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Top 10 new tourist destinations for Russians in 2022



  •  In the last six months, there have been many major changes in the life of the country, including tourism. A number of routes have become irrelevant, but, as folk wisdom says, if one door closes somewhere, another one will certainly open. The tourist market is beginning to look towards untrodden paths, and Russian airlines are organizing direct flights to the unknown. In this review, I will tell you which foreign countries are available for Russians to relax in the fall-winter of 2023!

10. Sri Lanka


  •  Russians love this small island, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean – there is simply no better place to turn winter into summer! Beaches with soft sand, deep blue of the ocean, ancient culture, and, of course, delicious fresh fruits at a reasonable price – what else can a Russian person who has suffered from winter dream of?

  •  Alas, the political situation has put its paw on this dream. First, the Sri Lankans arrested a plane with tourists, then there was a crisis of power on the island – but now the political climate has freshened up, and now the two countries have agreed to resume direct flights. Aeroflot (from Moscow) and Azur Air (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk) will fly.

  •  In October, the end of the rainy season is still, but from November to April – the most touristic fun. To soak up the sun with an air temperature of 28 ° will cost a couple 140 thousand rubles.

9. Thailand


  •  Against the backdrop of political upheavals, COVID-19 was somehow forgotten, and quarantines in different countries quietly disappeared somewhere. Thailand was no exception. From the beginning of October, entry into the country is completely free: you only need a passport. Plus, the hospitable Thais decided to increase the visa-free stay of Russians in the country to one and a half months.

  •  It will be possible to fly directly to the country of elephants and pagodas from the end of October by Aeroflot aircraft. Flights will be direct from Moscow, but unlike Nordwind with Cuba, travel companies have decided not to think far – the tours are planned only until the beginning of April. Admiring the pagodas for a week will cost 180 thousand rubles. for two.

8. Turkey


  •  Well, what a tourist rating without mentioning Turkey! This country was, is and will be the favorite holiday destination for Russians: it successfully combines a wonderful climate, warm sea, many attractions, excellent service and reasonable prices. Moreover, direct flights are still maintained with Turkey, which, undoubtedly, only adds to its popularity.

  •  According to statistics, more than 2 million Russian tourists visited the country of Hagia Sophia over the summer. Now, when the season ends, prices are falling – an all-inclusive tour for two in a three-star hotel will cost a couple from 80 thousand rubles.

7. United Arab Emirates


  •  The Arab countries have not changed their attitude towards the Russians and, most importantly, the flight schedule has remained practically the same. This means that in addition to the tourist center, you can fly through the UAE in transit around the world. But in the Emirates themselves there is something to see. The number of tours is increasing, new tourist routes are being laid, and in addition to Dubai, it turns out that there are also interesting emirates: Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and others. And many of them have an all-inclusive system, which Russian tourists love so much. Holidays in the country of deserts and skyscrapers sparkling in the sun will cost a couple from 108 thousand rubles. for a three star hotel.

  •  Following the UAE, Egypt is slowly catching up: direct flights there have already resumed, and covid restrictions have miraculously disappeared somewhere.

6. Cuba


  •  The country of cigars, Fidel Castro and the victory of communism could not host Russians for about half a year: on the way to the blessed island, unfriendly Europe became a wall. But Europe can be circled—literally; the plane will fly over the icy Arctic fields and land right in the heart of the eternal equatorial summer.

  •  One of the first airlines to open direct flights to Cuba was Nordwind. Now it will be possible to fly from Moscow to Varadero and Cayo Coco. And the travel companies that bravely embarked on the Cuban path were Pegas Touristik, Coral Travel and Anex Tour. Both of them have grandiose plans – tours to sunny Cuba can be booked right up to May.

  •  For the opportunity to splash in the warm waters of the ocean, however, you will have to pay a large sum, comparable to a good monthly salary in Moscow – 150 thousand rubles. for two with breakfast.

