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The most realistic and expensive sex dolls in the world

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  •  Sex toys are hugely popular all over the world, except in countries with tough, if not cruel, morals. And sex dolls are an important, growing and ever-improving part of the sex toy industry.

  •  And the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the popularity of sex dolls. During the coronavirus lockdown, residents of the Big Apple bought 2020% more silicone girlfriends in 65 than they did in 2019, according to the New York Post.

  •  The most realistic sex dolls are very similar to a real person. They are made of high quality silicone, life size, durable and stunningly beautiful. And very, very expensive. Here are the top most realistic and expensive sex dolls in the world.

10. Samantha by Synthea Amatus

Worth from 2650 to 3150 dollars


  •  Samantha is different from other representatives of the rating of the most expensive sex bots. She knows how ... to refuse sex.

  •  Synthea Amatus began selling artificial intelligence-equipped silicone sex dolls in August, priced between 2000 and 3500 euros. However, this company does not seem to be operating at this time.

  •  People who interacted with Samantha reported that her orgasm was her most exciting feature because the "lady" made loud and realistic sounds.

  •  It has also been claimed that she can learn her owner's sexual patterns so that he and the sex doll can reach orgasm at the same time.

  •  Although Samantha could not move on her own, she gave voice responses to touch thanks to sensors placed in different parts of her body. She had several modes, including family, with jokes and quotes (perhaps in case guests came), romantic and hard sex.

  •  Winning Samantha's artificial heart is not so easy. First, she needs to be taken care of. One of the owners of the sex doll stated that she likes to be touched. But if you grab her too roughly, Samantha can refuse intimacy.

9. Emma by AI Tech

Price without discount – $3


  •  In April, Chinese company AI Tech released a humanoid animatronic sex doll named Emma. It is made of food grade thermoplastic elastomer, and it can move its head, blink, and talk to people in English and Chinese.

  •  The skeleton of the doll is made of plated steel. And inside the artificial beauty is a heating system that allows you to heat it up to 37 degrees for greater comfort for the owner.

  •  Emma has built-in sensors that make the "girl" moan when touched.

  •  Buyers can choose from five head options, as well as other customization options including height, skin color, and genital type (fixed or removable).

8. Silicone Robot by Z-onedoll

could be bought for 4450-4900 dollars


  •  Chinese sex doll company Z-onedoll started selling an animatronic AI sex doll under the unpretentious name "Silicone Robot" in 2016. However, the company closed in February.

  •  The genitals of one version of the doll had a heating system. Customers could control the temperature through the app. The animatronic head, controlled by an Android app, could blink and move its eyes and mouth.

  •  The robot could also talk in Chinese, make groaning sounds, or any sounds that the owner uploaded to it.

7. Harmony by Abyss Creations/Realbotix

It is worth from 8000 dollars

  •  Abyss Creations makes the very popular RealDoll silicone sex doll, versions of which can be seen in various movies and shows including Lars and the Real Girl and Sons of Anarchy.

  •  In 2015, Matt McMullen of Abyss Creations launched the Realbotix project, which created a robotic talking head that can be attached to the RealDoll's body. These AI sex dolls can keep up the conversation and even make jokes.

  •  "Harmony" is the flagship women's model of Abyss Creations. One animatronic head of such a sex doll will cost $ 8000. Another $30 to $000 will have to be paid for the body.

  •  The RealDollX app allows you to create a personality that will integrate with the robotic head. It is currently only available on Android and costs $30 per year.

6. Harry Harddrive and Susie Software by MacMil Cybernetics

Offered for 8000-11000 dollars (for each doll)


  •  The American company MacMil Cybernetics has created two sex robots: a man named Harry Harddrive and a woman named Susie Software. In 2011, they were selling for between $8000 and $11000. However, it is not clear if anyone bought these sex bots.

5. Yasuragi by Orient Industry

Price – from $9


  •  A Japanese sex toy player offers a "sex doll so real, you can almost feel her breath."

  •  Silicone beauty Yasuragi is made with great attention to detail. It is waterproof up to the shoulders, so the owner can take the doll into the bath for intimate sessions. In addition, each doll is made to order and offers complete freedom of customization and personalization. The buyer can choose the body size, skin color, hairstyle and many other options, including even the color of the nipples.

4. Roxxxy by True Companion

Cost – $9


  •  One of the most popular sex bots in the world was introduced back in 2010 at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

  •  Roxxxy has five personality modules and is able to speak and move.

  1. Those looking for warmth and companionship will find them at Mature March.
  2. "Wild Wendy" in her twenties, on the other hand, is more sociable sexually.
  3. Eighteen-year-old "Young Yoko" is less sexually experienced, but very spontaneous and loves to experiment in the bedroom.
  4. And BDSM Suzanne loves gags and bondage.
  5. Finally, the fifth personality is the frigid Terah.

  •  The doll has a "brother" Rocky, who also has a personality (as well as vibrating genitals).

  •  However, many lovers of sex dolls said that Roxxxy disappointed them – she was overly publicized, but did not realize the promised opportunities.

3. Sex doll from Doll Sweet

Price – from 36 to 000 dollars


  •  The Chinese manufacturer is working on two versions of the talking robotic head. So far, the prototype communicates in Chinese, but not yet in English.

  •  The head fits all Doll Sweet silicone sex dolls from 158 to 167 cm tall. It has facial expressions, makes sounds from an mp3 file and is controlled by a smartphone (both iOS and Android) or a game controller.

  •  While the robot's sexual component is still in research and development, first-generation non-sexual robots are ready for mass production, according to

  •  At this stage, the robot is designed for lectures, greetings and etiquette. It can be used at the hotel reception, as a shopping guide or commentator.

  •  Sexual features will be programmed into the second-generation model, which is "far from ready" due to shipping, maintenance and other issues. Doll Sweet has yet to say when it will be ready for sale. The doll has a movable shoulder, a rotating neck and can be controlled by voice (in Chinese).

2. Whitney Cummings by RealDoll

was sold for 100 000 dollars


  •  A sex robot inspired by actress Whitney Cummings is the most expensive model ever made by RealDoll.

  •  Previously, Cummings introduced a robot girl in her comedy show. She was also a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast and answered questions.

  •  After the doll was sold, RealDoll spokesperson Brick Dollbanger said the demand for this version was insane. But the company can't make more Whitney Cummings because that would violate licensing laws.

1 Missdoll

Price — $9.


  •  Missdoll is a Chinese erotic doll company founded in 2018. It offers various types of synthetic companions and is currently developing a voice-controlled robot designed for oral pleasures.

  •  While this sex robot is not currently for sale, the company previously listed it for sale for a whopping $9.

  •  The prototype was shown in action at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2019 in Las Vegas.

  •  Missdoll's creation mimics oral intercourse with a wearable masturbation cup that connects to his mouth.