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Top 10 Best Winter Tires for Crossovers 2022-2023

The best SUV winter tires


  •  Owners of crossovers and SUVs should hurry up with the purchase of winter tires. And not just because winter is coming. Manufacturers of large tires – Nokian Tires and Michelin – are curtailing their business. And this threatens with a shortage of premium large spikes and Velcro. Experts say that there is nothing to completely replace them yet.

  •  So that you can choose the best winter tires for crossovers and SUVs for the winter season 2022/2023, I studied the reviews of popular models (with a rating of at least 4.5 on Yandex.Market), and also got acquainted with the tests conducted by the magazines "Autoreview" and " Behind the wheel". And I present to you the top ten options that are optimal in terms of price / quality.

Rating of studded winter tires for crossovers

5. Nokian Tires Nordman 8 SUV

Nokian Tires Nordman 8 SUV opens the ranking of crossover winter tires

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 215-255
  • Profile height: 65-70
  • Diameter: R15-19
  • Load index: 102-108

  •  The first in the ranking of winter tires for crossovers and SUVs is a model that has 190 anti-skid studs distributed over the entire tread area. Whereas the 7th model had 125 of them. The studs have an Eco Stud cushioning layer that improves the behavior of the stud and softens contact with the road.

  •  The serrated edges of the shoulder blocks reduce the chance of tread slippage on ice. And numerous lamellas form cutting edges, which allows the tire to "bite" into a slippery surface.

  •  On slush and ice, a car with a Nordman 8 SUV behaves confidently, according to the owners. It also rows excellently in deep snow, and in general, Russian users have no complaints about it.

Pros and cons soft, low noise, confidently behaves on ice, deep and rolled snow and asphalt pavement, the transverse grip is rather weak

4. Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2

Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-255
  • Profile height: 40-80
  • Diameter: R13-19
  • Load index: 73-104

  •  The Korean company has been selling its tires for a long time, competing on equal terms with Michelin, Pirelli and Continental. And the Winter i * Pike RS2 model is one of the most popular among domestic car owners.

  •  Its advantages, according to the test results of winter tires for crossovers:

  1. Excellent longitudinal grip when driving on virgin snow.
  2. High fuel efficiency.
  3. Good grip on asphalt.
  4. Reliable grip on ice.
  5. Low rolling resistance.

  •  But experts have comments on braking on asphalt and on ice.

Pros and consprice/performance ratioacoustic comfort wear-resistantresistant to hydroplaninglong braking on asphalt and ice

3. Continental IceContact 3

Continental Ice Contact 3

  • Tread: directional
  • Diameter: R14-21
  • Load index: 75-111
  • Profile width: 155-295
  • Profile height: 40-75

  •  One of the richest options in terms of the number of sizes in the ranking of winter studded tires for crossovers and SUVs. IceContact 3 is also available in a variety of finishes including RunFlat, ContiSeal and ContiSilent.

  •  The first tire variants from 17" in diameter were equipped with rubber-coated studs made using ContiFlexStud technology. As conceived by the manufacturer, such spikes were supposed to provide high traction on ice and increase acoustic comfort. However, the rubber shells of the spikes quickly collapsed, so modern IceContact 3 models are equipped with conventional aluminum spikes, the number of which reaches 208 pieces.

  •  Continental IceContact 3 is famous for its excellent handling on ice and good braking on wet pavement. But on snow, with active maneuvering, they can behave unstable.

Pros and cons good lateral grip on ice accelerates and brakes quickly on icy roads low rolling resistance noisy

2. Michelin X-Ice North 4 SUV

Michelin X-Ice North 4 SUV

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R16-22
  • Load index: 93-117
  • Profile width: 215-315
  • Profile height: 35-70

  •  The SUV variant differs from the usual “passenger model” in its size range and readiness for increased loads. Otherwise, the performance of these tires is identical.

  •  Depending on the width of the profile, the X-Ice North 4 SUV contains at least 250 spikes, which are located along 22 longitudinal and transverse lines. Designers Michelin made "holes" around each spike with many ledges. This allows you to effectively crush the ice crumb into tiny fragments.

Pros and cons not too noisy low rolling resistance excellent directional and lateral stability on ice slow down for a long time and can “scour” on wet pavement

1. Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 10p SUV

Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 10p SUV best studded crossover tire

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Diameter: R16-22
  • Load index: 99-117
  • Profile width: 215-315
  • Profile height: 35-70

  •  The 2022-2023 crossover and SUV studded tire ranking is led by a premium model with a reinforced (compared to the regular Hakkapeliitta 10p) carcass and sidewall construction. Larger section aramid fibers were added to their cord. This protects the sidewalls from cuts and other damage when colliding with sharp objects.

  •  The composition of the mixture has also been improved so that the tires can operate in a wide temperature range.

