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Rating of winter studded tires 2022-2023

Winter tires 2022


  •  In 2022, tire giants such as Michelin and Nokian Tires decided to wind down their business. And although Chinese manufacturers can partially saturate the Russian tire market, they are poorly represented in the premium segment and the category of large sizes.

  • According to experts, there is no shortage of tires yet, but owners of cars with a non-standard tire size (from 18 inches) should buy a new “shoe” now, while there is a stock in warehouses.
  • Yes, and motorists, whose “swallows” have 13-17-inch tires, should hurry with the purchase. The winter is coming!

  •  So that you can choose the best winter tires, I have studied the tests of 2023 winter tires from Avtorevyu and Za Rulem and present you with the top ten models, balanced in terms of cost / performance ratio.

Separate ratings for connoisseurs studless tires and owners crossovers.

Top 10 winter studded tires 2022-2023

10. Viatti Brina Nordico V-522

Viatti Brina Nordico V-522 opens the rating of winter tires 2022

  • Tread pattern type: asymmetric
  • Diameter: R13-18
  • Load index: 82-103
  • Profile width: 175-255
  • Profile height: 40-70

  •  The 2022 winter tire rating is opened by an inexpensive tubeless model that combines friction blocks in the middle with additional rows of studs along the edges of the tread. The number of spikes is 92 pieces, this is not much, but enough for urban conditions. Mixed cord – metal cord and textile.

  •  The shape of the spikes is interesting – they are rounded, due to which they wear out more slowly than pointed ones.

  •  Viatti tires are produced, at the Nizhnekamsk Tire Plant, allegedly using German equipment and Italian design.

  •  The fact that Brina Nordico V-522 turned out to be successful is confirmed by numerous reviews from Russian users. There are over 500 of them on Yandex.Market alone, and most of them are positive. Za Rulem experts note that Viatti Brina tires have good grip on ice and snow, but low comfort and poor directional stability on asphalt.

Pros and cons Quiet, almost like Velcro softGrips well on fresh snowGlides great on icy roads Few studsMediocre grip and directional stability on pavement

9. Tigar Ice

Tigar ice

  • Tread Type: Directional
  • Diameter: R15-17
  • Load index: 88-101
  • Profile width: 185-255
  • Profile height: 50-65

  •  The first "foreigner" in the ranking of winter tires – tires made in Serbia. The manufacturer did not spare the spikes – there are 190 of them. Drivers praise Tigar Ice for its confident and predictable behavior on slush and ice. They confidently enter the turn on ice, confidently paddle through deep snow. And these tires are balanced without problems.

  •  However, this tire also has a significant drawback – poor flotation through mud. And he does not like Tigar Ice when the icy road is powdered with snow. In this case, the brake track increases, ABS works very often.

Pros and cons soft good directional stability on snow and ice

8 Goodyear Ultra Grip 600

Goodyear Ultra Grip 600

  • Tread Type: Directional
  • Diameter: R15-17
  • Load index: 88-101
  • Profile width: 185-255
  • Profile height: 55-65

  •  The tread pattern of one of the best winter tires according to experts was borrowed from Dunlop Ice Touch. Its design features deep, wide grooves that effectively evacuate water, slush and mud, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

  •  To improve traction on snowy and icy roads, Goodyear engineers shaped the blocks in the center section of the tread with multidirectional edges. And they placed mutually intersecting lamellas along the entire tread, creating engagement edges.

  •  The studs on the UltraGrip 600 are hex-shaped, strong and securely held in the tread.

Pros and cons excellent rowing even in snowdrifts strong spikes good grip with ice predictable on snow porridge and soft asphalt, the car goes smoothly noisy on a wet road at a speed of 100 km / h can “scour”

7. Yokohama IceGuard IG65

Yokohama IceGuard IG65 good model according to customer reviews

  • Tread Type: Directional
  • Diameter: R16-22
  • Load index: 94-117
  • Profile width: 205-315
  • Profile height: 35-70

  •  Good news for fans of Yokohama tires: the Russian plant in Lipetsk has resumed work, so we are not threatened with a shortage of Yokohama tires.

  •  Why is the IceGuard IG65 good? Autoreview experts praised her for a large number of spikes (172 pieces in 16-inch tires) located across the entire width of the tread, effective braking and confident entry into turns on ice.

  •  On snowy trails, the iG65 rides smoothly and the driver maintains good control over the machine.

  •  This rubber shows itself well on wet pavement, it rides firmly, without aquaplaning. Noisy, of course, but not to the level of "we are going to take off."

Pros and cons predictable behavior on snow, ice and wet pavement well balanced wear resistant studs stick well noisy on pavement slows down on slush for a long time

6. Pirelli Formula Ice

Pirelli Formula Ice

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R14-18
  • Load index: 82-108
  • Profile width: 175-335
  • Profile height: 50-70

  •  This rubber is good for the southern regions of Russia, where frosts do not fall below -20 degrees. Because at this mark, this rubber quickly dubs, and it takes about 20 minutes to warm up.

  •  The Pirelli Formula Ice uses hexagon-shaped aluminum studs to provide good grip on winter roads. The studs hold firmly, one user boasted that over 5 seasons of operation his tires lost only 10% of the studs.

  •  Numerous sipes serve for strong grip on snow-covered surfaces, and wide drainage grooves quickly remove melted snow, water and dirt from the contact patch.

