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Where else can you go on vacation in April 2023 at sea and



  •  Russia is a country of optimists; despite all the difficulties of recent days, Russians continue to make plans for weekends and vacations. Due to the difficult international situation, many opportunities were not available, but everything is not so scary – the most popular destinations of this spring are still waiting for Russian tourists. And I will tell you about the ten best available options where to relax in April 2023.

  •  The list is current at the time of publication.

Where to relax in April 2023


5. Say goodbye to the season on Sheregesh

  •  Winter is angry for good reason – however, in Siberia, in the ski resort of Sheregesh, it will reign until the end of April. Precisely before the end of the season, the resort administration will hold a big holiday – farewell to the season, with the speaking name Grelka Fest.

  •  At this time, many skiers come to the resort, both professionals and amateurs, as well as those who just want to participate in a fun holiday. A lot can be said about the scale of the event by the fact that last year, as many as 1772 people participated in the festive congress along the tracks (and not just, but in bathing suits)! You will also find dancing, live performances by artists, a carnival and many unusual competitions, such as volleyball in the snow.

4. Improve your health in Belokurikha

  •  Already in April, in the heart of Altai – the small town of Belokurikha, surrounded on all sides by mountains, forests, transparent streams and lakes – everything blooms and smells sweet, and the trees are covered with tender young foliage.

  •  However, they go there not only for the beauties of nature: Belokurikha is also a resort. There are healing springs, the water in which is with radon – a healing element that can alleviate many diseases. There are many sanatoriums in Belokurikha, for different tastes and budgets, but everyone has access to wells, as well as a variety of health programs – from exercise therapy to special medical equipment.

3. Touch history in Suzdal

  •  One of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring seems to come from Pushkin's fairy tales: wooden houses with carved architraves are adjacent to the ancient white walls of fortresses and golden domes of churches.

  •  This is a real city-museum – in Soviet times, architectural monuments were brought here from all over the European part of Russia. Tourists are loved and welcomed here, and you can find a variety of hotels – for any wallet thickness. And there is another inexpensive option – to rent a house from a local resident.

2. Relax in the suburbs

  •  Traditionally, during the holidays, it is customary to rush – to do everything, see everything, go everywhere and at the same time earn such a tan so that colleagues at work would be envious. It's amazing how people still manage to relax!

  •  But if you just want to relax, visit a spa, walk at a slow pace along the edge of the forest and then return back to the warmth and comfort of your home or room, you won’t find a better suburb of Moscow. Hotels, sanatoriums and glampings are here for every taste – from reputable medical institutions specializing in various types of diseases (pulmonary, musculoskeletal, and others) to double hobbit holes and tree houses (and I'm not kidding – in fact, there are such wonderful places.

1. Admire the drawbridges in St. Petersburg

  •  Spring comes even to the north – and St. Petersburg begins to feel its life-giving breath. Navigation begins this month, so tourists will be able to admire their favorite attraction – bridges – live.

  •  Parks and gardens, for which the city on the Neva is so generous, are dressed with fresh green foliage, flowers are blooming. The air is fresh, but warm enough to wander around the city for hours, only occasionally stopping by the numerous cafes for a warming cup of flavored drink.

  •  By the way, since we are talking about edibles, just at the end of April they start catching small fish smelt – the culinary symbol of the city, so I advise you to try it by all means. As for spiritual and intellectual food, in April 2023 a ballet festival is planned in St. Petersburg, which will take place on the stages of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the Hermitage.

Where to relax by the sea in April 2023


5. Maldives

  •  The April weather in the Maldives is stormy and varied – the sun shines all day and the sky is clear as glass, then suddenly the wind and waves. Although this brings some inconvenience – excursions can endure, and it's not so pleasant to swim in the rain – however, there is a positive side to this, and this is money.

