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Where to go on New Year's holidays 2023



  •  It used to be easy to choose places for a New Year's holiday. Close your eyes, poke your finger at the globe – no, it's expensive here! Poke a few more times, and here it is, a suitable option. But now times have changed, and it is difficult for the inhabitants of our country to decide where to go inexpensively for the New Year 2023, due to the sanctions restrictions of the United States and Europe.

  •  So that you can plan your New Year's vacation in advance and make it interesting, I have compiled a selection of suitable places and abroad, where Russians are welcome.

Where to go on New Year's holidays by car

5. St. Petersburg


  •  By the New Year, the northern capital is changing – bright garlands, a huge fir tree on Palace Square, fireworks from the Neva and the festive atmosphere itself attract tourists from other cities.

  •  In addition to traditional family entertainment – visiting the Hermitage, the Kunstkamera and the Zoological Museum – I recommend the Park of Fairy Tales in the PKiO im. Babushkina, where an ice rink and an ice slide operate in winter, as well as the Deer Farm and the Puppet Museum. Theatergoers will not be disappointed either, because in winter many theater venues operate in St. Petersburg, including the Alexandrinsky Theater, the Mariinsky Theater, etc.

  •  Want something completely out of the ordinary? Then the historical show "The Horrors of St. Petersburg" is at your service, as well as the mirror labyrinths in the "Labyrinth" and "Picabolo's Mirror Maze". Visitors say that there the connection with reality dissolves into light and color illusions.

4. Kostroma


  •  The main New Year celebrations in Kostroma are held on Susaninskaya Square. And in this city there is the residence of the Snow Maiden, where you will be met by a hospitable hostess, who will give you a tour of all the chambers. The real highlight (or rather, an ice floe) of the residence is the ice room, which maintains a temperature of minus 14 degrees so that the interior does not melt.

3. Ryazan


  •  A beautiful and ancient city, with a lot of attractions, including:

  • The Gingerbread Museum is a good choice for the inquisitive sweet tooth.
  • Assumption Cathedral, built at the end of the 90th century, which was both a planetarium and a museum, and in the early XNUMXs was returned to the Ryazan diocese.
  • The Palace of Prince Oleg is now a museum with many exhibits reminiscent of the old days and Russian culture.
  • Sculpture "Mushrooms with eyes" – yes, they are eaten, they look. It is believed that rubbing the nose of the largest mushroom is good luck.
  • Cathedral Park is a great place for a leisurely walk.

  •  And near Ryazan is the village of Konstantinovo, where Sergei Yesenin was born. On New Year's holidays there are special programs for children and their parents.

2. Nizhny Novgorod


  •  If the question is acute, where to go for the New Year, so that it would be beautiful and budget, then the answer is Nizhny Novgorod, which has become prettier in recent years. In the city, which celebrated its 2022th anniversary in 800, historical buildings and embankments have been renovated, and before the New Year holidays, a large, beautiful Christmas tree will be installed near the Georgievskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

  •  However, if the view of the local Christmas tree does not appeal to you, Nizhny Novgorod has something to please – from the Nizhny Novgorod Fair to the cable car, which offers stunning views of the city. And young tourists can send a letter to Santa Claus using a special post office on Rozhdestvenskaya Street.

1. Golden ring


  •  The classic version of tourism is the cities of the Golden Ring. The route includes:

  1. Sergiev Posad,
  2. Pereslavl-Zalessky,
  3. Rostov,
  4. Yaroslavl,
  5. Kostroma,
  6. Ivanovo,
  7. Suzdal,
  8. Vladimir.

  •  These cities are not too far from Moscow (within 350 km) and offer a lot of experiences.

  •  An approximate plan where you can go for the New Year with your family along the Golden Ring:

  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, in which, according to legend, Alexander Nevsky – Pereslavl-Zalessky was baptized.
  • Trinity-Sergius Lavra – Sergiev Posad.
  • The Abramtsevo estate, where separate scenes of Solaris were filmed, and Valentin Serov wrote The Girl with Peaches – Sergiev Posad.
  • The Rostov Kremlin, through the passages of which Shurik and Bunsha ran away from the chase from "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession" – Rostov.
  • Yaroslavl Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, in which frescoes from the time of Ivan the Terrible have been preserved – Yaroslavl.
  • The village of Ivan Susanin, in which the famous "breeder" of the Poles was born and raised – Kostroma.
  • Museum of Ivanovo calico – Ivanovo.
  • Residential "House-ship" – Ivanovo.
  • The Suzdal Kremlin, in which almost all the main buildings have survived to this day, is Suzdal.
  • Shchurovo Settlement Museum – Suzdal.
  • Golden Gate, built in the 12th century – Vladimir.
  • Church of the Intercession on the Nerl – Vladimir.