  •  I note that Pirelli Formula Ice tires are consistently among the top ten winter tires in the Driving tests. And in 2022, it's still one of the best studded tires out there.

Pros and cons rows well on snow and ice the spikes hold firmly wear-resistant it makes noise it hardens at low temperatures indistinct directional stability on asphalt

5 Nokian Tires Nordman 8

Nokian Tires Nordman 8 in the top 5 winter studded tires 2022

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R13-19
  • Load index: 75-102
  • Profile width: 155-255
  • Profile height: 40-70

  •  The top 5 winter studded tires of 2023 are opened by Tires Nordman 8, in the model range of which there are tires with the right diameter for small cars, solid SUVs and compact crossovers. V-shaped cutting edges provide high traction and fast braking on snow.

  •  The new model has 190 studs versus 125 studs in the 7th model, and they are evenly distributed over the entire tread area.

  •  Due to the large number of spikes, the Tires Nordman 8 can float a little on dry pavement. But on dry snow and ice, as well as wet snow-covered roads, it shows itself from the best side.

Pros and cons the rubber is well balanced, it doesn’t tan in the cold, it drives confidently and slows down on snowy porridge, dry snow, icy roads, it’s noisy, although it gets quieter after running in

4. Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2

Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R13-19
  • Load index: 73-104
  • Profile width: 155-255
  • Profile height: 40-80

  •  Although these Korean tires are not the first in the top winter tires for passenger cars, they offer good value for money. According to the experts of the Autoreview magazine, Koreans behave best on snow, where they accelerate and brake quickly and confidently.

  •  But braking on ice is long, although acceleration and directional stability are normal. And at a speed of 80-90 km / h, an unpleasant acoustic pulsation appears.

Pros and consFuel economySmooth rideGreat for deep snow roads and uncleared snowdriftsLow acoustic comfortLong braking on icy roads

3. Continental IceContact 3

Continental Ice Contact 3

  • Tread: directional
  • Diameter: R14-21
  • Load index: 75-111
  • Profile width: 155-295
  • Profile height: 40-75

  •  One of the richest options in terms of the number of sizes in the ranking of winter studded tires in terms of price and quality. IceContact 3 is also available in a variety of finishes including RunFlat, ContiSeal and ContiSilent.

  •  The first tire variants from 17" in diameter were equipped with rubber-coated studs made using ContiFlexStud technology. As conceived by the manufacturer, such spikes were supposed to provide high traction on ice and increase acoustic comfort. However, the rubber shells of the spikes quickly collapsed, so modern IceContact 3 models are equipped with conventional aluminum spikes, the number of which reaches 208 pieces.

  •  Continental IceContact 3 is famous for its excellent handling on ice and good braking on wet pavement. But on snow, with active maneuvering, they can behave unstable.

Pros and cons good lateral grip on ice accelerates and brakes quickly on icy roads low rolling resistance noisy

2. Michelin X-Ice North 4

Michelin X-Ice North 4

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R15-22
  • Load index: 92-116
  • Profile width: 185-315
  • Profile height: 30-70

  •  To the question of which winter tires are better to choose in the premium segment, there is no better answer than Michelin, Nokian and Pirelli. And the X-Ice North 4 is a good choice if you need tires that have received an “excellent” rating in the “Auto Review” and “Behind the Wheel” tests.

  •  What is the secret of the Quartet's success? Perhaps in the number of studs – 250 pieces in the popular R15 size, or in a tread pattern thought out to the smallest detail. And most likely – in their combination. Be that as it may, X-Ice North 4 will cope with any type of winter road surface – from bare ice and pure snow to slush and already melted ice.

  •  The only thing that can be reproached with this rubber is mediocre behavior on wet pavement. It’s not worth scorching on it, the car, shod in X-Ice North 4, starts to “scour” and slows down for a long time.

Pros and cons fuel economy predictable on slippery surfaces not noisy mediocre directional stability and braking on wet pavement

1 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10p

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10p best winter tire 2023 with studs

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R14-20
  • Load index: 86-104
  • Profile width: 175-275
  • Profile height: 35-65

  •  Nokian engineers have managed to optimize the placement of the studs so that the tire is one of the quietest on the market. The number of spikes in the novelty is also impressive – 220 pieces (16% more than the previous version).

  •  Protector features include:

  • Two types of lamellas in the shoulder and central areas – for the stability of the blocks when driving.
  • Not completely cut lamellas – for the rigidity of the blocks and, again, improving handling.
  • Different shape and orientation of the spikes in the shoulder and central segments – for anti-skidding.
  • Noise-absorbing inserts made using Silent Drive technology.

  •  Like its closest competitor, the X-Ice North 4, the Finnish tire has excellent traction on snow and ice. Worse, she is given trips on wet asphalt – this was shown by the tests of the Autoreview. Otherwise, this model has no shortcomings, it offers customers a high level of safety and acoustic comfort.

Pros and consquiet rutting resistantgood acceleration properties on dry pavement and snow excellent grip on icy roads gripping properties on wet pavement

Winter tire test 2023 "Behind the wheel"


Because the edition» tests tires in the dead of winter, when car owners have already purchased winter tires, then the basis for the rating of winter studded tires 2022-2023. we take the actual results of last year's winter tire test, 2022 is the best time to buy them, since the models have been tested and received a lot of feedback.