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The richest and poorest governors of Russia 2019

Heads of Russian regions


  •  In accordance with the law, the heads of Russian regions annually declare their income and provide information on property ownership. Information must also be submitted in relation to their family members.

  •  Based on the reports submitted by the top officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, we present the top of the richest and poorest governors of Russia in 2019.

10 richest governors of Russia 2019

10. Alexander Uss, Krasnodar Territory, income – 21 rubles.

Alexander Uss, Krasnodar TerritoryBeing in politics for about 20 years, Uss headed the governor's corps only at the end. His declaration then very surprised the voters – it indicated 221 million rubles (192 of which were inheritance), which caused a wide public outcry.

Incomes of the Krasnoyarsk governor in comparison with 2017 were significantly reduced – up to 10 times: Alexander Uss lost the status of "multimillionaire". However, the speaker's income level does not prevent him from entering the top 30 the most effective regional politicians: He has a law degree, good oratorical, diplomatic and strategic skills.

9. Oleg Kozhemyako, Primorsky Territory – 22 rubles.

Oleg Kozhemyako, Primorsky TerritoryFor a long time, the ex-governor of the Amur region, and now the head of Primorye (until September he headed Sakhalin), remained in the status of the most “wealthy” Far Eastern governor. Based on statistics, in 2016 he reported about 27,2 million rubles, in 2017 – about 25,2, while earning money while in the position of head of the subject. For several years, Kozhemyako's declared income gradually decreased – losses amounted to about 2 million a year.

  •  From the position of the "richest" speaker, he was pushed aside by the new managers of Sakhalin and the Amur region – Limarenko and Orlov. Nevertheless, Kozhemyako is still one of the three richest Far Eastern governors. It is noteworthy that the politician's wife, Irina Gerasimenko, was included in the Forbs rating in 2018 with a fortune of $180 million. Kozhemyako modestly kept silent about this in his declaration.

8. Vasily Orlov, Amur region – 31 rubles.

Vasily Orlov, Amur regionThe personal finances of the head of the Amur Region last year were formed taking into account the sale of real estate, as well as earnings in the largest petrochemical company Sibur (in the first five months before his appointment as acting governor, Orlov worked in this company). As a result, Orlov was in 2nd place in terms of income among the leaders of the regions of the Far East. His wife Anna recorded an income of 4 million 300 thousand rubles.

7. Vyacheslav Bitarov, Rep. North Ossetia – 33 rubles.

Vyacheslav Bitarov, Rep. North OssetiaDespite the fact that Bitarov's income decreased by 4 million rubles compared to 2017 (37,7 million rubles), he remains the most well-to-do governor of the North Caucasus. Just like Vorobyov, the head of Alania achieved his fortune while being the head of the government of Ossetia.

  •  As explained in the press service of the region, the reason for such high earnings is the right reserved for Bitarov to receive dividends from the founder of the Bayern group of companies (before his political career, he was an entrepreneur and managed Bayern for 20 years, now the holding is in trust management).

6. Dmitry Artyukhov, YNAO – 64 rubles.

Dmitry Artyukhov, YNAOIn 2017, Artyukhov was a deputy. Governor of the YNAO on the development of the economy and attraction of investments, then he presented his funds in the amount of 25,3 million rubles. In 2018, the official was appointed head of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, and his salary has almost tripled.

  •  The regional media said that the growth of Artyukhov's welfare was due to the early termination of the powers of government members, associated with the transition of the former head of the region Dmitry Kobylkin to the post of Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. Early resignation and dismissal from a substituted position contributed to the payment of compensation for untimed vacation and good amounts of bonuses.

5. Sergey Tsivilev, Kuzbass (Kemerovo region) – 70 rubles.

Sergey Tsivilev, KuzbassSergey Tsivilev was appointed acting governor of the Kemerovo region in April after the resignation of Aman Tuleev and the previous tragic events in the Zimnyaya Cherry shopping center. Prior to taking office, Tsivilev worked in the administration of Kuzbass as vice-governor for industry and transport. Previously, the head of the region was the general director and shareholder of the foreign coal company Kolmar (Kolmar Sales and Logistics).

  •  In connection with the transition to a public position, part of the shares was sold, the proceeds amounted to 90% of the official's annual income. Tsivilev gave 70% of Kolmar shares to his wife. The annual income of Anna Tsivilev's wife reached just over 27 million rubles.