5. China


  •  At the end of September, the head of the National Tourism Office of China said that China plans to open its borders to tourists at the end of 2023. And in both directions – Chinese tourists loved to admire the beauties of the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as come to visit the Far East, not so far from them.

  •  So far, China is concerned about COVID-19: foreigners are allowed into the country only with a vaccination certificate, a negative test. And not even on the streets – in a special quarantine hotel, where they will have to sit out for a week. Not surprisingly, tourism to China has somehow withered away. However, judging by the words of the head of tourism in China, in some months four flows of tourists from the two countries will rush towards each other. And in China there is something to see: a rich history of several millennia, an original culture and a renowned culinary tradition, famous for its sophistication.

4. Indonesia


  •  Another South Asian country ready to gladly host Russian tourists in 2022. Although direct flights to the country have not yet begun, we can safely say that the negotiation stage will end in the near future and will end successfully. So far, those wishing to visit Bali have to fork out: a flight with two or three transfers and hotel accommodation costs a couple from 220 thousand rubles.

3. India


  •  In November, Aeroflot plans to launch direct flights to India's tourist capital, the state of Goa. And there 110 km of beautiful beaches and gentle waters of the Indian Ocean are waiting for their guests. And although Goa is poor in terms of attractions (not comparable with the “continental” part of the country), however, the superbly developed tourist infrastructure and service more than make up for this. At least in the southern part of the state. And there is also the northern one – not so polished to a shine, but noisy, lively and relatively inexpensive.

  •  A vacation for two in Goa will cost a Russian couple 90 thousand rubles. (meals are not included).

2. Vietnam


  •  "New Thailand" is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Russians. And in the fall of 2023, it is also waiting for Russian tourists. This country is good for everyone, only getting there is long and expensive. And even gorgeous beaches, marvelous nature, an abundance of architectural and natural monuments per square meter of land, inexpensive diving and low prices did not atone for this shortcoming.

  •  Now the Fun&Sun tour operator is negotiating with the Kazakh airline about flights from Russia with one transfer.

  •  For a family of two, a vacation in Vietnam will cost from 170 thousand rubles.

1. Venezuela


  •  Tourism from Russia to Venezuela is a meeting of two sanctioned solitudes. Venezuela is also under sanctions, not as heavy as Russia, but there are also restrictions on flights in the sanctions portfolio of unfriendly countries.

  •  Until now, Russian tourists have traveled to Venezuela through a stump: flights went at most twice a week, and because of the need to refuel in Iran (another country under sanctions) lasted almost a day. And now it’s just beauty: the same company Nordwind, which distinguished itself with Cuba, decided to organize direct flights to the country of the great Orinoco River and the highest waterfall in the world. And not to Caracas, as before, from where vacationers had to get to the beaches on their own, but directly to the center of tourism – the island of Margarita.

  •  The beaches of the Caribbean Sea will also cost a lot – from 170 thousand rubles. for two with breakfast at the hotel.

Holiday price

  •  According to tourism industry experts, travel is now 22% more expensive than during the covid pandemic, and 61% more expensive than in pre-pandemic times. The reason is not so much the instability of the situation, but the complication of logistics – the airspace of some countries has become inaccessible to Russians, so one has to literally look for workarounds.

  •  As for ordinary tourists from Russia, who just want to have a good rest and clear their minds from anxieties and hardships, banks and travel agencies create affiliate programs for them. For example, Sberbank entered into a cooperation agreement with Rostourism. Their benefit is that thanks to cashback, discounts, loyalty programs and partial payments, a couple with an average salary can theoretically afford to fly to some Maldives.

  •  Judging by the statistics, Russian tourists accepted the cooperation that had begun positively: orders for tours to destinations that were considered expensive, such as Cuba, the Maldives, and Vietnam, increased. And the total number of booking tours has grown – by 130% compared to 2021 and by 73% compared to pre-pandemic times. The most popular are dynamic package tours, the total volume of which is more than a third of the reservation.