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  •  A hair dryer is a great gift for any woman or long-haired man. And they can also dry socks, scare a cat, and even quickly dry a stain on a shirt if there is no iron at hand. In general, the necessary thing in the house.

  •  So that you can choose the best option in terms of characteristics and price, I studied the reviews of popular hair dryers on Yandex.Market and Ozon, and I present you the top 10 best hair dryers in 2023.

10. Hair dryer MOSER Protect 4360


  • power: 1500W
  • functions: cold air supply
  • heating modes: 2
  • design: hanging loop
  • overheat protection
  • weight: 570g

  •  The German company Moser, founded in 1946, is one of the largest European manufacturers of hairdressing tools. Therefore, it opens the top 10 hair dryers Protect 4360, like other Moser products, is distinguished by high quality workmanship, ergonomics and wide functionality.

  •  It has two nozzles – one with a narrow nozzle and the other with a wide one – for long hair. Three thermal settings (cold, warm, hot) allow you to quickly style or gently dry your hair. And for those who like to do everything quickly, there is an intensive mode of work.

  •  Inside the device there is a durable collector electric motor, there is protection against ingress of hair and dust.

  •  This model cannot be called compact, so for travel it is better to choose something smaller. But for home use, this high-quality and powerful hair dryer is ideal.

Pros and cons power long cord excellent build quality and materials heavy

9. Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer


  • power: 1600W
  • functions: ionization, cold air supply
  • design: hanging loop
  • overheat protection
  • features: folding handle

  •  This compact and lightweight model from Xiaomi fits very comfortably in the hand. The short nozzle and foldable handle make the hair dryer convenient for travel. It has protection against overheating, and thanks to a powerful motor and 2 speeds, the Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer will quickly dry even long hair.

  •  In reviews on Yandex.Market, users write that the hair dryer is quiet and does not dry out hair.

Important: before buying, check if there is an adapter in the kit, since the model has an American plug.

  •  This model comes with a concentrator which is useful for hair straightening. However, there is no diffuser included.

Pros and cons beautiful design very light dries hair quickly warms up with long use

8. Hair dryer VITEK VT-8225


  • Power: 2200 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, cold air supply
  • Attachments: concentrator
  • Number of heating modes: 2
  • Features: hanging loop, overheating protection, foldable handle

  •  If you do not like to dry your hair standing near the outlet, then I recommend this model with a long 1.8 meter cord.

  •  An inexpensive hair dryer from Vitek can supply cold air (for this you have to hold down the corresponding button), it has protection against overheating and is equipped with a convenient folding handle. It has 2 heat settings and 3 airflow settings so you don't dry out your hair.

Pros and cons beautiful design in lavender color quickly dries even thick and long hair thanks to the folding handle does not take up much space in luggage solid weight – 500 grams of nozzle is difficult to put on a hair dryer

7. Philips HP8664 Volumebrush


  • Power: 1000 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, automatic rotation of the nozzle
  • Attachments: brush
  • Number of heating modes: 3
  • Features: hanging loop, cord swivel

  •  One of the best hair dryers has a rotating thermal brush with a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles that adds volume to hair. And another brush with retractable bristles with a diameter of 30 mm is designed for styling hair in beautiful waves. It does not tangle hair during styling.

  •  The owners of the Philips HP8664 Volumebrush claim that it takes getting used to the nozzles, at first many of them are wrapped in the wrong direction. But even in this case, the nozzles do not tear out the hairs from the hairstyle.

  •  With Care mode, you can style your hair at the optimum constant temperature without fear of overheating.

  •  Another small but nice advantage of this model is the protective caps for the nozzles.

Pros and cons Powerful attachments for different styles of styling Long 1,8-meter cord Cold mode is actually warm Bulky

6. Hair dryer Philips BHD341


  • Power: 2100 W
  • Additional functions: cold air supply
  • Attachments: concentrator
  • Features: hanging loop

  •  An inexpensive hair dryer from a well-known manufacturer creates a powerful stream of air, both hot and cold. There is a ThermoProtect nozzle that mixes warm and cold air to dry hair as gently as possible.

  •  The manufacturer has provided 6 modes for precise control of temperature and blowing speed. And with the help of a narrow nozzle that comes with the kit, you can create a directed air flow to the desired area of ​​the head.

