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Rating of sites for young mothers

Rating of sites for young mothers


RatingsSoon after the birth of a baby, every mother has hundreds of questions, the simplest of which are: “What to do with a child?”, “What to feed?”, “How long to walk?” and "How to bathe?". Naturally, in search of information, mothers go online. There is a lot of information on the Internet about raising and caring for children, but not all sources are trustworthy.

Today we present rating of sites for young motherswhich contain really interesting and useful information.


  •   Almost every resource has its own forum where hundreds of parents communicate and share experiences.Ratings


  •  The site has publications about pregnancy, childbirth, as well as the health and development of children. Here you can get advice from a breastfeeding specialist, lawyer, pediatrician, neurologist and psychologist. Contests are held regularly, and for kids you can download funny coloring pages.


  •  The pediatric server for parents offers consultations of pediatricians, as well as other narrower specialists. There is a forum for parents, as well as a fairly extensive library of publications on child health and development.


  •  The site of Elena Danilova is dedicated to the early development of children. There is a description of the methods of Zaitsev, Glenn Doman, Montessori, various educational games. On the site you can sign up for webinars on child development.


  •  The site is dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth, child development, problems of care and upbringing. There is a forum for moms, a lot of publications, and the possibility of online communication in real time.


  •  All the materials of this site for mothers are conveniently divided into age categories: about children from 0 to a year old, from 1 to 3 years old, etc. Separate sections are devoted to the relationship of brothers and sisters, food and leisure. The site has a forum for parents.


  •  The resource is devoted to issues of pregnancy, childbirth, child health and development. Lots of materials for organizing leisure and recreation with young children. There are reviews about maternity hospitals, kindergartens, developing centers of St. Petersburg and Moscow.


  •  The cognitive and entertaining resource "Solnyshko" offers many benefits for organizing children's leisure. There are pages with the alphabet, fairy tales and poems, riddles and rebuses, crossword puzzles, coloring books, proverbs and songs. Lots of information on needlework. There are scripts for children's parties, games, and Flash cartoons.


  •  The Siberian family site offers materials about pregnancy, childbirth, as well as the health and development of children. The site has a very extensive and popular parent forum. An interesting collection of PPT presentations on topics: geography, countries of the world, fine arts, plants and animals, etc.

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  •  The site about children and family is dedicated to development, health and education. There are reviews of medical, educational institutions, shops, travel agencies, etc. Communication is organized in blogs, as well as in conference mode.


It is no accident that the project is the leader in rating sites for young mothers. It has everything about pregnancy, childbirth, development, health and parenting. Reviews of maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics, kindergartens and clinics. The resource offers consultations of children's doctors of various profiles. There is also a bulletin board, free children's games, pictures for activities with children.