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The best coffee beans for a coffee machine



  •  If coffee is your best drink of the day, and the coffee machine is firmly established in the home kitchen, then settling for anything less than the most delicious coffee bean for the coffee machine is simply not good.

  •  Even though there are only two types of coffee beans (Arabica and Robusta), the way they are roasted, ground and brewed means there are so many different options when it comes to the cherished “order” button.

I present to you coffee bean rating for coffee machine, compiled on the recommendations of experts from specialized publications and feedback from buyers of Russian marketplaces. I also offer advice on what to look for when buying coffee beans.

10. Carte Noire Original

Carte Noire Original in the top 10 coffee beans for coffee machines

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roast: medium

  •  Top coffee beans for an automatic coffee machine opens up a popular and inexpensive option – XNUMX% Arabica from Latin America, as the manufacturer assures. A medium roast is good for both espresso and other types of coffee.

  •  According to customer reviews, the taste of Carte Noire Original, if brewed in a coffee machine, will be mild, with a delicate citrus aroma, and a slight bitterness. But often expired coffee comes across, so be careful when buying.

Pros and cons

9 Bushido Sensei

Bushido Sensei

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roast: medium

  •  Coffee with a mild taste and almost no bitterness and low acidity. Made from 100% washed premium Arabica beans from East Africa or Central America.

  •  By the way, despite the Japanese name, the Bushido trademark is Russian (the importer of this coffee is the Khors company). And the manufacturer is located in the Netherlands.

  •  The taste of "Sensei" is distinguished by vanilla and fruit sweetness (dried fruits) and a delicate apricot aroma.

Pros and cons not mustard grains suitable for both espresso and cappuccino no

8 Jardin Bravo Brazil

Jardin Bravo Brazil

  • Roast: dark
  • Country of origin: Brazil

  •  The best bean coffee for a coffee machine if you prefer to drink coffee with milk. Bravo Brazilia itself is dense, rich, with a distinct bitterness, and allows the creamy taste of milk to be fully revealed.

  •  Brazil is not in vain in the name, it is the country where the coffee berries were collected.

Pros and consgood price/quality ratiostrong and bright tastes good

7. Jardin Cafe Eclair

Jardin Cafe Eclair

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roasting: light

  •  The Jardin brand is not going to win any competition in the very snobbish and advanced coffee world, but it does not disappoint in terms of either the cost or the quality of its products. Confirmation of this is the reviews on Yandex.Market, only on Eclair there are over 300 of them, and most of them are positive.

  •  Russian coffee lovers fell in love with Café Eclair for its balanced taste with slight sourness and almost imperceptible bitterness. After it, a pleasant aftertaste of eclair remains for a long time. However, for those who like thick coffee, it is better to look for another option in the 2023 coffee machine coffee bean ranking.

Pros and conssoft and balanced taste with creamy notes affordable price no burnt taste no

6 Egoiste Truffles

Egoiste Truffle, the most delicious coffee bean

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roast: medium

  •  The country of growth of this coffee is Brazil, and it is prepared in Germany and the Netherlands. The manufacturer supplied the packaging with a degassing valve – it is needed so that the gas released after roasting does not linger inside, but goes outside.

  •  When prepared in a coffee machine, the taste of dark chocolate is clearly felt, and there are notes of almonds. If you like sour or bitter coffee, then Egoiste Truffle is not for you.

Pros and cons Stylish package design Grains are large, one shape Soft, not bitter and not sour Taste Not strong aroma

5 Lofbergs Crescendo

Lofbergs Crescendo ranked coffee beans for coffee machines

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roast: very dark

  •  Perhaps the most delicious coffee for a coffee machine with a cappuccinatore. With light roasting, milk “interrupts” the taste of the drink. And the darker the roast, the denser and tastier the coffee with milk will be.

  •  There is almost no sourness in Lofbergs Crescendo, it is very strong – you can drink it in small cups, savoring every sip.

Pros and cons ideal for coffee with milk or cream very strong – perfectly invigorates, suitable for a person who finds it difficult to wake up in the morning sour

4. Paulig Presidentti Gold Label

Paulig Presidentti Gold Label

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roasting: light
  • Intensity: 2

  •  Fourth place in the review went to the Finnish brand Paulig, whose products have been on the Russian market for a long time and are known for a good combination of price / performance.

  •  Presidentti Gold Label is a blend of Arabica coffees brought from Central and South America, with the inclusion of rare (or so the manufacturer claims) beans harvested in Africa. The shelf life of this coffee is 1,5 years from the date of packaging.

  •  Such coffee is not suitable for making latte or cappuccino – the taste will be watery. You can recommend Presidentti Gold Label, provided that you drink a morning drink whose taste is not interrupted by excessive bitterness.

