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Top 5 best microwave ovens in 2023 according to Roskachestvo



  •  In 2022, the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) researched popular microwave oven brands to find the quietest, most convenient model that quickly warms up and defrosts food. And it turned out that the perfect microwave does not exist. Each tested sample was good in one, but inferior to competitors in another.

  •  After studying the performance properties, ease of use, noise level and energy consumption, Roskachestvo experts compiled a list that included only 5 of the best microwaves in 2023.

5 Caso MG 20


  • Freestanding
  • Volume: 20 l
  • Microwave power: 800W
  • Internal coating of the camera: stainless steel. steel
  • Switches: pushbutton, rotary clock
  • Operating modes: grill, microwave + grill, defrost
  • WxHxD: 45.50x27x40 cm

  •  The rating of the best microwave ovens according to Roskachestvo opens a model whose power is enough for any basic task – from defrosting food to cooking simple dishes.

  •  It has an audible shutdown signal, a child lock, a work chamber light and a large numeric display. When you press the buttons, the device beeps, but this sound can be turned off. But the sound of shutting down the work cannot be turned off – users attribute this to disadvantages.

  •  In this microwave, you can use dishes with a diameter of up to 25 cm. It has a high-quality quartz grill that heats up faster than a heating element and consumes less electricity.

  •  Roskachestvo experts noted the simple operation and good energy efficiency of the device. It is suitable for grilling delicious pizza and toast. But the manufacturer could make the door more transparent. In addition, the temperature in the working chamber is distributed unevenly, and the grilled chicken legs are dry.

Pros and conseconomical in terms of electricity consumptionstylish designdetailed instructionsthe absence of a turntable allows you to put dishes of any shape in the microwave the door is difficult to openpoor camera lighting heats food for a long time

4. Smeg SF4920MCP


  • Recessed
  • Volume: 40 l
  • Microwave and grill functions: yes
  • convection: yes
  • Purification: hydrolysis
  • Switches: rotary
  • Energy class: A
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 59.70 x 57 x 45.20 cm

  •  The design of this electric oven has an old-fashioned retro vibe. However, the functionality of the device is quite modern, and the energy consumption class is the most economical.

  •  The Smeg SF4920MCP operates quietly, and, unlike the fifth place in the 2023 microwave rating, it has a good illumination of the working chamber and a removable grill stand. Also, this model has child protection and a switchable timer.

  •  The microwave power of this model is 1000 W, and the grill power is 2000 W. This allows the Smeg SF4920MCP to quickly defrost and cook food, and the frozen pizza will become soft. But the heating is uneven, so the toasts are fried more strongly at the edges than in the middle, and the grilled chicken legs turn out to be dry.

Pros and cons detailed instructions

3. Candy CMXG22DS/ST


  • Freestanding
  • Volume: 22 l
  • Microwave power: 800W
  • Inner chamber coating: enamel
  • Pallet diameter: 255 mm
  • Switches: pushbutton, rotary clock
  • Operating modes: grill, microwave + grill, defrost
  • WxHxD: 46.10x29x36.50 cm

  •  This is a fairly quiet microwave, the most you can hear is a faint fan noise. The Candy CMXG22DS/ST has an above-average energy-to-heat conversion rate of 60,05%. This is better than many more expensive models. For example, in the Bosch CMG633BS1 oven studied by Roskachestvo, 46,40% of the consumed electricity is converted into heat.

  •  Candy CMXG22DS/ST also has simple controls and is provided with detailed and visual instructions.

  •  However, experts were criticized by: poor lighting, narrow door glass, a high and slippery grill grate and a slippery rotary switch. In addition, the Candy CMXG22DS / ST door is difficult to open, and this is a problem if an elderly or weakened person uses the microwave. And the grilled chicken is not juicy enough.

Pros and cons there is a child lock display with clearly visible numbers sound can be completely turned off simple and convenient operation good energy efficiency when the microwave is operating it is hard to see what is being done in the working chamber due to the tilt the rotating stand flies out of the axis

2. AEG KMK768080T


  • Recessed
  • Volume: 43 L
  • Microwave power: 1000W
  • Inner chamber coating: enamel
  • Grill: yes
  • Control: touch
  • WxHxD: 59.5x45.5x56.7 cm

  •  This electric compact oven (similar to KMK768080M) heats and defrosts food quickly. And it does it quietly, without disturbing small children and pets.

  •  55% of the energy consumed by the appliance is converted into heat, and this is a good indicator for this type of household appliance.

  •  In order to cook delicious grilled chicken in the AEG KMK768080T, experts recommend using the automatic mode. But the oven fries the toast, although it is good, but not quite evenly – it is stronger along the edges than in the middle.

  •  For those who like to constantly monitor the cooking process, the AEG KMK768080T may not be suitable – its glass is very narrow and the illumination of the working chamber is weak. Also, the door opens noisily and hard – it will not be easy for an elderly person or a fragile woman to open it.

Pros and cons good energy efficiency large working volume of the chamber works quietly heats up quickly during operation it is hard to see what is being done in the working chamber difficult to control

1.Hisense H20MOWS1


  • Freestanding
  • Internal volume: 20 l
  • Turntable: yes
  • Grill, convection: no
  • Chamber lining: enamelled steel
  • Maximum microwave power: 700W
  • WxHxD: 44.6x24.5x33.2 cm

  •  The best microwave oven of 2023 according to Roskachestvo is equipped with a turntable with a diameter of 24.5 cm and six power levels. It converts 53,89% of electricity into heat, which is above average.

  •  Management is carried out using rotary knobs – it is as simple as possible, although a wet hand can slip. The glass of this microwave is small, so it is not very convenient to monitor the heating process. Nevertheless, the microwave does its job quickly, for example, it cooked lasagna in 21 minutes, and did not cause any particular complaints from the experts of Roskachestvo.

Pros and cons good energy efficiency easy operation optimal ratio of price and functionality the door vibrates during operation it is difficult to open the door due to the tilt the rotating stand flies out of the axis