Where can I go on New Year's holidays abroad, at sea

5. Turkey


  •  In hospitable Turkey, Russians are still welcome. And although the temperature is not suitable for swimming (16-18 degrees), you can devote time to excursions, for example, in Cappadocia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There you can even live in a real cave – more precisely, a hotel equipped in a cave.

  •  A big advantage of visiting Turkey in winter is the reduction in hotel prices. In addition, there will be no such crowds of tourists as in spring and summer, you can safely view the sights, "without pushing your elbows."

4. Egypt


  •  It is better for women not to go to Egypt alone, according to the reviews of single tourists, they are not allowed to pass by local men. But together with a husband, a friend or a young man – the very thing to escape from the Russian winter and plunge into the hot Egyptian winter.

  •  Activities like boat trips and trips to the desert on ATVs, afternoon swimming (the water warms up to +21-23 ° C), soft heat up to +25 ° C – all this has a relaxing effect on the most stressed tourist.

3. Sri Lanka


  •  Inexpensive and delicious fruits, fragrant tea, snow-white beaches, warm sea, air warmed up to 28 ° – what else do you need to celebrate the New Year 2023?

  •  Popular tourist destinations:

  • Colombo, with its ancient monasteries, mosques, beautiful parks, and – in contrast, business districts and large shopping centers.
  • Anuradhapura, on the territory of which there are 8 sacred places for Buddhists and the rock fortress of Sigiriya.
  • Spice garden in Matale.
  • Museum and jewelry factory.
  • The largest Royal Botanical Garden in Asia.
  • Small Adam's peak, which offers a stunning view of the Ravana waterfall.

2. Thailand


  •  From the beginning of October, entry into the country is completely free: you only need a passport. Plus, the hospitable Thais decided to increase the visa-free stay of Russians in the country to one and a half months.

  •  It will be possible to fly directly to the country of elephants and pagodas from the end of October by Aeroflot aircraft. Flights will be direct from Moscow, but unlike Nordwind with Cuba, travel companies have decided not to think far – the tours are planned only until the beginning of April.

1. United Arab Emirates


  •  I give the first place on the list of where to fly for the New Year 2023 to a country where they like to surprise with the size of buildings and the quality of service. The Arab countries have not changed their attitude towards the Russians and, most importantly, the flight schedule has remained practically the same.

  •  This means that in addition to the tourist center, you can fly through the UAE in transit around the world. But in the Emirates themselves there is something to see. The number of tours is increasing, new tourist routes are being laid, and in addition to Dubai, it turns out that there are also interesting emirates: Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and others. And many of them have an all-inclusive system, which Russian tourists love so much.

Where to go for the New Year 2023 with children

5. Veliky Ustyug


  •  The standard program of the New Year's tour for children includes a visit to the residence of Father Frost with a certificate confirming their stay in Veliky Ustyug.

  •  Various tour operators include in the program: a fairy tale trail, a visit to the winter garden, an excursion to the greeting card museum, a visit to the stable yard, and an interactive entertainment program.

4. Husky Center in Krasnaya Polyana


  •  The price of the visit includes: games with dogs, photos with huskies and use of the playground.

  •  In winter, the Husky Center offers an unusual service – dog sledding. If you decide to use it, then the cost of tickets for adults and children will increase to 1500/1000 rubles, respectively. But this is a small price to pay for the pleasure of seeing flushed cheeks and happy eyes of a child.

3. Altai, Lake Svetloye


  •  Altai is one of the best places to meet the new year 2023. Its main advantages over other regions of Russia are its beautiful nature and well-developed tourist infrastructure.

  •  One of the most interesting places for a family holiday in Altai is an excursion to Svetloe Lake, also known as Swan Lake. This is one of two places where whooper swans winter (the second is in the Anadyr region of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug).

  •  The swan flock arrives at the ice-free lake in December and stays until the end of winter. Watching these beautiful birds has a calming effect on the representatives of the older and younger generations.

