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10 places to go in June 2021 at sea



  •  The lockdown in Turkey until June 1 was a stab in the back for Russian tourists. And while hoteliers in the Crimea, Abkhazia and the Krasnodar Territory are massively canceling old reservations in order to offer more expensive rooms, ordinary people have to decide what to replace the hospitable Turkish coast with.

Having studied the list of countries open to visit, as well as popular places within Russia, we have compiled for you list of best places to stay in june .

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10. Bulgaria

BulgariaSince May XNUMX, the country has been open to foreign tourists. However, there are no direct flights between the countries yet.

  •  And since Sputnik V is included in the list of vaccines approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, Russians can enter Bulgaria by presenting a document confirming their vaccination. It must be issued within 14 days from the date of border crossing.

  •  Another document that opens entry to Bulgaria is a PCR test for coronavirus received 15-180 days before the date of arrival.

  •  In June, the water in the Black Sea in Bulgarian resorts is still cool – 17-18 degrees, but clean.

To pre-book a hotel near Golden Sands, the attractions of Veliko Tarnovo, the Old Town of Nessebar or any other place you choose to visit in Bulgaria, use one of the popular booking services.

9. Egypt

EgyptThe heads of Russia and Egypt agreed on the resumption of direct flights to Egyptian resorts, and the matter is small – the exact date of the opening of air traffic.

  •  Tour operators are ready to resume work with Egypt in a week after the opening of flights. Sunny Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and other popular Egyptian resorts are expected to become the most budgetary foreign tourist destinations. In the meantime, they cannot be called such – the cost of a double ticket for the May holidays is from 200.

  •  To cross the Egyptian border, you must have a PCR test on hand, made 3 days before arrival.

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab EmiratesAll Arab Emirates are open to tourists from Russia who have a PCR test for COVID-19 with them, made 72 hours before the departure date. Exceptions are children under 12 and people with moderate and severe disabilities.

  •  There are a lot of attractions in the UAE, among the most famous:

  • the grandiose skyscraper Burj Khalifa with a height of 828 meters.
  • The majestic Dubai Jumeirah Mosque (one of the few where non-Islamic people are allowed).
  • Wild Wadi water park in Dubai, it has 24 attractions connected by water slides.
  • Man-made Palm Islands in Dubai – the tourist center of the Persian Gulf.
  • Al Jazeera Park in Sharjah City is the best place for a family holiday (however, only women and children are allowed in on Tuesdays). A railroad passes through the entire area of the park so that you can quickly see all the interesting places.

7. Cuba

CubaAs with other travel destinations, traveling to Cuba requires that you have your coronavirus test results on hand, obtained three days before your trip. And you also need insurance against COVID-19, you can buy it right at the airport for $30.

  •  Summer in Cuba is the peak of the rainy season, so it will not be superfluous to bring a raincoat and an umbrella on your trip. Santiago de Cuba is least disturbed by precipitation, where the peak of rain falls in May. And most often the rains "visit" Santa Clara.

Cuba in the summer is not only rum, cigars, coffee and a beach holiday, but also one of best fishing spots. The optimal time for catching sailfish, tuna, marlin and other types of fish is from April to September. And in late May and early June, the Marina Hemingway sports and entertainment complex in Havana hosts an annual fishing tournament dedicated to the memory of Ernest Hemingway.

6. Seychelles

SeychellesSince March 25, the Seychelles have been allowing tourists without quarantine. This requires two things:

  1. PCR test data made in an accredited laboratory no earlier than 72 hours before the start of the trip.
  2. Submit a fee-based (45 euros per adult and 5 euros per child under 12) application for a mandatory medical clearance from the local health department.

  •  June in the Seychelles passes with a minimum of rain, moderate by local standards and comfortable by Russian air temperature – 30 degrees. And the water warms up to 28 degrees.

  •  People go to the Seychelles mainly for a beach holiday, and it is really beautiful there. However, when choosing accommodation, and hence the local beach, we recommend reading the reviews, as many beaches are full of stones, corals and algae, and strong waves turn the entry into the ocean into a serious test if there is no breakwater nearby.

