's and front passenger's seats.

  •  Eco-leather is a material that is very easy to care for, dirt and dust can be easily removed with a damp cloth. These covers are resistant to wear and tear and can be machine washed.

Pros and cons split backrest (60/40) there are pockets in the front backrests beautiful design neatly sewn back seat without holes and zippers for seat belt buckles holes for head restraints will have to be done by yourself

2. Universal RECARO cases

Universal cases RECARO

  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the back, on the seat
  • Material: eco leather

  •  This set of auto covers looks expensive and rich, to match the price, and it may well create the effect of constricting the interior.

  •  There are several color options to choose from, from black, red-black and white-black to blue-black, chocolate-black, gray-black and beige-black.

  •  Installing these covers is very simple – with the help of elastic bands and zippers. And it is easy to care for eco-leather, most of the dirt can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.

Pros and cons Front pouches have pockets for small items Perforated for improved breathability Beautiful design No

1. Universal car covers for the entire interior of eco-leather POWER STYLE

Universal car covers for the entire interior of eco-leather POWER STYLE

  • Material: eco leather, alcantara
  • Purpose: on the headrest, on the seat, on the back

  •  Alcantara is a synthetic textile material. Its main advantages are softness and strength. It is often used in car interiors to replace leather and vinyl.

  •  The combination of Alcantara and eco-leather makes the covers durable, wear-resistant, visually beautiful and at the same time very comfortable, given the perforation in the middle. Simply put, in the heat, the fifth point does not stick to the car seat, and in the cold, Alcantara does not “dube”.

  •  As a filler for this model, 5 mm fire foam rubber is used.

Pros and cons there are pockets in the front backrests AIRBAG stitching machine washable water-repellent coating back seat without zippers and holes for seat belt buckles you will have to make holes for head restraints yourself

A quick guide to choosing car seat covers

Case types

For head restraints – the cheapest and, perhaps, the most useless option. It will only help if the driver or passenger is constantly rubbing against the seat with greasy hair.

Capes – Very easy to install and remove. Fits almost any seat. But they do not protect the sidewalls of the car seats, and do not completely cover the back of the rear row. It may also be difficult to fix the cape on the seat.

T-shirt covers – quickly installed, protect almost the entire surface of the chair. The key word is almost. At the same time, they are inexpensive, but they do not look very presentable.

Full covers – protect the entire surface of the chair and sidewall, many models look stylish and expensive. The price is one and a half to two or more times higher than the above options.


  •  With the filler, everything is simple – it is polyester of different thicknesses (in budget options – 3 mm, in cases of medium and premium class – 5 mm). But the variety of upper materials pleases. The most popular of them:

  • Alcantara – faux suede. Beautiful, velvety to the touch, wear-resistant and breathable material. Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Jacquard – synthetic material. Almost as good as Alcantara, but a little tighter and harder to the touch. It retains color well, but quickly gets dirty, can be machine washed.
  • Plush (velvet) – machine washable, comfortable, durable. At the same time, it collects dust and becomes electrified.
  • Velveteen – dust collector, electrified. But soft, strong and durable.
  • Velours – needs a delicate wash. Otherwise, there are no shortcomings.
  • Eco leather – one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of covers. Such covers are easy to clean, they are not afraid of high and low temperatures, do not collect dust and last from 2 years or longer.
  • Mouton (sheepskin) and natural fur – excellent options for the autumn-winter season and early spring. You will sweat in the summer.
  • fabric covers – they are inexpensive, machine washable, sit well on the seat. However, they collect dust well, and it is not always comfortable to sit in the heat.

Additional functions

Lateral back and hip support – provides tighter fixation of the hips and back, which increases comfort during a long trip and helps relieve the spine during sharp turns of the car.

Lumbar support – your back will say “thank you” for it during a long trip.

  •  Easily detachable AIRBAG connection for airbags.