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Rating of hotel booking services and the world



  •  Finding the best hotel while traveling is one of the most time-consuming and important parts of planning a trip. This is also one of the biggest costs, so choosing the wrong location can be an expensive mistake.

We have compiled a list of Top 10 hotel booking services and the world, which will help you find the best option for the right criteria and the lowest price.



  •  If you're looking for the best flight search service, Skyscanner is the place to go. With it, you can find cheap options for a month (and even more) of the departure date. You can choose the airport and airline, as well as rent a car for the desired number.

  •  Skyscanner has a large selection of accommodation options for travelers, and the service takes the offer from the databases of, Expedia, and other well-known online hotel booking sites.

  •  If you're looking for a hotel close to a specific location in the city, use the interactive map to find the right one for you.

  •  Convenient filters help you sort hotels, hostels, private homes and other types of accommodation by price, star rating, guest ratings, food, and even cancellation policies. The descriptions of the various hotels have hints about facilities and services, and photos of the rooms.

Pros: you can easily find cheap flights, a convenient filter system for searching hotels, a simple and intuitive interface.

Cons: the price is higher than on the airline's website.

9. RoomGuru


  •  This is an aggregator site designed to search for hotels from the databases of, Ostrovok and other popular services for travelers. It not only searches for great deals, but also provides registered users with "secret" prices for some hotels.

  •  RoomGuru has an interactive map that displays both types of accommodation and their prices, making it easier to choose a hotel located, for example, in the city center or close to the beach.

  •  In the hotel card, you can see basic information about it (Internet, services, active recreation options, etc.), as well as reviews from tourists.

Pros: a convenient mobile application for iOS or Android, the most simple website interface, there are photos for each number.

Cons: not many search filters compared to other services, fewer hotels in the selection than the first places in the rating.

8. agoda


  •  Agoda has the lowest prices in Asia – this region is given special attention. For Russia and the rest of the world, prices at Agoda are comparable to those of other hotel booking sites on this list.

  •  The Agoda Reward Scheme allows you to earn coupons worth 4-7% on your AgodaCASH hotel bookings. These coupons can be used for your next booking.

  •  The service offers a wide range of filtering options in the hotel search engine, down to price, free cancellation option, breakfast availability, nearby attractions, close distance to the beach, etc. The site also has an interactive map showing hotels and prices.

  •  Descriptions of rooms in hotels are quite detailed. For example, you can find information about the availability of free Wi-Fi, a hairdryer, the frequency of cleaning, and the level of room amenities.

  •  Agoda has an unpleasant surprise: the final price can only be seen if you click on "Book". In this case, the price may change upwards.

Pros: there are promotional codes for new customers, there is a bonus program, a large number of reviews, there are photos of rooms.

Cons: if there are problems with the hotel, the support service is unlikely to help you, an inconvenient application.

7. Armored car


  •  The national hotel booking system and the CIS offers over 20 accommodation facilities connected under direct contracts.

  •  One of the significant advantages of the service is the ability to select hotels even in the most remote corners of Russia.

  •  In the search filters, you can set "Mir Card Cashback Program" to find hotels participating in this program and get a 20% cashback. And for registered users, the service offers special offers for booking.

  •  In addition to the cashback program, has a lot of filters, including by type of accommodation (hotel, sanatorium, hostel, apartments, etc.), by topic (sports, business, budget, etc.) and services.

  •  It is convenient to view hotels on an interactive map in order to choose a hotel located close to the object you need.

  •  There is a black list of hotels, which includes establishments that violate the rights of guests (resale of paid rooms, poor quality of services, etc.).

  • is a laureate and winner of international and national awards in the field of tourism.

Pros: a large database of hotels, user-friendly interface, responsive support, profitable booking opportunities that other services do not have. All descriptions on the site are true.

Cons: there are not too many reviews of tourists about the service yet.

6. Hotels

  • (UPD. 2022: servis ushel s rOperating systemsiiskogo rinka)


  •  One of the best hotel booking sites and the world loads very fast and easy to use. Hotels prices are usually the same or slightly lower than the prices of other hotel booking services in this list.

  •  The site has many filters (free cancellation, area, attractions, services and amenities, etc.) that allow you to choose a hotel according to your criteria. And besides the hotel, you can choose such a type of accommodation as a guest house, hotel, country house, hostel, mini-hotel, etc.

  • offers one of the best rewards programs. Sign up for Rewards, book 10 nights at a hotel (or multiple hotels) and get one night free at any participating hotel. According to user feedback, recently you need to order every 11th free booking in the application.

Pros: discounts are often sent, there are attractive options at low prices, a convenient search.

Cons: there are no hotels in Crimea, there is an incomplete or incorrect description of hotels (you have to check on other sites), a long response from technical support, there are complaints that the service takes money for a “free” cancellation of a reservation.

5. Ostrovok


  •  A reliable search engine for hotels, hostels and apartments, which allows you to search for suitable options, including in the Republic of Crimea.

  •  Booking certified Russian hotels can be paid with a Mir card to get 20% cashback.

  •  On the Ostrovka website, you can find offers cheaper than on Booking, and the reservation is confirmed by e-mail. The service offers detailed information about each hotel, including photos of the rooms, nearby attractions, and the establishment's policies.

