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Anti-crisis measures 2022 – measures to support business and the population of Russia in the context of sanctions

Anti-crisis measures 2022


  •  “It’s not up to fat, I would live,” Russians sigh, looking at the events of 2023. Moreover, not only our low-income fellow citizens suffer, but also business representatives. And, realizing this, the government has developed a number of anti-crisis measures designed to help both individuals and entire companies stay afloat.

  •  Here are the most important anti-crisis measures in 2023 that apply to different categories of citizens.

Support for individuals

Benefit for children aged 8 to 16 inclusive

  •  From May 1, 2023, all families with an average per capita income below the subsistence level, raising children from 8 to 16 years old (inclusive) will be able to apply for a new allowance. It will be possible to submit it without leaving home – through the website of public services. And you can personally – in the MFC.

  •  And although the application is submitted no earlier than May, the payment will be appointed from April. Its amount will be 50, 75 or 100% of the regional subsistence minimum per child, depending on the average per capita income of the family.

  •  To receive benefits, adult family members must be officially employed, or they must have a good reason for being unemployed. The property of family members will also be taken into account, including the presence of a car, a garage, a land plot and a bank deposit.

Temporary cancellation of income tax on deposits 2022

  •  At the end of March this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that abolishes personal income tax on interest on bank deposits and accounts received in 2021-2022. But the tax on bond coupons will have to pay.

Renewal of driving licenses

  •  Drivers whose license expires (or has already expired) in 2022-2023 may not worry about renewing the document. All Russian driving licenses will be renewed for 3 years automatically.

Abolition of the increased transport tax on cars that were considered luxurious

  •  And again, this support measure is aimed at car owners, and those whose car is no more than 10 million rubles. For them, the transport tax calculated for 2022 will be calculated without increasing coefficients.

Buying precious metals in a bank without VAT

  •  Since March of this year, banks can sell precious metals in bullion to individuals without VAT at a rate of 20%. Precious metals are a good investment alternative to currency.

Suspended eviction of debtors

  •  The Central Bank recommended that banks, microfinance organizations, consumer credit cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives and housing savings cooperatives not evict until the end of 2023 people whose housing was foreclosed.

The threshold for duty-free purchases in foreign online stores has been increased

  •  From the previous 200 euros, the duty-free threshold was increased to 1000 euros. Weight requirements are the same – up to 31 kg. But there is a caveat: the duty-free import limit will be increased only until October 1, 2023.

Credit holidays 2022

  •  Individual borrowers who have concluded loan and loan agreements before March 1 of this year can apply to the lender for a six-month deferral of payments. Of course, it was not without conditions:

  1. The borrower must confirm a decrease in their income of more than 30% compared to the same period last year.
  2. The amount of credit (loan) should not exceed the maximum amount established by the Government of the Russian Federation. This is 300 thousand rubles for consumer loans and from 6 to 3 million rubles for mortgages, depending on the region.

Increases in salaries, pensions and benefits

  •  By the 20th, the government of the Russian Federation must submit to Vladimir Putin decisions on additional indexation of pensions, minimum wages, a living wage and social benefits.

moratorium on bankruptcy

  •  This anti-crisis measure is valid for citizens, legal entities and entrepreneurs from April 1 to October 1, 2023. The exception is developers of apartment buildings included in the register of problematic objects.

  •  During the term of the moratorium, creditors will not be able to apply for bankruptcy of debtors. But the debtors themselves have the right to file such an application remains.

Student support

Simplified procedure for recognition of diplomas

For citizens who studied at a university in the territory , the recognition of diplomas and qualifications will be simplified, based on existing practice. That is, if the same diploma obtained in a certain country was once recognized, and in this particular case it is recognized.

They will also help students who had to interrupt their studies abroad

«All Russian citizens studying at foreign universities and facing infringement of their rights can come to Russia and continue their studies at the leading universities of the Russian Federation for free", – the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science said in a statement, which was quoted by RIA Novosti.

  •  Students will be accepted both on the budget and on paid places, in which case the university will receive compensation. And the course to which the student will be enrolled will depend on his achievements in a foreign university.