Pros and cons exquisite taste with subtle sourness and fruity-floral notesvery aromaticreally light roast no

3. De'Longhi Essential Pack DLSC317

De'Longhi Essential Pack DLSC317

  • Type of beans: Arabica and Robusta blend
  • Roast: Medium/Dark

  •  If you like to experiment with coffee first thing in the morning, then buying just one type is not the best choice. And in the Essential Pack, there are 4 different flavors at once, 250 grams each:

  1. Cafe Crema (pure arabica).
  2. Classico (50% Arabica + 50% Robusta).
  3. Selezione (70% Arabica, the rest Robusta).
  4. Decaffeinato (50 to 50 Arabica and Robusta).

  •  The set also includes 2 cups and a water filter. A great gift for a coffee lover and also for yourself if you are a coffee lover!

Pros and consThe coffee turns out delicious and fragrantBeautiful mugs includedHigh price

2. Set of coffee beans ITALY ESPRESSO, 5 flavors

ITALY ESPRESSO coffee bean set, 5 flavors

  • Type of beans: Arabica and Robusta blend
  • Roast: Medium+

  •  This is the best coffee bean for a coffee machine if you haven't decided on your preferred flavor yet. The set includes 5 types of coffee, 200 grams each:

  1. Italy Espresso Crema,
  2. Italy Espresso Classico,
  3. Italy Espresso Intenso,
  4. Italy Espresso Oro,
  5. Italy Espresso Original.

  •  Buyers praise the rich aroma of the resulting drink, and moderately strong taste.

Pros and consvariety of flavorsbeautiful gift wrappingno

1. Lavazza Qualita Oro

Lavazza Qualita Oro the best coffee beans for a coffee machine

  • Bean type: Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Intensity: 5

  •  The most delicious coffee beans for a coffee machine – thousands of reviewsn marketplaces testify to this. This is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America. Medium roast – versatile, suitable for both espresso and coffee with milk foam. This coffee has a mild, buttery taste, without bright sourness.

  •  The manufacturer claims that the Qualita Oro variety is suitable for coffee machines, carob coffee makers, drip coffee makers and Turks.

  •  Since Lavazza Qualita Oro is a very popular product, it is often counterfeited. How to distinguish an original from a fake before buying? On several grounds.

  1. Real Qualita Oro coffee must have a degassing valve.
  2. If you rub your fingernail on the outside of the valve, raised letters should appear.
  3. The sealing at the top and bottom should be neat, for a fake it is often uneven, because it is soldered by hand, and not with hot wheels along the entire length.
Pros and cons retains aroma for a long time pleasant, not sour taste fakes are often found there are overcooked batches

Which coffee beans are best for a coffee machine

Roasting profile

  •  The most appropriate brewing method is usually determined by the type of coffee roasting process.

  • Roasted espresso coffee is long roasted to further enhance caramelization and bitterness. This coffee is for you if you are making coffee with an espresso machine.
  • Filter-roasted coffee, on the other hand, undergoes a short roast to keep the sparkling acidity intact. This option is suitable for those who prepare coffee by hand using a cezve, a French press or a pour over.

If you want to use espresso in a milky drink such as a latte or cappuccino, you will need a fairly dark roast and good coffee machineto bring out the creamy taste of the milk.

Taste intensity

  •  Many brands define the flavor intensity of instant, ground, and bean coffees using numbers on the packaging. The higher the number, the stronger the taste.

  •  Also, the intensity of the taste when preparing coffee is determined by the degree of roasting. Lightly roasted coffee beans have a mild taste with fruity notes and are not bitter. The darker the roast, the more bitter the coffee will taste.

Raw material processing method

  •  Often listed as "washed" ("moist") or "natural" ("unwashed"), and "honey" or "honey" on a coffee bag.

  1. The production of wet coffee involves the removal of the skin, pulp, gluten, and the grain is dried in patchwork. The process contributes to the disclosure of taste and bright complex acidity. This is a common method among coffee growers as there will be fewer defects due to the controlled fermentation process.
  2. During the natural process, the coffee berry is dried completely.
  3. Hani method – removal of the skin and part of the pulp and drying in gluten. In this case, the berries become honey-colored and sticky to the touch, hence the name. Such coffee will be sweeter than when wet processed, and bright in taste.

Place of cultivation

  •  Knowing where the coffee beans are grown will help answer the question of what is the best coffee bean for a coffee machine.

  •  Usually high-quality coffee is brought from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala.

  •  The higher the height of the coffee, the higher its acidity and sweetness. If you like a drink with refined acidity and sweetness, you should choose coffee that has been grown at an altitude of at least 1500 meters.

Mixture or single origin

  •  The choice of blend or coffee of one origin depends on whether you like just black coffee or with milk. The mixture is perfect for making coffee with milk. If you like black coffee, choose a mono-sort – fortunately, in specialized stores, the assortment of such coffee is very rich.


  •  Remember that even the freshest coffee cannot last forever. Over time, it will lose its taste properties, it is still possible to cook it, but the pleasure of eating will be below average. Therefore, according to experts, it is best to use coffee beans within 1-2 weeks after the roast date.