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List of foreign medicines that may no longer be available



  •  According to experts – pharmacists and marketers – the purchase of medicines for the future is not without meaning. There will be price increases. Particularly pessimistic call an impressive figure of 40%. Some drugs may no longer be at all. So far, pharmacies are selling off old stocks, but new batches will be at new prices. It is very likely that even Russian generics will rise in price after some time.

  •  As the ancient Roman proverb says, forewarned is forearmed; who knows how the political situation will turn out in a week, not to mention months. Therefore, the editors have compiled a list of foreign medicines that may no longer be available.

There are contraindications. Consult with
specialist (doctor).

Why have medicines become more expensive?

  •  No, not because Western pharmaceutical companies have decided not to do business with us: so far only one American company has refused to import medicines into Russia. And then this is a remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and Botox, which can hardly be called essential goods. Even the French from Sanofi confirmed to journalists that their products still regularly appearn pharmacies.

  •  So why are prices rising? The ruble is unstable, and there are problems with logistics – in connection with the ban on flights and other sanctions. It will take time to establish new trade routes, and thrifty Russians are already sweeping everything off the shelves. The victims of popular demand are mainly pharmacies in large cities; in the outback and subsidized regions, due to the low purchasing power of the population, everything is calm.

Will drug prices rise in the future?

  •  The entire huge array of drugs that enters pharmacies and hospitals is divided into two parts. The first part – those that are included in the category of vital; their prices are regulated by the state. In total, there are 808 medicines in this list, they make up about 60% of pharmacy products. Most likely, in the current circumstances, they will not disappear from the counter, and the price for them will not rise to sky-high heights. However, if the ruble weakens, then the pharmaceutical raw materials from which Russian drugs are made will rise in price. It is now 80% imported, however, it is imported from the BRICS countries – India and China. And if the price of raw materials rises, then the price tags will have to be rewritten.

  •  As for the second, smaller part, the prices for it are regulated by the invisible hand of the market, with all its advantages and disadvantages. The price of this type of drugs primarily depends on the popularity of the drug, its popularity with the consumer. And the more popular the medicine, the stronger the temptation of the pharmaceutical business to compensate for all financial losses from state-regulated prices at its expense.

What to do if the right medicine is missing from the pharmacy?

  •  If some foreign medicine is no longer sold, it remains to look for analogues. True, this method does not always work – even if the active substance of the two drugs is the same, however, their production technologies may differ, not to mention the quality of raw materials, cleaning methods, related substances, and so on. Therefore, some generics may be perceived by the body worse than the original. So when changing the medication, it is better to consult a specialist – the attending physician.

List of foreign medicines that must be in the first-aid kit




Manufacturer: Novartis Consumer Health

Domestic analogues: Askofen Ultra, Aquacitramon, Citramon

  •  It is used for headaches, migraines, neuralgia, toothache and other types of pain. The main active ingredients are acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine. Fortunately, there are a number of Russian drugs with exactly the same composition.


wthtwimsManufacturer: Bayer

Domestic analogues: not.

  •  Although it is strongly associated with hangover relief, it is actually a broad spectrum analgesic. It is available in effervescent tablets. Although there are no complete analogues with the same combination of active ingredients (acetylsalicylic acid, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate), there are a lot of aspirin-based analgesics on Russian shelves.




Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Domestic analogues: Maxicold, Gelangin

  •  Antiseptic agent of local action, which is often used in ENT practice. Translated from medical to simple, these are lozenges for sore throats, oral sprays for stomatitis and sore throats, mouthwashes for infectious diseases. The main active ingredient is geexetidine. Other foreign drugs with the same active ingredient: Stomatidin (Bosnian), Stopangin (Israeli).


Magne B6


Manufacturer: Sanofi

Domestic analogues: Angiovit, Magnesium B6 Renewal, Health City Magnesium B6, Magnelis B6.

  •  These tablets are especially loved by knowledge workers, stressed people, dieters, insomniacs and students during exams.



Manufacturer: Bayer

Domestic analogues: "Multivitamins from A to Zn" produced by Evalar, Consumed (Belarus)

  •  Effervescent soluble tablets with a mineral complex and multivitamins are loved by both children and adults. It is much more fun to swallow not an ordinary pill, but a healthy drink that still tastes no worse than soda.

