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10 most influential marriages in the history of the world

Cleopatra Mark Antony


  •  They say marriages are made in heaven. However, some unions served and serve purely earthly purposes. They united empires, prevented wars, and changed the world, for better or worse.

  •  Here are ten of the most influential marriages in history.

10. Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Cleopatra and Mark AntonyMark Antony was one of the most powerful military leaders in the entire Roman Empire, but like many men, he had a soft spot for beautiful women. And Cleopatra was one of the most beautiful women in the world. At the same time, she was also very smart: she knew 9 languages, studied astronomy and was one of the best mathematicians of her time.

  •  They fell in love with each other and got married, although the Romans were very unhappy that Mark Antony left his Roman wife for a foreign woman.

  •  As a result, Cleopatra became the ruler of Egypt, Cyprus, Crete and Antioch (Syria). However, due to the confrontation with the political enemy of Mark Antony – Octavian – Cleopatra and her lover were forced to flee back to Egypt.

  •  Mark Antony, who did not want to become a prisoner of Octavian, committed suicide. Upon learning of this, Cleopatra ordered her servants to get a poisonous snake – an asp. Then the queen of Egypt put on luxurious clothes and put the snake to her chest. When they found her, she was already dead.

9. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Franklin and Eleanor RooseveltThe 32nd President of the United States and his wife played a huge role in leading the country out of not only the Great Depression, but also World War II.

  •  His New Deal aimed at overcoming the economic crisis of 1929-1933. and her civic advocacy impacted America for the better. In 1939, the popularity of the First Lady overtook that of her husband: 67% of US citizens rated her performance as "good", while Franklin Roosevelt received 58% of approval ratings. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the founders of the UN.

  •  However, this marriage contained many problems under the surface, the least of which was sexual incompatibility. According to some reports, Eleanor was a lesbian. Despite this, the couple stayed together for political reasons, leading America to a brighter future.

8. Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Henry VIII and Catherine of AragonThe long 24-year marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon is directly responsible for the break with the Roman Catholic Church.

  •  Henry VIII was looking for a way to divorce Catherine, in a marriage with whom mostly girls were born (only one daughter survived), and her only son did not live even six months. In addition, all the attention of the king was absorbed by the maid of honor Anne Boleyn. But he could not annul the marriage, since Catherine did not agree to this, and the Pope did not give his favor.

  •  As a result, the King of England decided to break away from the Catholic Church in order to get what he so passionately wanted. The English Parliament adopted a series of laws, according to which the power of the Pope no longer had power in the country, and the king was now in charge of all church affairs. In 1534, Henry VIII was proclaimed Supreme Head of the Church of England.

7. Anne-Marie Tooth and Helen Faasen

Anne-Marie Tooth and Helen FaasenThese two are not princesses, not politicians, and not even great generals. If you meet these women on the street, you will probably pass by without looking back, because there is nothing unusual about them. Except for one fact.

  •  Anne-Marie Toos and Helen Faasen are the first lesbian couple in world history to legally marry. Their union laid the foundation for changing marriage laws around the world.

6. Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell

Lucy Stone and Henry BlackwellLucy was an American women's rights activist, while Henry was a businessman who heard her speak at a legislative event. And although at their wedding, played on May 1, 1855, there were neither celebrities nor a super magnificent banquet, it became a landmark event for the West of the 19th century.

  •  The fact is that Lucy kept her surname in marriage, not taking her husband's surname. This event went down in history and laid the foundation for women's suffrage in the future. Henry's renunciation of his "family rights" was also unheard of at the time, and made their marriage one of the first truly equal partnerships in the West.

5. Margaret and Denis Thatcher

Margaret and Denis ThatcherUsually behind the back of a successful man is a strong woman. But here it seems to be the other way around.

  •  The Iron Lady, who became the first female prime minister of Great Britain, has achieved tremendous success in politics. However, she repeatedly wrote that she could not have done as much as she did without her husband, who was always at her side.

4. Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary ClintonOne of the most powerful couples in modern history is remembered not only by the scandal with the soiled dress of Monica Lewinsky, but also by that loyalty to her husband, which was preserved (perhaps purely outwardly) by the First Lady of the United States.

  •  In politics, Hillary has held many important positions – from the head of the task force on health care reform to the senator in the state of New York and the US Secretary of State under Barack Obama. She adheres to an active anti-Russian position and opposes the policies of the current US President Donald Trump.

3. Raisa and Mikhail Gorbachev

Raisa and Mikhail GorbachevOnce upon a time, this couple from the USSR fascinated the world. It was not a political union, but the strongest love marriage. Mikhail and Raisa got married while still students.

  •  However, after graduating from the institute, Gorbachev's political career went, as they say, uphill. And when he became the first person then not yet, but in the USSR, Raisa Gorbacheva became the First Lady of a new type.

  •  She did not remain in the shadow of her husband, but actively appeared in public, traveled with Gorbachev on foreign trips and was a trendsetter on an all-Union scale. It was Raisa Gorbacheva who opened the Burda Moden house in Moscow. Foreign publications wrote about her "Communist lady with Parisian chic." She received the awards "Woman of the Year", "Woman of the World" and "Lady of the Year".

  •  One can have different attitudes towards the activities of Mikhail Gorbachev as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, as well as the first and last President of the USSR. However, the fact that he and his wife largely influenced the world politics of the 90s of the XX century is undeniable.

2. Marie and Pierre Curie

Marie and Pierre CurieLet's talk about marriage chemistry. And physics. Working side by side in Paris, the Curies were pioneers in the study of radioactivity, without which we would not have X-rays, radiotherapy, and by the way, no nuclear reactors. Mary is still one of the smartest women in the history of the world.

  •  The names of Marie and Pierre Curie have reached a truly cosmic scale. One of the craters on Mars, the asteroid 7000 Curie, and a crater on the far side of the Moon are named after them.

1. Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and SarahWhile some people don't believe these two famous historical figures ever existed, it's impossible to deny the impact of their marriage. The union of Abraham and Sarah resulted in many children who laid the foundation for the three major religions of the world. Without Abraham and Sarah, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam would not exist today.