  •  Some of the best beaches in the Seychelles are Beau Vallon (sandy, no stones and no breakwaters), Anse Intandance (beautiful white sand, palm trees, but no breakwaters) and Anse Forbans (clean sand, palm trees, there is a breakwater, shallow – you can let the children in in water).

5. Crimea

CrimeaGood abroad, yes roads. And Crimea, if you travel there by your own car, and rent a room in the private sector (and some even prefer tents), the family budget will not ruin.

There are plenty of beautiful places in Crimea, the air is saturated with sea freshness, and nature pleases with a riot of greenery. In early June, the air warms up to 17-22 degrees during the day, and from the middle of the month hot days come – up to 30 degrees. For a sunny and comfortable June microclimate, we recommend going to Sudak, Alushta, Yalta or Evpatoria. And if you want coolness and winds – then to Beregovoe, Feodosia or Koktebel.

  •  Before booking a room, do not be too lazy to clarify how things are in the hotel with hot water – it is provided intermittently in the Crimea.

4. Sochi

SochiIn June, the pearl of the Krasnodar Territory has not yet warmed up to the limit, and the temperature ranges from 23 to 30°C. And at night it can drop to 15 ° C. Precipitation is unlikely, and daylight pleases with its duration – up to 15 hours. The water temperature at the beginning of the month is about 22 degrees, in the middle – 25 degrees.

  •  A large number of hotels and guest houses allow you to choose accommodation according to your pocketbook and level of comfort, and even activities in Sochi for every taste – from a carefree beach holiday, excursions and visiting water parks to yachting, diving to the bottom with scuba diving or admiring the sunset on Mount Akhun.

3 Serbia

SerbiaIf in winter Serbia was popular due to its ski resorts, then in the summer season preference is given to other resorts – balneological ones. There you can treat your shaky health, and just enjoy the beautiful nature and calm atmosphere.

  •  The most popular health resorts in the country are Vrnjacka Banya, Soko Banya, Koviljaca Banya, Zvonačka Banya, Lukovska Banya and Kanizha Banya. All of them are located in the picturesque corners of the country, have modern medical equipment, and qualified personnel.

  •  To visit Serbia, you only need a PCR test done 48 hours before departure.

2. Ethiopia

EthiopiaThe oldest African state is open to tourists who have a COVID-19 test in their hands, made 120 hours before departure. Children under 12 do not need to take the test.

  •  What to do in this exotic country in June? For example, enjoy its diversity – from the ancient Christian churches in the city of Lalibela to authentic southern tribes, whose way of life has changed little over hundreds of years, and the Danakil Desert – the hottest place on Earth. And in the city of Harar, you can watch a unique attraction – feeding hyenas.

  •  It is better to get acquainted with Ethiopian cuisine in the restaurants of Addis Ababa, where the quality of food is higher, and the assortment is more diverse.

  •  It is worth considering that electricity and even basic amenities such as a toilet and shower may be absent along the route, but child begging is common everywhere. Therefore, Ethiopia is more suitable for lone energetic travelers than for families.

1. Altai

AltaiIt is one of the most popular domestic tourism destinations. According to the Office of the Altai Territory for the Development of Tourism and Resort Activities, 2020 million people visited the region in 1,2. This year, due to the closure of Turkey, there will probably be more tourists in Altai.

  •  Altai is a great place for fishing, family vacations at the camp site, camping and outdoor activities. Experienced tourists recommend staying in the village of Izvestkovy for a couple of days and pitching a tent on the banks of the Katun, enjoying the morning fogs, clean air and the smell of pines.

  •  One of the most visited places in Altai is the Karakol natural park "Uch-Enmek". On its territory there are places of power – Bashadar burial grounds and stone steles. And also petroglyphs, the cleanest lake Arygem and the mineral spring Arzhun-Suu.

  •  If you want a relaxing holiday with a minimum of tourists, and the taiga around, we recommend staying at a recreation center near Igistu-Kol Lake, this is one of the Ulagansky lakes.

  •  And if your soul longs for beautiful views, then go look at the most hyped sights of the republic – the Katu-Yaryk Pass, the Chulyshman Valley and Lake Teletskoye. Upon returning home, you will look at the photos you took for a long time and remember how wonderful it was there.