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Rating of winter non-studded tires 2022-2023

Winter tire rating – Velcro


  •  When winter weather sets in, a car with summer tires behaves like a cow on ice. Minimize the chance of an accident with a set of reliable winter tires available on the Russian market. And so that you can make the right choice, I present a rating of winter non-studded tires in 2023, compiled on the basis of reviews from ordinary car owners and experts from Autoreview and Za Rulem magazines.

Fans of studded tires can choose the right model from the overview winter studded tires for the season 2022-2023.

Top 10 winter non-studded tires 2022-2023

10. GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice+

GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice+ Unlocks 2023 Winter Non-Studded Tire Rankings

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 185-225
  • Profile height: 55-65
  • Diameter: R14-17
  • Load index: 85-101

  •  These tires have a V-shaped pattern to quickly evacuate mud and moisture, so they are hydroplaning resistant.

  •  To increase the rigidity of the Ultra Grip Ice+ tread throughout the entire depth, GOODYEAR engineers used hybrid sipes. Thanks to this, the tires behave stably on icy roads.

  •  And the use of a special composition of the top layer allows the rubber not to tan in the cold.

Pros and cons quiet excellent rowing in deep snow good grip on an icy track mediocre handling on slush of sleet with ice, you need to be careful when changing lanes due to the softness of the sidewalls, there may be cuts when falling into pits

9. Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP

Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP

  • Directional protector
  • Profile width: 175-275
  • Profile height: 35-75
  • Diameter: R14-20
  • Load index: 82-116

  •  Arguably the best Velcro winter tire in the mid-price category, designed specifically for high-performance driving. The prefix HP in the title stands for High Performance. Whether you own a sports car, a powerful SUV or a crossover, the GSi-6 HP is designed to make you enjoy driving at the highest level.

  •  The Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP tread compound is engineered to remain supple and responsive in cold Russian conditions, while the dual block tread pattern flanks the center rib and multiple serrations on the block edges is designed to increase traction and confident handling. turns.

  •  Drivers report that these tires have a high level of safety on packed and loose snow.

Pros and cons high level of acoustic comfort does not “float” on slush and wet asphalt good directional stability on snow and ice long braking and acceleration on ice

8. Gislaved Soft Frost 200

Gislaved Soft Frost 200

  • Tread pattern type: asymmetric
  • Profile width: 155-255
  • Profile height: 40-75
  • Diameter: R14-19
  • Load index: 75-109

  •  One of the most affordable options in the Velcro winter tire ranking. Distinctive features of this model:

  • double shoulder zones – to reduce hydroplaning and shorten the braking distance on snow and ice,
  • additional gripping edges in the lateral area of the tread, responsible for reliable lateral grip.

  •  On loose snow, dry and wet pavement Gislaved Soft Frost 200 behaves well. In one of the tests of winter friction tires conducted by "Za Rulem", these tires took sixth place.

Pros and cons soft, “swallows” small bumps behaves predictably even in warm weather (up to +5) resistant to hydroplaning wear-resistant slows down on ice for a long time

7. Yokohama IceGuard IG60

Yokohama IceGuard IG60 friction winter tires

  • Directional protector
  • Profile width: 145-285
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R14-19
  • Load index: 72-107

  •  Compared to its predecessor, the new tire features a larger longitudinal rib – for reliable grip and stability when driving in a straight line. Numerous 3D lamellas located at different angles are responsible for the edge effect.

  •  Double Microgroove grooves quickly evacuate water from the contact patch, allowing the machine to confidently go through wet asphalt and melted snow.

  •  The composition of the compound has also changed – a white gel has been added that effectively absorbs moisture from the road surface. As a result of all the improvements, the Yokohama IceGuard IG60 has been among the top winter non-studded tires for several years. And although it does not enter the top five (it fails with mediocre handling on ice), it shows itself excellently on wet surfaces.

Pros and cons low noise level soft clear directional stability on a snowy track on the ice of a car “shod” in IceGuard IG60, it’s better not to scorch

6 Nokian Tires Nordman RS2

Nokian Tires Nordman RS2

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-265
  • Profile height: 50-75
  • Diameter: R13-18
  • Load index: 75-116

  •  These friction-type tires are built for good grip, whether you're facing snowstorms or icy roads. The Nordman RS2 line has sizes for both compact cars and SUVs.

  •  The manufacturer did not stint on "silica", it makes up two thirds of the rubber compound and allows the tread not to become "oak" even at low temperatures (-20 degrees and below). And the wide tread pattern improves traction in light snow and slush.