Mucolytics and expectorants



Manufacturer: Sanofi

Domestic analogues: Beraksol, Bronchorus, Asterisk Broncho (for children) and others

  •  Cough syrup, cough tablets, children's dosage forms – this remedy is well known. "Lazolvan" dilutes sputum and helps it come out naturally. It is used for bronchitis (both acute and chronic), asthma and cough of an unspecified nature. The main active ingredient is ambroxol.

Nasal sprays



Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Domestic analogues: Xylene, Xylometazoline, Rhinorus, etc.

  •  Drops in the nose, which relieve swelling of the mucous membrane, reduce the amount of discharge in allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and are also used by ENT doctors before examining the nasal passages. The active substance is xylometazoline.



Manufacturer: TEVA

Domestic analogues: Naphthyzin, Sanorin from Grotex with eucalyptus oil, Naphthyzin Reneval, etc.

  •  It is used in the same cases as Tizin, however, the active substance of the Czech company is different – naphazoline.


Edarbi Klo


Manufacturer: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Analogue: no

  •  This is the most common diuretic drug for hypertension – it includes the diuretic chlorthalidone. Alas, there are no direct analogues of Edarbi Klo, however, the medicine can be replaced with diuretics of previous generations or a combination.

Wound healing agents



Manufacturer: Bayer

Analogues: D-panthenol, Pantoderm plus, Depanthol

  •  An ointment that not only stimulates skin regeneration, but also relieves inflammation, heals cracks and simply softens and nourishes dry skin. The main active ingredient is dexpanthenol in combination with chlorhexidine.

Antiallergic drugs



Manufacturer: Sanofi

Russian analogues: Solonex, Cetirizine-Vertex

  •  An antihistamine that allergy sufferers take during exacerbations – rhinitis, conjunctivitis and allergic dermatosis, with hay fever, chronic. The remedy can help even with developing Quincke's edema. The main active ingredient is cetirizine.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Nurofen, Nurofen for children


Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser

Domestic analogues: Next

  •  Well-known to the Russian consumer is a package with a bright orange-red circle that immediately attracts attention. There are many dosage forms – these are capsules, and gels, and suspensions for children (often with sweet syrups). The combination of ibuprofen + paracetamol is quite popular – it is used to create medicines by both foreign companies and domestic ones. Among foreign analogues can be called Lekofen Combo, Ibuklin, Brustan and so on.

Efferalgan, Efferalgan for children

5hfevx4eManufacturer: UPSA

Domestic analogues: Paracetamol (tablets, effervescent tablets), Cefecon-D, paracetamol-based children's suspensions and so on

  •  Good old paracetamol in a variety of dosage forms – syrups for children (candles for very young), tablets (regular and effervescent) for adults and adolescents. There are a lot of foreign and domestic analogues, but in all types, colors and sizes. The most famous of the foreign ones is Panadol.

Antifungal means



Manufacturer: Pfizer

Analogue: Fluconazole from different manufacturers

  •  An effective antifungal agent that is prescribed for various kinds of candidiasis, including the “thrush”, well known to many women. The main active ingredient is fluconazole.

Cold medicines



Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Khelskep

Domestic analogues: Maxicold Rino, GrippoFlu

  •  A popular anti-cold remedy of complex action is an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, which Russians drink for colds and flu, high fever, aching bones, runny nose and sneezing. There are three active ingredients – paracetamol, pheniramine, phenylephrine.



jmxuls1kManufacturer: Abbot Healthcare Products

Domestic analogues: Lactulose

  •  Although the topic of the toilet is not popular in society, however, the health and functioning of the intestines are very important for a person. Duphalac is used for constipation, both orally and rectally (in this case, an enema is used). The main active ingredient is lactulose.



pdakzxjqManufacturer: Unipharm

Domestic analogues: Velson, Melarithm, Melatonin Evalar, etc.

  •  It is used for sleep disorders or when it is necessary to rebuild biological rhythms – for example, when traveling to countries located in other time zones. The active substance is melatonin.




Manufacturer: Sanofi

Domestic analogues: Drotaverine produced by various pharmaceutical companies

  •  A long-standing and popular medicine that is used for spasms of smooth muscles in various human organ systems – the biliary tract, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, colitis, flatulence, and general headache and dysmenorrhea. The active substance is drotaverine.