IT support

Taxes and checks

  •  For three years, IT companies accredited by the Russian Ministry of Digital Development will be exempted from tax audits and other types of municipal control. In addition, until the end of 2024, the income tax rate for them will be 0 percent.

Loans on favorable terms

  •  To implement new projects and provide current IT companies will be able to take loans at a maximum of 3% per annum.

The right to deferment from the army, preferential mortgages and salary increases

  •  Anti-crisis measures also affected men involved in the IT industry. Such specialists will be entitled to a deferment from military service up to 27 years, but only for the period of work in an accredited IT company. They will also have the opportunity to take out a mortgage on preferential terms.

  •  In addition, accredited IT companies will receive funds that will be used to improve the living conditions of individual employees and increase their salaries.

Grants for promising IT developments

  •  Grants from the federal budget will be annually transferred to IT companies developing domestic and promising projects.

Business support

Cancellation of tax audits of small and medium-sized enterprises

  •  Entrepreneurs included in the unified register of small and medium-sized businesses will be exempt from scheduled tax audits until the beginning of 2023.

Reimbursement of commission for payments by QR code

  •  Small and medium-sized businesses will be reimbursed for the use of the fast payment system (FPS) from January 1 to July 1 of the current year.

Legalization of parallel import of goods

  •  With the help of parallel (aka “gray”) imports, the Russian government hopes to satisfy the demand for foreign goods that were previously protected by intellectual property law. The list of such goods will be formed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

«It is important to understand that parallel import does not mean the legalization of counterfeit goods. We are talking about the import of original goods through alternative channels.", – RIA Novosti quotes the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Until the beginning of the summer, accounts for debts will not be blocked

  •  Until June 1, inspectors of the Federal Tax Service will not make decisions on blocking accounts when collecting debts.

Reduced registration period for LLC and sole proprietorship

  •  Through the State Online Business Registration service, you can register an individual entrepreneur or LLC in just a day. Documents must be certified by a qualified electronic signature, which can be obtained at any certification center – their list is on the website of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Payments to employers for young professionals

  •  An employer who employs an applicant under the age of 30 proposed by the Employment Center will receive 54. You can apply for a subsidy at the FSS until December 15 this year, but not earlier than a month from the moment the employee starts his duties.

Accelerated VAT refund

  •  This support measure is aimed at all Russian companies that are not in the process of liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy. VAT can be returned from the budget even before the end of the desk audit – “upfront”, within 11 working days after the application is submitted to the Federal Tax Service.

There will be no penalty for not having a paper receipt.

  •  Due to the disruption of supply chains, Russian companies have had problems with the purchase of paper check tape. Therefore, there will be no penalty for its absence. The Federal Tax Service advises sellers to send electronic checks to buyers by e-mail or by phone number.

List of affected sectors of the Russian economy approved

Government made . Participants in these industries will be able to take advantage of credit holidays for six months – to take a delay in repaying a loan or reduce the amount of payments.

Anti-sanction benefits for LLCs and JSCs

  •  If the value of the net assets of a JSC or LLC has decreased at the end of 2023, the owners will not have to reduce the authorized capital, liquidate the organization or indicate this data in the reporting. But in 2023, the old rules will come into effect.

Concessional lending program for small and medium businesses

  •  Small business owners will be able to take out a loan (or refinance the current one) for up to 1 year and without restrictions on the purpose of lending. The amount is up to 300 million rubles, and the rate is not higher than 15% per annum.

  •  For representatives of medium-sized businesses, the amount rises to 1 billion rubles and with a rate of up to 13,5% per annum.

  •  Banks participating in the program:

  • PJSC Sberbank,
  • VTB Bank (PJSC),
  • JSC Rosselkhozbank,
  • PJSC Bank FC Otkritie,
  • PJSC Promsvyazbank,
  • PJSC Sovcombank,
  • JSC "BCS Bank",
  • JSCB "Derzhava" PJSC,
  • JSC "Credit Europe Bank (Russia)",
  • Bank Levoberezhny (PJSC),
  • PJSC JSCB Metallinvestbank,
  • JSC Bank "National Standard",
  • PJSC "NBD-Bank",
  • JSC Bank United Capital,
  • JSC "Uri Bank",
  • JSC KB "Khlynov",
  • JSCB "CentroCredit"