4. Valery Limarenko, Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Region – 89 812 331 rubles.

Valery Limarenko, Acting Governor of the Sakhalin RegionActing since December 7th. He occupies a leading position among the speakers of the Far East in terms of income, which is due to his previous job as president of the engineering company Atomenergoproekt (which is part of Rosatom). In 2017, he earned more than 110 million rubles, for the last reporting period, the profit decreased accordingly. The other day, the acting governor announced his desire to run for the post of head of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation as an independent candidate.

3. Andrey Vorobyov, Moscow region – 95 766 112 rubles.

Andrey Vorobyov, Moscow regionVorobyov is one of the wealthiest heads of regions, holding his position as governor for more than one year. According to the submitted declaration, in 2018 Vorobyov earned 80% more than in 2017 (53 million rubles). If you calculate, the monthly income of the Moscow governor was 7,98 million rubles. per month or 11 thousand rubles. at one o'clock.

  •  The governor of the Moscow Region is not officially married, so his cohabitant Ekaterina Bagdasarova did not provide information about her earnings. Although her estimated income is impressive: for example, she allowed herself to purchase Tesla for 14 million rubles.

2. Igor Artamonov, Acting Governor of the Lipetsk Region – 190 813 790 rubles.

Igor Artamonov, Acting Governor of the Lipetsk RegionAs acting head of the region since October 2. He "made" finances, being in a high position in the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, and the state was also replenished with personal bank deposits and through the sale of securities. As the head of the subject of Russia, he earned 697. Artamonov's wife reported 17,1 million rubles.

  •  For a short period of civil service, he became famous for his statements to young people: “If you are not satisfied with the prices, then you earn little, and not the prices are high.” Also, according to Artamonov, young people cannot ask for anything from the budget: no kindergartens, no sports facilities, no roads, because "if all requests are fulfilled, then the budget will not remain." Apparently in this regard, he occupies the 42nd position in the National Ranking of Governors-2018.

1. Denis Pasler, acting head of the Orenburg region – 234 rubles.

Denis Pasler is the richest governor of RussiaAt the moment, he is the most "prosperous" governor. He has recently been in office since March 21st. Pasler's income reports reflect information during his work as CEO and Chairman of the Board of a large energy company PJSC T Plus. It is also known that earlier Denis Pasler was a member of the Board of Directors of the Kamensk-Ural Metallurgical Plant. Another significant source of income for the governor of the Orenburg region is the profit from securities.

  •  As Denis Pasler himself believes, not everything is measured in money, there is even greater responsibility to people and the President of the Russian Federation. According to the acting head of the Orenburg region, he aims to bring the region entrusted to him to leadership positions.

10 poorest Russian governors 2019

10. Sergey Sitnikov, Kostroma region – 2 rubles.

Sergey Sitnikov, Kostroma regionSergei Sitnikov remains among the "low-income" governors of the Central Federal District – his earnings clearly do not differ from the previous period (an increase of 2,8% – which is less than the official inflation of 4,3%). Throughout all the years as head of the Kostroma region, the politician's salary actually remains at the same level.

9. Igor Vasiliev, Kirov region – 2 rubles.

Igor Vasiliev, Kirov regionThe income of the current head of the Kirov region for the year increased by almost 100 thousand rubles. Spouse Lilia in the previous year helped out a little more than 950 thousand rubles. Recently, the total budget of the Vasilyevs has been noticeably reduced. For example, in 2016, the salary of an official, being the head of Rosreestr, was 3,78 million rubles, and his wife – 17,3 million rubles.

8. Veniamin Kondratiev, Krasnodar Territory – 1 rubles.

Veniamin Kondratiev, Krasnodar TerritoryExperts also point out that Veniamin Kondratyev, a former official from the presidential affairs department, also began to receive less. He became the head of the Kuban region after the transition of Alexander Tkachev to the post of Minister of Agriculture. In 2017, Kondratiev's income amounted to 2,1 million rubles. At the same time, the income of the wife of the Kuban head increased and amounted to 625 thousand rubles.

  •  The list of family property has not changed – it is a land plot, a house and an apartment. An interesting fact: the deputy mayor of Sochi, who is under investigation, earned more in a year than the head of the resort area.

