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Children's skate is the best choice for an active child


  •  When watching popular children's and teenage films, which very often flash shots depicting children performing various tricks on skateboards, each child also thinks about his desire to learn how to do the same. Therefore, at some certain period of his life, he turns to his parents with a request to buy him a skateboard.


Parents should think carefully, because the wrong approach to such a subject can discourage any child's desire for physical exercise and other joys of life. Remember that up to the age of seven, a child should only use this sports accessory with a professional trainer in order to avoid injury. But from the age of seven, you can easily buy children's skateboards, developing the child physically. We recommend paying attention to rating of the best skateboards from well-known companies.

Advantages of a children's skateboard

SkateboardThe model for teenagers is practically no different from an adult. It is equipped with all the same components: a wooden board, which is also called a deck, an aluminum suspension frame and wheels with bearings. These parts are made from the same materials, so for the deck, the most common and best solution would be to use Canadian maple.

  •  Also, a wide, heavy suspension and polyurethane wheels will contribute to greater stability, the rigidity of which should be chosen depending on the quality of the road or the surface on which the child will ride.

  •  Like adult products, children's sports equipment has a number of advantages:

  • Improving physical fitness – Skateboarding requires the child to limit the concentration of all his physical strength, the ability to coordinate the movements of all organs and muscles, control balance and hone many other physical qualities. That is why the purchase of a skateboard for a child will be a wonderful decision.
  • outdoor activity – how often modern parents complain that the child is constantly near the computer, and has no desire to get out into the street at all. So now, along with the advent of a passion for skateboarding, the child will strive there almost all his free time in order to hone his art.
  • Fashion hobby – such a wide popularization of this sport is manifested, as mentioned above, in the frequent use of the subject of skateboard skill in cinema. That is why for children this is another way to gain social skills, learn how to communicate with peers in an equal way and gain a certain status among them.

Types of skateboard

  •  Varieties of these items differ in the size of the deck and the width of the suspension, thanks to the variations of which you can choose the necessary model for children with different heights and weights:

  • Microphone - for children who are up to one meter tall.
  • Mini – for children whose height is from one measure to one and a half measures, as a rule, between the ages of six and eight years.
  • Mid size – for such a model, the child must reach the age of twelve, and at the same time be taller than one and a half meters.
  • Decks – for teenagers over 13 years old. Usually the dimensions of such a product already coincide with adult models.

  •  And be sure to remember that the quality of your chosen model will directly depend on the health of your child, the possibility of injury. Of course, falls cannot be avoided during the learning process, which means that you should buy a children's skateboard only from well-known manufacturers at trusted points of sale, so you will protect yourself from fakes.