Pros and cons low rolling resistance fast braking on dry pavement excellent directional stability and braking on ice handles slush well easy to balance noisy

5. Hankook Winter i*Cept iZ2

Hankook Winter i*Cept iZ2 in top 5 winter studless tires

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-255
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R13-19
  • Load index: 75-104

  •  The first five of the rating of non-studded tires in 2022, according to car owners, is opened by a product of a Korean brand popular. It has a V-shaped tread pattern with a large number of blocks and 3D sipes cut into them for better grip on ice.

  •  According to drivers, this rubber is more suitable for urban conditions – snow porridge, snow, asphalt, this is what is called “her”.

  •  And if you live where the ice is not cleaned all winter, then it is better to look for another option for your iron horse.

Pros and consSuitable for active driving on snowExcellent directional stability on dry pavementSmooth rideOn ice slow to slow downIn active maneuvers on ice can go into drift

4. Pirelli Ice Zero FR

Pirelli IceZero FR

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 175-285
  • Profile height: 40-70
  • Diameter: R14-20
  • Load index: 82-116

  •  Soft tires that perform well on asphalt and on a snowy track. Effortlessly cope with snow-covered turns, acceleration and braking are predictable and short.

  •  On ice, the Pirelli IceZero FR also behave confidently, although they are inferior to the leaders of the 2023 winter non-studded tire test in terms of braking distance.

Pros and consResistant to aquaplaningSlow down quickly on snow, wet and dry pavementShockproof, making it well suited for roads where the "pit on the pit" voraciousLow acoustic comfort

3. Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2 good winter tire according to reviews

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 185-255
  • Profile height: 40-65
  • Diameter: R15-19
  • Load index: 85-104

  •  Inexpensive Velcro with "cryo-adaptive" rubber compound. Behind this big name lies a mixture that remains elastic even at -25 degrees and below. The tread pattern remained V-shaped, as in previous models, but the arrow-shaped blocks took the place of the longitudinal ribs. When the machine is moving, they create many long grip edges.

  •  As a result, UltraGrip Ice 2 performs well on all types of winter surfaces, slightly losing to the first two places in the rating for directional stability on ice and braking on snow.

Pros and consAcoustic comfortSmooth rideGood cross-country ability both in rolled snow and on snow targetsPoor traction on asphalt In terms of traction on ice, it is inferior to the first two participants in the rating

2. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-285
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R14-21
  • Load index: 82-108

  •  In terms of economy, these are the best premium winter tires, which over time pay off their rather big cost. Experts "Behind the Wheel" noted their excellent grip on both icy and snowy roads.

  •  Russian car owners also praise the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3, and note its excellent cross-country ability in snow conditions, excellent handling on ice and fast braking on ice. At positive temperatures, the tires are slightly rolly, but this is the trouble of all friction clutches.

Pros and consvery quietgoes well on any type of winter road surfaceconfident braking on dry and wet pavementgentle sidewalls

1. Continental VikingContact 7

Continental VikingContact 7 best Velcro winter tire 2022

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-275
  • Profile height: 40-70
  • Diameter: R14-21
  • Load index: 75-107

  •  The best non-studded winter tires according to both experts and ordinary drivers. The tread rubber compound includes rapeseed oil and silica-based components, which allows the rubber to remain flexible at extremely low temperatures.

  •  The advantage of VikingContact 7 is the 3D-Trapez slats with a trapezoidal shape of the inner walls. Thanks to them, snow pockets appear when the car is moving – the snow in them rubs against the snow on the road, and this provides the “seven” with additional grip.

  •  On ice, these tires also perform at their best, as the sharp edges of the 3D sipes work like anti-skid studs. In the shoulder areas there are lamellas of various shapes (V and U-shaped) so that the tires reliably grip the winter road. All in all, this is the best value for money option you can buy for both city and out-of-town trips where the roads are rarely cleaned.

Pros and consAcoustic comfortExcellent handling on packed and fresh snow Predictable in corners and driving on icy surfacesGlides well in slush, wet and dry asphalt Soft sidewalls

Test of winter non-studded tires 2023 "Behind the wheel"


  •  Since the publication "Za Rulem" tests tires in the dead of winter, when car owners have already purchased winter tires, we take the current results of last year's test of winter non-studded tires as the basis for the rating, 2022 is the best time to purchase them, since the models have been tested and received a lot of feedback .