7. Mikhail Vedernikov, Pskov region – 1 rubles.

Mikhail Vedernikov, Pskov regionThe head of the Pskov region continues to record income figures that are not large by the standards of Russian officials in their tax returns. According to official reports, Vedernikov is the only breadwinner in the family: the governor's wife has no income for the past year, and in 2017 she earned as much as 4 kopecks. There were no changes in the personal property of the head of the region.

From the track record: From December 2012 to February 2017 – Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District. Awarded with a Certificate of Honor from the President of the Russian Federation, has a Letter of Acknowledgment from the President of the Russian Federation, a member of the Presidential Personnel Reserve. According to political analysts, Vedernikov is a promising politician, a strong manager with rich experience and "broad skills and views."

6. Vladimir Sipyagin, Vladimir region – 2 rubles.

Vladimir Sipyagin, Vladimir regionHead of the region since October 8. He defeated Svetlana Orlova in the last election of the governor, removing her from the post of head. For an incomplete gubernatorial year, Sipyagin became wealthier by 400 thousand rubles. Vladimir's property also became larger. Sipyagin indicated in the declaration two land plots with a total area of 21 hectares.

  •  In 2017, he served as Chairman of the Agrarian Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region, and made a profit for that period in the amount of 1,6 million rubles. The wife does not appear in the reports of Vladimir Sipyagin.

5. Rashid Temrezov, Rep. Karachay-Cherkessia – 1 rubles.

Rashid Temrezov, Rep. Karachay-CherkessiaThe press calls Rashid Temrezov the "poorest" governor of the North Caucasus region. But, despite this, the income of the head of the KChR has grown by 600 thousand Russian rubles compared to 2017. As before, Temrezov owns no real estate, but he does have a Volga car.

4. Murat Kumpilov, Adyghe Republic – 1 rubles.

Murat Kumpilov, Adyghe RepublicAdygea is not formally part of the North Caucasian Federal District, but is considered a complex, closed from prying eyes, depressed region, which is supported by federal subsidies. In many ways, this can explain the corresponding salaries of the local head of the republic. As it became known from the declaration, the car and one of the apartments disappeared from the official, while, compared to 2017, Kumpilov earned 89 thousand rubles less.

  •  By the way, despite the difficulties of the region, according to the National rating of the state of the investment climate, Adygea is on the list of subjects of the Russian Federation that have shown the maximum dynamics of improving the climate for investment.

3. Stanislav Voskresensky, Ivanovo region – 1 rubles.

Stanislav Voskresensky, Ivanovo regionElected to the post of governor of the region in 2018, in September. Before taking up this position, Voskresensky worked for several years (from 2014 to 2017) as Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

  •  The figures of the capital of the governor of the Ivanovo region for the year decreased by almost 7 times: in 2017, Voskresensky reported about 8 million 687 thousand rubles. Now the official's declaration is one of the most "adequate" among fellow economists. The income of Voskresensky's wife for 2018 increased by 2,4 times, reaching just under 3 million rubles.

2. Batu Khasikov, acting head of Kolmykia – 1 rubles.

Batu Khasikov, Acting Head of KolmykiaKhasikov has been on the post of governor quite recently: since March 20, but he is no longer a new player in politics. Known as a former senator of the Federation Council, adviser to the head of Rosmolodezh, and world champion in kickboxing. So, the recently appointed head of Kalmykia Batu Sergeevich Khasikov, forgetting about the explosive fees and contracts of the kickboxer "Khan Batu", earned a little more than a million rubles and lost the "leadership" in terms of the most modest income to a colleague from Khakassia.

  •  It is noteworthy that the new governor Khasikov announced the optimization of budget expenditures by saving officials' expenses.

1. Valentin Konovalov, head of Khakassia – 607 rubles.

Valentin Konovalov is the poorest governorIn office for a short time – from November 15. By right, he can be called the "poorest" Russian governor and official with the most similar income to the earnings of ordinary Russians. Almost all Russian governors have annual earnings exceeding one million rubles. The "richest" head received almost 38 times more than the "poorest" head of the region.

  •  Although the fortune of the "communist" Konovalov has increased significantly over the year – almost three times: in 2017, when Valentin Konovalov was a simple deputy of the city council in Abakan, his income was only 218 rubles.

  •  Such changes in the salary of the head of the region began to be actively discussed in the media, especially after his initiative to increase the salaries of officials. This applies to amendments to the regional law on bonuses to persons holding public office in Khakassia and to the governor of the republic.