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Where to go in March 2023 at sea and



  •  The end of a long exhausting winter, spring is on the threshold – even if only on the calendar. March is a great month for travel: tickets are still cheap, hotels have discounts, and vacations are varied.

For you, the editors of have selected ten most promising holiday destinations in March 2023 – subject to covid restrictions.

Where to go in March

5. Karelia on snowmobiles


  •  The last greetings of the outgoing winter are cheerful rides through the virgin snow, towards the Karelian villages frozen under the snow cover, the forest decorated with hoarfrost, ancient revered stones, the crater of an ancient volcano and the frozen Yukanoski waterfall, beautiful in its immobility. And after the transition, you can take a steam bath in a hot heated bath and taste national Karelian dishes.

  •  Such tours can be very short, for 4-8 hours (ideal for a weekend), or they can be for several days with hotel accommodation.

4. We feast in the Caucasus ...


  •  Caucasian cuisine is one of the cultural values of the region; it is unique, original, rooted in the mists of time and, of course, very tasty. It includes: kebabs (from fish or meat), kebabs, pita bread, salads with many ingredients, original dried fruits (candied and “natural”), peaches stuffed with nuts, homemade halva and much, much more.

  •  It is recommended to combine bodily food with spiritual food – excursions and visits to museums.

3. …and wine tasting in Crimea


  •  Crimea is one of the blessed places in the world where wine grapes feel at home. Each region produces its own type of drink – table wines in the central and western Crimea, dessert wines are best obtained in the south, and champagne – in the factories of the southeast of the country. And you can try them all!

  •  Wine tours in Crimea are held all year round, and tasting takes place indoors, so even the capricious March weather cannot spoil your trip.

2. Having fun at Shrove Tuesday in Suzdal


  •  In Suzdal, one of the most beautiful Russian cities, the winter is celebrated on a grand scale. From February 28 to March 6, a lot of festivities will be held in the city where you can eat pancakes, drink an old Russian drink – sbitn, or enjoy, although not the most traditional, but very tasty winter barbecue with piping heat.

  •  You can book a hotel room with a festive program, you can go on your own (we advise you to take care of an overnight stay in advance), and if you want to see more and pay less, then one of the options is bus tours.

1. Skiing in Kirovsk


  •  March is the most expanse for ski resorts – in Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai and Belokurikha it has not yet melted (there the season lasts until April), and in the two most “sporty” resorts – Sheregesh and Kirovsk – snowy weather will stand right up to May.

  •  In the Khibiny there is a place to ride for both beginners and professionals – there are many slopes in the ski resorts of Kirovsk (average elevation difference is 650 m). Most of all are middle-aged, blue ones, however, there are places for those who first set foot on skis to try themselves – most hotels start newbie tracks and entire slopes. All tracks and resorts are quite modern and well equipped – there are lifts and equipment rental.

Where to go in March to the sea

5. Dominican Republic


  •  It is still cold in Turkey – you can’t lie on the beach, and bodily pleasures have to be replaced with intellectual ones (excursions), sports ones (ski resorts) or material ones (shopping).

  •  Where to go in March 2023 for a Russian yearning for warmth? In the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic, there is just the holiday season, there is no rain, the air is warm (29 °), without excess moisture, and the water is suitable for swimming (26 °).

  •  And if you are tired of playing fish basking in warm waters, there is something to see and listen to in the Dominican Republic. Just in March, two significant events take place in the republic at once – this is a carnival in honor of the country's Independence Day and a large international classical music festival.

  •  Upon arrival, there is no quarantine – it is enough to issue a special document in electronic form.

4 Brazil


  •  If your love for carnivals outweighs the desire to splash in warm sea water, then it's time to book flights to Brazil. Accurately at the turn of two months (from February 25 to March 5), the famous carnival is held there, where tourists from all over the world flock to see people and show themselves.

  •  The triumph of colors, the extravaganza of light music, incendiary dances, local delicacies and strong drinks – such a trip will be remembered for a long time. And when the carnival is over, you can go to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, where the water warms up to 27 °, and you can swim and sunbathe.

  •  Brazil for Russians is a visa-free country, but it is better to go there vaccinated (you can use Sputnik V), otherwise you will have to spend 5 days in quarantine. Everyone else – both vaccinated and not vaccinated – will have to do a PCR test (not earlier than three days before boarding the plane)

3. Maldives


  •  In the Maldives, the heat reigns in March – the beach season ends, and in a month and a half, in mid-April, rains will overwhelm the small island country in the Indian Ocean.

  •  But for now the sky is clear and cloudless, the sea-ocean is warm and clean, and the weather is warm. During the day, it’s usually a little more than 30 °, at night the temperature drops, but not by much, so it’s better to plan all kinds of activities in the morning and evening, and during the day bask in the pool or relax in an air-conditioned room.

  •  The only exception to this rule is diving – the water is warm, 28-29 °, so you can swim under the ocean waves all day long and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

  •  A day before departure, you must fill out a health declaration (on the embassy website), upon arrival present a PCR test in English (it should not exceed four days) and confirmation that the hotel (approved by the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives) is ready to receive you.

2. Sri Lanka


  •  March is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. This month the royal season begins, the air and water are warm (temperatures of 30 and 29° respectively), but the weather is windy and the breezes are pleasantly refreshing. These same winds create waves in the Indian Ocean, which, like a beacon, lure surfers to themselves. In addition to beach activities, you can also go diving and snorkeling, try yourself in golf or horseback riding.

  •  If the Maldives is appreciated by lovers of a comfortable and relaxed beach holiday, then Sri Lanka attracts researchers and those who want to save money. The hotel system here is not as well-established and perfected as in the Maldives, and you can still find places for independent rest – not inferior in comfort, but far from being as popular. Another tourist lure is excursions, and there is something to see in Sri Lanka: many cultural monuments, whether they are ancient palaces or active temples, the wild flowering of nature and the exotic world of animals.

  •  It is best to go to the country vaccinated, as those who are not vaccinated and have not suffered from covid will be quarantined for 7 days (in special hotels), as well as pay for covid insurance and PCR tests. It is cheaper to get vaccinated, especially since our Sputnik is considered a valid vaccine.

1. Thailand


  •  And, finally, the king of tourism in Southeast Asia is Thailand, which has finally opened the gates for vaccinated tourists. In March the weather is sunny (28°), the water is warm (27°), the air is dry.

  •  People are already slowly starting to disperse in anticipation of the rainy season, so that even in the most popular resort – the island of Phuket – there are no longer such crowds running back and forth as before. But it's still crowded, so if you want peace and quiet, we recommend turning your eyes somewhere like Bang Tao (if your wallet allows) or Nai Yang (if it's thinner).

  •  Covid times impose their limitations. You will have to prepare a vaccination certificate (our Sputnik V is considered valid in Thailand), a quarantine hotel reservation (this is a full-fledged hotel with beaches and services), and also do a couple of PCR tests upon arrival.