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5 cheapest cars in 2022



  •  Lately, the Russian auto industry has been "swinging around like a canteen boat" in an attempt to both satisfy consumer demand and not scare them away with excessively high prices. And there are already positive changes.

  •  Here are the top 5 cheapest cars. The data is current as of summer 2023.

5. LADA Vesta


The Classic version costs 1,1 mln

  •  Basic version with a 1,6-liter naturally aspirated engine with 106 hp. and a manual 5-speed gearbox will cost the amount for which last year it was possible to take the maximum Exclusive package.

  •  There are significant difficulties with the production of this model, due to which the production of the restyled Vesta had to be postponed to the winter, or even the beginning of 2023. We need to find a new supplier of components, including ABS and ESP stabilization systems. Previously, they were supplied by Bosch.

4. LADA XRay


In Standard version worth 1,1 million

  •  Slightly cheaper than Vesta (1 million 106 thousand rubles versus 1 million 121 thousand rubles, respectively) is the compact city cross-hatch XRay. It is equipped with a 106 hp engine, mechanical transmission and all-wheel drive. There is no air conditioning, like the previous participant in the rating of the cheapest cars in 2023 in the Russian Federation.

3. LADA Niva Travel


On sale can be found for 1 mln

  •  The official price list of AVTOVAZ is 1 million 66. In the "Classic" version with a 1,7-liter engine of 80 hp. and 5-speed manual transmission includes:

  • SRS (airbag) for the driver.
  • Power and heated exterior mirrors.
  • Audio preparation.
  • 15-inch steel wheels.

2. LADA Niva Legend


Can be purchased for 818 900

  •  In July 2023, the Niva Legend SUV will return to the assembly line, albeit in a “truncated form”. Here's what will not be in the updated car:

  • airbags,
  • anti-lock braking system,
  • ERA-GLONASS module.

  •  Perhaps, in return for the lost one, AvtoVAZ will add some premium options to the basic version, such as air conditioning or heated seats. We'll find out soon!

1. LADA Granta Classic'22


Cost – from 678

  •  The most budget car in 2023 was greatly simplified due to difficulties with the supply of components. "Under the knife" went: airbags, anti-lock braking system and ERA-GLONASS. The environmental class has also changed – from Euro-5 to Euro-2. According to media reports, due to the class of environmental friendliness, the owners of the anti-crisis "Grants" are asked to sign an agreement not to travel abroad.

  •  It also became known that the owners of Granta Classic'22 will not be able to retrofit their car with ABS and airbag, as this will require the replacement of the steering wheel, electronics control unit, several sensors, etc. As they say, it's easier to give up and forget.