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Top 10 most realistic games



  •  Let's talk about realism in games, but not graphical, but behavioral. Have you ever wondered what the usual "NPCs" are doing while you save the world from another villainous evil? Experienced real horror from in-game events? Did you feel like your character behaves the way he would in real life?

  •  If the answer to at least one of the questions is “yes”, then in this list you will find familiar names. And if not, then perhaps you will find a suitable game to pass the evening.


5kzdiuliIn 2010, Swedish game developer Frictional Games screamed into the void: "Video games aren't scary enough!" The Void yelled back, "Make those poor bastards wear headphones and play in the dark... dark... dark" and Amnesia: The Dark Descent was born.

  •  Together with the main character Daniel, you find yourself in the labyrinth of the ancient Brennenburg castle, not remembering how you ended up there. Moving through many levels of puzzles in the dark becomes more difficult the lower your sanity meter.

  •  This is where the headphones come into play: phantom footsteps are heard from behind and very close, your heart rate increases, your vision begins to blur, all this imitates real fear. When it gets worse, you even start to grind your teeth. Better to find at least a tiny source of light, and quickly.

9. Tamagotchi

0e5naeitIt is strange that the Tamagotchi is still a popular accessory for children. It's even weirder that this game has been around since the early 90s, when developers could only make handheld games with pixelated black and white screens.

  •  Bandai, and the rest of the Tamagotchi makers behind it, knew their target audience well and, with limited technology, imitated all the joys of owning a pet for young and inexperienced users.

  •  "Tamagotchi" for many months, or even years, immersed the owner in the reality of untimely reminders that the pet needs to poop, or eat, in order to produce more poop. Well, if at least one goldfish in real life was saved from starvation thanks to the Tamagotchi, then this game was not created in vain.

8.Outlast 2

rrnla5vxThis is a phenomenal psychological survival horror video game from Red Barrels. As the protagonist, you are forced to find your way to escape through the iconic wilderness of the American Southwest after being stranded there by a plane crash. But you probably have a super weapon and an artificial intelligence with a sexy female voice that will always help with wise advice. Right? But no!

  •  The ultimate list of things you can do to avoid death is as follows: crouch, run, jump, walk, and most importantly, hide. Hide in a barrel, in a closet, under a bed, in tall grass, in a cornfield, inside the house, wherever you can.

  •  All of this makes Outlast 2 feel less like a hero's journey and more like a real person's journey.

7. Frostpunk

3egxennyWith the world frozen over and the last remnants of humanity huddled around a giant furnace, you have only one goal: to keep them alive. To do this, your people need warmth and food, but that's easier said than done.

  •  It is not enough to create the necessary buildings and send units to the icy desert in search of resources. You need to nurture a society that can endure an ice age, and if that means passing an emergency shift law to force workers to stay at their posts for 24 hours to get the coal you need, so be it.

  •  Trying to find a balance to keep people happy and alive takes patience and logic, but that's the essence of Frostpunk.

6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War

fc10ubxuEven the most obsessed Middle-earth fan knows deep down that elves, dwarves and hobbits are not really real. But there is something authentic about Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, Shadow of War. And his name is the Nemesis system.

  •  Its goal is to tune the artificial intelligence of non-player characters so that it reacts in accordance with previous interactions with the main character. This means that an orc warrior who survives a big battle can get promoted in Sauron's army and therefore become stronger when you face him again. Conversely, if you send an opponent in tears to his mother, his characteristics will drop, and he will lose face among his peers. He can be demoted and even given a new derogatory nickname. In Middle-Earth, orcs are perceived as real opponents, with their own weaknesses and strengths, which makes killing them ... even more interesting.


pbxofd3tIt's a XNUMXD top-down horror game that limits your field of vision and fills the shadows with stuff from your nightmares. You never get the full picture, and who knows how many terrifying creatures might be lurking out of your torch's reach.

  •  When the sun rises, you can go outside and explore the forest gathering resources, but when night falls, you need to return to the relative safety of your hut and prepare for the worst. Close windows, rearrange furniture, set traps under windows and next to doors, and then wait.

4Dragon Age: Inquisition

4dlieez2The third game in the series introduced players to a complex system of relationships with NPCs. As an Inquisitor, you're tasked with putting an end to the civil unrest in the country and discovering why mysterious "gaps" – literally holes in the sky – are devastating the land.

  •  You recruit followers, and some of them (like in Mass Effect) can be romantically linked. But these characters have their own political views, morality, culture, and sexual orientation that may conflict with who you are and what you do. Just like in the real world, these people have preferences and certain things they look for in a relationship.

3. Who's Your Daddy

4jkingjmIf Tamagotchi teaches children the complexities of owning a pet, Who's Your Daddy is a lesson for aspiring parents: your child will try to harm, maim, kill himself in every possible way, and you are the only force capable of preventing it.

  •  Play as either a child or a father left in the house as the head while his wife, the more responsible parent, is away. You are waiting for the classic traps of modern homes, such as kitchen cleaners, licking batteries, a plug in a socket, etc.

2. The Witcher 3

t5m4sefmOne of the best games of all times and peoples is also one of the most realistic in terms of the behavior of both the main character and non-player characters.

  •  The Witcher 3 offers two main romantic options that involve the sorceresses Triss and Yennefer. Both of them have their own relationship history with the main character Geralt, but you still need to earn their affection. The right words at the right time or the support of certain allies can help you win the trust of one of the women, while dishonest behavior can leave you with no one.

  •  Triss and Yennefer act like real people. They don't always agree with Geralt. They are strong-willed, independent, and tough both in and out of battle.

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

wdohxlikFor Oblivion, Bethesda developed the Radiant AI system, which allowed their NPCs to make choices and behave in much more complex ways than in previous games.

  •  If thwarting the Mythic Dawn cult in their plans to open a portal gate to the demonic realm isn't your style, watch the fully voiced NPCs and you'll see they have their own plans for the day.

  •  They wake up when they need to, go to work, do housework and sleep. It seems as if ordinary people have been locked in the game and now they are doing the same thing that they did in real life.