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Top 10 summer camps for children at sea up to 35000 rubles

Camp by the sea


  •  A little more than a month remains until the long-awaited summer – it seems that everyone is happy about this, and especially children. Last summer, not many people managed to relax in a children's camp by the sea: due to the pandemic, most camps were forced to abandon summer camps. In addition, schools have switched to distance learning, almost all mass entertainment events have been canceled, and children have accumulated fatigue and stress.

The best option for recovery and recuperation during the summer holidays is considered to be a trip to children's camps at sea: the child gains strength, improves health, restores immunity, and also gains new knowledge and skills, communicates with peers, spends time usefully. A service will allow you to purchase a ticket to a children's camp at the sea at a discount.

10. "Start"

Age 8 – 16 years
Price per change: from 34 675 rub.
Location: Bulgaria, Burgas

  •  Children participate in creative competitions and shows:

  • Moment of glory
  • mafia on stage
  • Project X

  •  In addition, the children who came to the shift learn video filming and editing, acting and dancing. Intellectual quizzes and quests for ingenuity are organized. There are sports competitions, classes in vocals, guitar and public speaking. Along with this, master classes are held in needlework, journalism, English and SMM. And, of course, the guys spend a lot of time on the beach!

9. "MP Dance Camp"

Age: 8-99 years (possible participation of parents on the shift)
Price per shift: from 30 400 rub.
Location: Crimea, Nikolaevka

  •  "MP Dance Camp" is a summer dance camp in Crimea where a child can go with their parents! The camp program includes:

  • Dance lessons
  • Sports training
  • Stretching
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

  •  Dance training every day in different directions:

  • Hip-hop
  • Home
  • Spindrift
  • jazz-funk
  • Waacking and others

  •  The shift members watch films every day, play active games, swim in the sea and do creative things.

8. MOST Camp

Age: 7-17 years old
Price per shift: from 34 000 rub.
Location: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District

  •  "MOST Camp" is a children's language camp, the counselors in which are experienced teachers from the UK and the USA. The basis of the educational program in the camp is a communicative approach. Children learn English through communication, games and activities. Also, due to the fact that English teachers are native speakers, it is easier for children to overcome the language barrier.

  •  The entertainment program of the camp consists of master classes, foam parties, swimming in the sea, parties on the beach, concerts and festivals. Children can learn 3D modeling, learn how to play African drums, get acting skills in a theater studio.

7. "Dream"

Age: 7-14 years old
Price per shift: from 33 000 rub.
Location: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District

  •  The camp is implementing the program "Rainbow of my dreams", the symbol of the change is the Rainbow, the colors of which indicate the directions of the camp's work:

  • Purple: show programs for adults and children, friendship day
  • Red: squad fires
  • Orange: R&D activities and squad lights
  • Blue: creative, intellectual and educational games
  • Yellow: sports, outdoor games
  • Green: hiking, walks in the forest, excursions, environmental activities
  • Blue: creation and implementation of public benefit projects

  •  Within the framework of each day, events of a “certain color” are held, as well as: daily swimming in the sea, games on the beach, wellness treatments, team and camp events, concerts and shows.

6. "Freedom Residence"

Age: 1-99 years (possible participation of parents on the shift)
Price per shift: from 34 058 rub.
Location: Crimea, Chernomorskoye

  •  Parents can take part in the shift together with the children.

  •  Morning:

  •  Dance motor warm-up and self-knowledge group. Each of the participants will have the opportunity to explore their personal request.

  •  Evening:

  •  Practice for the integration of the day and connection with the body.

  •  Morning:

  •  Yoga and game warm-up on the beach, sports games, brainstorming on topics chosen by children, communication trainings and much more!

  •  Evening:

  •  Children's art therapy training, where participants will use photography, movement, child psychodrama and a variety of creative techniques to create their own creative project on an important topic for them.

5. "Golden Ear"


Age: 7-17 years old
Price per shift: from 33 700 rub.
Location: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse

  •  On each shift, exciting games for acquaintance and rallying, dance shows, concerts of detachment business cards are held. There are various sports events, competitions and relay races. For children, exciting game trainings on communication and conflict management are provided – instilling soft-skills skills that are necessary for successful work in any field in our time.

  •  The program includes master classes in appliqué, macrame, bead weaving, origami. Theatrical evenings, game auctions are organized. Children go hiking, visit the dolphinarium and water park, relax on the beach.

  •  In the camp, if necessary, each child can attend health procedures to prevent certain types of diseases. At the camp there is a hydropathic clinic, a gymnastics hall, a dentist's office.

4. "Vitamin"

Age: 9-15 years old
Price per shift: 31 700 RUB
Location: Crimea, Sandy

  •  "A minimum of gadgets – a maximum of vivid emotions" – the motto of the camp "Vitamin". There is no time to be bored on the shift at Vitamin. Every day is filled with exciting events!

Active and sports: themed morning exercises, rope quest, water aerobics, stretching, fun starts, football tournaments, pioneer ball, relay races.

Marine: games on the beach, in the sea and in the pool.

Creative: art studios, circles and master classes, dance battles.

Intelligent: quizzes, games for the development of logic and thinking, quizzes.

  •  Experienced professional specialists work with children, who have been carefully selected and have the appropriate certificates for working with children. In the construction of units, the age of the children and the characteristics of each child are taken into account.

3. "Fulcrum"

Age: 7-17 years old
Price per shift: from 30 160 rub.
Location: Crimea, Evpatoria, Zaozernoye

  •  "Point of Support" is not an ordinary children's camp. It organizes and conducts educational programs in various areas. Each shift has its own "Point" around which the whole program is built and appropriate events are selected.

  •  What "Points" are there in the camp?

Lingua-Point. Language shifts, classes at which are held in a playful and exciting way.

Event-Point. Time management, communication, leadership, self-motivation, psychology and personal development.

Kids-Point. Change for the little ones. Activities for team building and creativity are held.

  •  Within each shift, a lot of sports and active events, creative games, shows, concerts are held. Children swim in the sea, play beach games, communicate with peers and teachers, learn new things and spend their summer holidays with benefit.

2. "Media Wave"

Age: 9-16 years old
Price per shift: 29 500 RUB
Location: Krasnodar region, Tuapse district, Shepsi

  •  During the summer season, the camp hosts shifts in three areas:

  1. Cinema
  2. Photo
  3. Acting skills

  •  Having chosen the subject of the shift, the child will study the chosen direction in depth and get to know others in the format of electives and master classes. All information is given in an accessible, interesting form, taking into account age characteristics.

  •  Each child who has been on a shift at Media Wave will discover a lot of new talents and learn how to spend time with benefit and interest, even the guys will start using their devices and gadgets differently.

  •  In the camp, the guys will have the opportunity to shoot their first mini-movie, organize professional photography, transform into their favorite characters and play in a real theatrical production.

1. "Golden Scythe"

Age: 7-17 years old
Price per shift: 28 600 RUB
Location: Rostov region, Taganrog

  •  “The best way to make children good is to make them happy”, the teachers of the Zolotaya Kosa camp are sure.

  •  In the camp from the very morning until the lights out, exciting events replace each other:

  • mobile and board games
  • creative and educational quizzes
  • tournaments and championships
  • contests and competitions
  • discos, concerts and shows

  •  On the camp's own beach, a beach holiday is organized with swimming, animators, beach volleyball and other games. On each shift, the guys go on interesting and excursions.