2. Crimea, Yalta, hotel Polyana Skazok 3*


  •  The pearl of the southern coast of Crimea in winter pleases tourists with a festive atmosphere and warm weather. At any time of the year, the Palace of the Emir of Bukhara, Massandra, Livadia, Vorontsovsky and other palaces, as well as the beautiful Nikitsky Botanical Garden and the Skazka Zoo are at your service.

  •  I added the Glade of Fairy Tales hotel to the article, because there are a lot of good reviews about it on Yandex.Travel. The staff is polite, the territory is well-groomed and clean, there is a playground and an animator, and the place itself is calm and beautiful – just right for a family vacation.

1. Grand Hotel Polyana 5*, Gazprom Resort, Sochi


  •  The luxurious Russian hotel offers both quiet leisure – a water park, a bathhouse, a cinema, children's clubs and playgrounds, as well as active recreation. The resort has world-class cable cars and ski slopes, including the children's area "Laura" with three "green" slopes for beginners and children's slopes.

Where to go to relax for the New Year for outdoor enthusiasts

5. Resort Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi


  •  One of the favorite places for Russian tourists – both sports fans and those who want to walk a branded ski suit, see people and show themselves. The resort itself was built with an eye on Courchevel and achieved its goal – now it is an extensive network of hotels, cafes, restaurants, spa centers with entertainment for every taste and budget.

  •  You can go down skiing with a breeze on excellently groomed slopes, swim in outdoor pools, go on excursions along the snow-covered mountain slopes on dog sleds and, of course, just walk along the streets intricately decorated for the New Year.

4. Kemerovo region, Sheregesh


  •  If you are deciding where to go for the New Year holidays of 2023, so that it is both interesting and fun, and good for the body, then there is no better place than the Sheregesh ski resort.

  •  Its main attraction is soft, dry, crumbly snow, which is popularly called "powder". It will be appreciated by both experienced skiers and beginners – it is easy and pleasant to ride it from November to April.

  •  As for the infrastructure, it is developed by five – there are hotels, and rental houses, and all sorts of spa centers, and equipment rentals, not to mention the usual bars and restaurants.

3. SLC "Bannoye", Bashkiria


  •  This resort is located in very picturesque places, and the lake of the same name has even been given the status of a natural monument of federal significance. Thanks to the reservoir, you can relax in Bannom all year round: in summer, fans of beach recreation and fishing gather there, and in winter, the resort becomes a haven for ski lovers.

  •  The ski season lasts from November to May. The personnel of "Banny" does not expect favors from nature and maintains the tracks in working order with the help of snow cannons.

  •  In total, the Bannoy trails are divided into two parts.

  • The large complex is designed for the "big" – experienced athletes and amateurs. They can enjoy skiing on 4 pistes 2,5 km long (altitude difference is about half a kilometer).
  • And in the Small Complex, beginners gather, for whom 2 easy and comfortable tracks are intended. There is even a special place for those who want to put the child on skis.

  •  And in order to minimize the time between skiing, both complexes have the most modern lifts and cable cars. The path from the bottom to the top will take a maximum of five minutes.

  •  Near the mountain complex there are several hotels, a sanatorium, a recreation center with its own swimming pool. And if you don’t want to see people (except on the tracks) at all, you can rent a cottage or a guest house nearby.

2. Pukhtolova Gora, Leningrad Region


  •  This popular ski resort is located 50 km from St. Petersburg. Clean air filled with the aroma of pine needles, calm evenings in the cottage and a visit to the bath complex can and should be combined with an active holiday, because the resort is equipped with slopes for skiing, snowboarding, cheesecakes and a skating rink.

  •  There are trails for beginners, and for children there is a club where young skiers work with an instructor in a group.

  •  The slopes are equipped with lifts and are illuminated at night, and for those who forgot at home or did not buy equipment at all, there are equipment rental points.

1. Kalevala, Karelia


  •  While friends and colleagues are enjoying watching the next New Year's concert and absorbing the remnants of Olivier, your New Year's Eve meeting can go according to a different scenario – in the fresh air, under the bright stars of the beautiful Karelia.

  •  The main winter entertainment in Karelia is snowmobile trips through the taiga and frozen lakes. And if you add winter fishing and skiing to them, then you are unlikely to have a free minute to grieve about the unwatched "Irony of Fate".