Pros and cons high build quality 6 temperature and speed settings long 1,8 meter cord heavy

5. Professional hair dryer iHair-1600 Super Hair Dryer


  • Power: 1600 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, cold air supply
  • Nozzles: diffuser, concentrator
  • Number of heating modes: 3
  • Weight: 300 g

  •  This is the best professional hair dryer in the ranking that costs less than 5000 rubles. And is a great choice for the home if you don't mind Chinese assembly (no negative context).

  •  The dryer comes with 5 magnetic attachments:

  1. hub,
  2. diffuser,
  3. for unruly hair
  4. for gentle hair drying
  5. to create a directed flow.

  •  This model can work in three temperature modes: hot, warm and cold. There are also 3 air jet speed settings.

Pros and Cons Long 2m cord Lots of attachments Petite size and little spring

4. Hair dryer Rowenta CV 7461


  • Power: 2400 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, independent adjustment of heating and air flow, cold air supply
  • Nozzles: active diffuser, diffuser, concentrator
  • Number of heating modes: 3
  • Features: hanging loop, removable filter

  •  The coolest hair dryer has a display, but only for one function – Respect, so you know when it is activated. With Respect, you can dry your hair at an automatically controlled temperature (65 degrees) and at a high air speed (15 m/s).

  •  Another feature of the hair dryer is the ceramic coating of the grate (over aluminum) for even temperature distribution. The manufacturer claims that he added cashmere, keratin and argan oil to the composition of the coating, but whether this will be of real benefit to the hair is an open question.

  •  But what will really be useful is from three nozzles and 6 modes of operation. There is also cold drying, only the corresponding button will have to be constantly held down.

  •  The Rowenta CV 7461 is not cheap, but the functionality of this hair dryer is rich.

Pros and cons functional powerful, dries hair quickly good assembly price

3. Hair dryer LUMME LU-1058


  • Power: 1400 W
  • Attachments: concentrator
  • Number of heating modes: 2
  • Features hanging loop, overheating protection

  •  Need a high-quality and budget hair dryer that you can take on the road? Pay attention to the LUMME LU-1058 model, it weighs only 350 grams, and thanks to the folding handle it will fit even in a small travel bag.

  •  This hair dryer has a concentrator for precise airflow. There are only 2 modes, and in the first, barely warm air blows.

  •  The case of the device is made of heat-resistant plastic, and, according to customer reviews, it does not heat up after 5 minutes of operation. And there is no unpleasant smell, like many cheap models.

Pros and consDesignOptimum price/performance ratioDries long, fine hair quicklyNo

2. Hair dryer BaBylissPRO BAB6990IE


  • Power: 2600 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, cold air supply, independent adjustment of heating and air flow
  • Attachments: concentrator
  • Number of heating modes: 3
  • Features: hanging loop, removable filter

  •  If you are choosing which hair dryer is better to buy for home use, then what about an Italian-made device? The power and speed of the air flow (152 km/h) of the BaBylissPRO BAB6990IE are such that the hair dryer can easily dry even very thick and long hair.

  •  The hair dryer filter is easy to remove for cleaning from dirt and dust. Included with the device are two narrow nozzles with a venturi effect – an increase in power by 20%.

  •  Another small but important detail: no need to hold down the cold air button all the time.

Pros and conshigh-quality Italian assemblyideal for drying long and thick hairthanks to the streamlined design fits comfortably in the handpriceheavy (555 grams)

1. Hair dryer comb / Dryer brush Zofft (MN-B501)


  • Power: 1000 W
  • Additional functions: ionization, cold air supply
  • Attachments: brush
  • Coating: ceramic
  • Number of heating modes: 3
  • Features cord rotation, overheating protection

  •  The best hair dryer of 2023 for styling and drying deserved exclusively five-star reviews on Yandex.Market. Users praise this model for a long 2-meter spinning cord, and gentle handling of hair. For the latter, a mixed bristle of nylon and boar hair is responsible.

  •  The Zofft hair dryer will help you style and straighten even unruly hair without tangling or overheating it. The device has 3 levels of heat adjustment: cold for gentle blowing of the hair, warm and hot for express drying.

  •  Please note: the brush on this hair dryer does not spin.

Pros and cons high-quality assembly is comfortable to hold does not damage the hair is heavy (weight 590 grams)