  •  Ostrovok has a "Bank of Dreams" loyalty program – bonuses for every day/night spent at the hotel. This allows you to accumulate "dreams" or "miles" and pay for bookings with them. However, it is currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Pros: there are Crimean hotels, a lot of traveler reviews, there is a map with the location of the hotel or hostel, responsive technical support.

Cons: The bonus system is temporarily disabled.

4. TripAdvisor


  •  Popular and the world, the hotel search service offers advanced filtering and sorting options, up to choosing a hotel brand, the necessary services in the institution and the distance from attractions.

  •  A huge number of reviews about a particular hotel allow travelers to make the right choice. Based on the analysis of reviews and ratings, the best establishments receive an annual Travelers' Choice award. However, there are also custom reviews, so experienced users recommend looking at when the one who left the review registered on the site and how many posts he wrote.

  •  There are many smaller hotels included in the TripAdvisor database, so prices on the site may be lower than those of competitors. And another significant advantage of this service is that you can choose hotels in the Crimea.

  •  TripAdvisor does not offer bonus programs, and this is both a disadvantage and an advantage of the site – you will not be tied solely to TripAdvisor when choosing a hotel. But the site sometimes holds joint promotions with Aeroflot or other large companies, offering users miles to a bonus account or other "goodies".

Pros: Lots of real photos, easy to filter and sort results, lots of real user reviews.

ConsA: You can often find better prices through special offers and memberships on other sites.


  • (UPD. 2022: servis ushel s rOperating systemsiiskogo rinka)


  •  The Trivago service positions itself as a metasearch engine that compares the offers of the most famous hotel booking sites, including,, and others (more than 100 sites in total).

  •  Thanks to this comparison, users, in theory, can choose the most advantageous hotel, private house, apart-hotel or other type of housing in terms of price and characteristics. But in practice, sometimes it turns out that the best deals no longer exist, or they cost 2-3 times more than what is indicated on Trivago. So don't be too lazy to go to the site of the hotel you like and compare the price on it with the one indicated on Trivago.

  •  When searching for hotels, all the necessary filters with good sorting capabilities are available. Users positively appreciated the ability to filter by price per day, accurate to the ruble.

  •  It is convenient to look at offers on an interactive map, so you can find hotels located as close as possible to the objects you need. And a lot of reviews will allow you to choose from the proposed options the most comfortable and with friendly staff.

Pros: a large number of reviews, many photos of the situation in hotels.

Cons: no hotels in Crimea, very slow technical support.

2. Airbnb

  • (UPD. 2022: servis ushel s rOperating systemsiiskogo rinka)


  •  This is a site where everyone can list their house, apartment or private room for rent. Basically, it is a marketplace that connects people with an affordable room or house with people looking for housing.

  •  Location is one of the most important features of a booking site, and it's good that AirBnB has a large and easy to use interactive map.

  •  When booking as a group (for example, if you are traveling as a family), it is almost impossible to beat the value of AirBnB. After all, you can choose an entire apartment or house, focusing on a large number of reviews from real users. AirBnB talks about each accommodation option in detail, down to photos, services (availability of a washing machine, heating, Wi-Fi, etc.) and furniture.

  •  The total number of places available on AirBnB is significantly less than on the hotel booking sites mentioned earlier. But this is the only drawback of this service.

  •  Experienced users are advised to ask for a discount from the owners of the property they like (write them in private messages), as well as “play” with the dates on the calendar if you do not have strict time frames for arrival and departure. The price difference between different dates can be significant. It is also worth discussing with the hosts certain conditions, including the availability of air conditioning, a baby bed, etc. These parameters are not always specified in the ad.

Pros: utilities included in the price, discounts for long stays, many filters to choose the most suitable accommodation for you, there are housing ratings and reviews.

Cons: perhaps an unfortunate location of the room or apartment (for example, a bad view from the window), the high cost of the commission for the site for booking, the best places are quickly sorted out – book (strongly) in advance.


  •  This is the best service for booking hotels, flights, car rentals – all on one website.

  •  On the site, you can see the future room in the hotel you like and find out about the availability of important features (hairdryer, free toiletries, etc.). And a huge number of filters, ranging from amenities:

  • the possibility of settling with pets,
  • the presence of a swimming pool,
  • the possibility of staying in family rooms,
  • availability of parking, fitness center, restaurant, etc.

  •  ending with the number of stars, the proximity of attractions and various leisure options will allow you to choose the perfect hotel for your holiday.

  •  Hotel prices on are consistently lower or the same as other major hotel booking sites on this list.

  •  You can specify in the search filters not only a hotel, but also a hostel, guest house, chalet, house in nature and other types of accommodation.

  • offers a good rewards program. After you have booked 5-6 times on, you will receive a 10% discount (Genius status) on thousands of hotels for future bookings.

  •  This is very similar to who also offer a 10% discount, but you don't have to book in increments of 10 nights to be rewarded.

  •  Another useful feature of is the availability of an interactive map with prices and hotels. On it you can choose an institution that is close to the airport or another place you need.

Pros: the possibility of free cancellation of the reservation, regular promotions for regular customers, you can see reviews about the hotel and photos of the rooms, instant booking confirmation by e-mail.

Cons: you can not book hotels in the Crimea. Always pay attention to the fine print, sometimes it says that the tourist tax, cleaning, etc. not included in the price.