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Top 10 banks with the largest ATM network

Top 10 banks with the largest ATM network


RatingsAn extensive network of ATMs is a big advantage for any bank. After all, when choosing a bank for issuing a plastic card, we always pay attention to the convenience of withdrawing cash. So, the more ATMs, the more customers – cardholders.

Unrivaled leaders have entered our present day Top 10 banks with the largest ATM network. Unfortunately, Master Bank “dropped out” of the dozens, whose license was revoked in November of this year, and its entire network of ATMs came under the control of Sberbank.


10. Nomos Group (Nomos-Bank, Khanty-Mansiysk Bank and Novosibirsk Municipal Bank)

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 1886 pcs.

Clients of the banks of the Nomos group can withdraw money without commission not only in their "native" ATMs, but also in the network of partner banks: AB Rossiya, Globex Bank and Nordea-Bank.

9. Moscow Industrial Bank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 2093 pcs.

The bank offers customers very loyal rates for cash withdrawals – 0% from debit cards within the limit, 0,5% over the limit, for withdrawing credit funds – 3 or 2%, depending on the type of card.

8. Raiffeisenbank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 2101 pcs.

In addition to "native" ATMs, customers can withdraw cash in the networks of Rosbank, Tatfondbank and UniCreditBank. Withdrawal fee will be 0% for debit card and 3% for credit card.

7. Promsvyazbank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 2257 pcs.

Despite the fact that the bank occupies only the 7th position in the TOP-10, its customers can use the widest network of ATMs. The fact is that such a “giant” of the market as Alfa-Bank acts as a partner of PSB. Taking into account the partner network, the number of Promsvyazbank ATMs reaches 5300 units.

6. Rosbank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 2954 pcs.

The bank's partners are Alfa-Bank and Raiffeisenbank, which allows customers to withdraw money without changing the conditions and significantly expands the ATM network.

5. Uralsib

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 2956 pcs.

There are 838 cardholders per ATM of the bank. Commission for cash withdrawal within one branch 0% from a debit card, in other branches and from partner banks – 0,7%.

4. Alfa-Bank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 3043 pcs.

Including partner banks, Alfa-Bank's ATM network includes 11 ATMs. Clients can withdraw cash in the networks of MDM Bank, Promsvyazbank, Rosbank, Rosselkhozbank.

3. Rosselkhozbank

RatingsNumber of ATMs – 3400 pcs.

The total number of ATMs, including partner banks, is more than 7800 machines in 1660 cities and other settlements of Russia.

2. VTB Group

RatingsThe number of ATMs is over 11000.

The network of this group of banks includes ATMs of VTB-24, as well as of the Bank of Moscow and TransCreditBank. There are about 1800 plastic cards per ATM.

1. Sberbank

RatingsThe number of ATMs is over 48957.

  •  The leader of our TOP-10 issued more than 58 million cards. Thus, there are 1185 customers per ATM. At the same time, according to experts, the optimal indicator is 1000 cards per ATM.