  •  It's no secret that the Maldives is not the cheapest resort in the Indian Ocean, and the off-season makes prices affordable even for the average Russian. And if this theoretical Russian is also fond of surfing, then in April he will have the most expanse in the Maldives. The beginning and end of the month are windy, but the second decade (until about April 22) is quiet and sunny.

  •  Entry to the Maldives is visa-free (unless you intend to delay your stay for more than three months), but you will need a PCR test in English and booking confirmation. And that's it!

4. Thailand

  •  Unlike the Maldives, where there is no, no, and a cloud will run into the horizon, it is very warm in Thailand in April. The sun is hot (32 – 35 ° during the day, 23 – 25 ° at night). This temperature is not very comfortable for people with chronic diseases, especially the cardiovascular system, so this should be taken into account when planning a vacation. But there are no showers, and the rains are short-lived.

  •  It is better to avoid the north, east and center of the country – the weather there is not very comfortable for travelers accustomed to the Russian climate. But the prices are low, the beaches in Pattaya are excellent, and just in April, the Thais celebrate the New Year – there will be something to see.

  •  In Thailand, there is a visa-free regime for Russians (if you intend to stay in the country for less than a month). And then a difficult admission procedure will begin, however, from February 1, it softened a little – if you have a vaccination or you have had a covid, then you don’t have to cuckoo on the territory of the “sandbox” (a number of hotels where travelers stay for quarantine), but only in the first and fifth days to do PCR tests in a hotel specially designed for this.

3. Egypt

  •  It is best to go to the banks of the Nile and the Red Sea in April – the weather from the winter cold (in the Egyptian sense) becomes pleasant for the body (air from 26 to 28 °, and the difference between day and night is almost imperceptible). The water heats up to 22 °, and tourists begin to bring down the rampart; Tickets are getting more expensive as well. If you want to save money, I advise you to fly at the beginning of the month, when the season has not yet reached its peak.

  •  To be able to lie on the beaches of Egypt, you will need a visa, you can apply for it online. You will also have to fill out a health card, bring with you a certificate of vaccination plus a PCR test.

2. Turkey

  •  Despite all the difficulties of the international political situation, Turkey is waiting for our tourists. In April, the very beginning of the beach season is here, and although the water is still cold (about 18 °), the air is already warming up to 18 – 22 °.

  •  In April, tourists begin to fly to the coast of Antalya in orderly shoals, so you should take care of booking in advance. This time is the most favorable for excursions, when you can comfortably go sightseeing and go hiking through the pine groves of Kemer, descend into the mysterious and enchanting caves of Antalya or explore the ruins of ancient ancient cities on the Mediterranean coast.

  •  Entry to Turkey is still without a visa, and it is best to go with a vaccination – there will be no quarantine for those who received a double dose of Sputnik V (certificate no later than two weeks before boarding the plane). But without a vaccination stamp, you will have to do a PCR test and an antigen test. Everyone else – vaccinated, unvaccinated, and recovered – will have to fill out a questionnaire.

1. Vietnam

  •  April in Vietnam is the height of the tourist season. From a climatic point of view, the country is divided into two regions – north and south. If in the north the temperature has not yet cleared up to full (air 23 – 26 °, water 22 – 24 °), then this is more than compensated by the cultural program. Here is the capital of the country – Hanoi, where you can closely touch a foreign and very interesting history and culture, and the ancient city of Haiphong, and the wonderful Halong Bay with many very beautiful islands. And fans of a beach holiday will like the center and south of the country more, where the air heats up to 30 – 32 °, and the water is almost as good as it – up to 27 – 29 °.

  •  Alas, the visa-free regime has been suspended for now, so to travel to Vietnam you will need a visa, a health declaration, a vaccination certificate (no more than six months before boarding the plane) or a certificate of the coronavirus, PCR tests, treatment insurance and three more days to serve on the territory of the hotel as a mini-quarantine. Yes, there is a lot of fuss, but the weather is wonderful, and prices in Vietnam are still low by tourist standards.