  •  The number of spikes is also impressive – 220 pieces. And the use of two different types of studs ensures maximum safety on ice and snow. The studs located in the central part of the tread are responsible for good grip during acceleration and braking, and the star-shaped studs located in the shoulder areas provide traction when cornering and changing lanes.

  •  The result was a tire that is ideal for urban conditions and movement “without recklessness” – up to 120 km / h in winter. At higher speeds, you constantly have to steer.

Pros and cons Quiet economical accelerates and brakes well on dry paved surfaces, snow and ice Moderate directional stability on ice under melted snow

Rating of non-studded winter tires for crossovers

5. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Top 5 Crossover Friction Tires

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 205-285
  • Profile height: 40-80
  • Diameter: R15-22
  • Load index: 96-117

  •  These "Velcro" from the Japanese company are designed for northern winters. Bridgestone engineers paid special attention to the tread pattern, expanding the contact patch, especially on the edges, and the micropores do not require break-in and are ready to work almost out of the box.

  •  During the test runs of the Za Rulem testers, the tires successfully passed the “moose test” (stability during extreme maneuvers), demonstrating a decrease in braking distance at speeds above 50 km/h.

Pros and cons soft running very quiet tenacious on ice and rolled snow predictable on slush wear resistant expensive

4. GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Performance SUV Gen-1

GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Performance SUV Gen-1

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 215-275
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R16-22
  • Load index: 99-114

  •  A special feature of these European-style tires are the 3D-BIS sipes, which are located very close to each other. This improves grip on snow and ice.

  •  According to customer reviews, the Ultra Grip Performance SUV Gen-1 balances without problems, is resistant to rutting and rides predictably on ice and snow slush. It also copes with deep snow with a bang.

  •  But if you live in a region where in winter the temperature drops from -20 and below, then this model may not be suitable. She dubeet at -15 degrees.

Pros and consAcoustic comfortWalks predictably in packed and deep snow Doesn't prowl on icy roadsNot prone to hydroplaningSoft sidewalls

3. Michelin X-Ice Snow

Michelin X-Ice Snow

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-275
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R14-20
  • Load index: 75-112

  •  The third place in the "sticky" top is occupied by a tire with a V-shaped tread pattern. It is distinguished by a large number of lamellas of two types:

  1. Vertical – to maintain the rigidity of the blocks and good handling on asphalt without snow and ice.
  2. U-shaped – located in the shoulder areas, and improve grip and handling on slippery surfaces. The large depth of cut allows these sipes to persist even when the tire is heavily worn.
Pros and cons confident handling on slush and packed snow quiet not prone to hydroplaning good on ice rowing in deep snow

2. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 215-315
  • Profile height: 35-70
  • Diameter: R16-22
  • Load index: 99-117

  •  The sidewalls of these tires contain aramid fibers, which provide rigidity and strength, so that if you hit a hole or hit a curb, the tire will most likely not get punctured or cut.

  •  One of the main differences from the regular Hakkapeliitta R3 is the enlarged central rib that is resistant to deformation. And different types of sipes in the central and shoulder areas allow the tire to quickly dry the contact patch and firmly “cling” to the icy and wet road during longitudinal acceleration.

Pros and cons confidently enter turns on wet pavement quiet controlled behavior on snow, including in corners slow down on ice for a long time

1. Continental VikingContact 7

Continental VikingContact 7 the best Velcro for crossovers and SUVs

  • Tread pattern type: symmetrical
  • Profile width: 155-275
  • Profile height: 40-70
  • Diameter: R14-21
  • Load index: 75-107

  •  The best winter tire for SUVs, which in different years received first places in the reviews of the publishing houses "Tyre Testing Group", "Behind the Wheel" and "Autoreview".

  •  The disadvantages of VikingContact 7 include only delicate sidewalls. As for the behavior on ice, snow and dry pavement, it is impeccable. The car, “shod” in these tires, confidently goes both in a straight line and enters turns. The testers had comments on the behavior of rubber during extreme driving, but here any tires can “fall under the distribution” if you drive them recklessly in winter.

  •  And for a quiet ride around the city and beyond in the snow, on slush, on ice and even in the rain, Continental VikingContact 7 is the perfect choice.

Pros and cons Grip firmly on the ice confidently go and brake on asphalt good on wet roads sidewalls are soft a little long braking distance on a wet track

Winter tire tests for crossovers and SUVs


  •  Since the publication "Za Rulem" tests tires in the dead of winter, when car owners have already purchased winter tires for themselves, the rating of the best winter tires for crossovers 2022-2023 is based on. we take the current results of last year's winter tire test, replacing the models with new products from the same series. And 2022 is the best time to buy them, as the models have been tested and received a lot of feedback.