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Review of e-book M2, new 2022 from DIGMA

E-book DIGMA M2


  •  For some of my friends, e-books have long been a real salvation. They are larger than smartphones and lighter than tablets. In addition, it is much more profitable and more convenient than printed counterparts. So for book lovers there is a good option to save money on all fronts at once.

  •  Why DIGMA? The answer is simple: this international manufacturer of digital devices and consumer electronics for home and business has long been known in the Russian market for its affordable prices. So it became interesting for me to figure out what the novelty of 2023 is capable of.



  •  The design of the device is practical and very standard. The case is made of dark gray plastic without drawings and unnecessary details. Below and on the sides are control buttons, the purpose of which is generally intuitive and does not require special explanation.


bosvvxkzFirst of all, you should pay attention to the resolution of the six-inch display – 1 x 024. This tells us that you can view in good quality not only the text itself, but also images. In addition, the manufacturer uses E-Ink HD technology, which makes the use of M758 safe on the eyes, while maintaining a natural and visually pleasing gamut of shades. And for poorly lit places, backlighting is also provided here.


  •  As for the RAM, the 128 MB memory capacity stably copes with its task and, in the case of the book reader, does not raise any particular questions. The pre-installed disk holds 4 GB. Expandable with microSD and microSDHC. In the aggregate, the problem of clogged storage can be forgotten for a long time.


1bwc0r3vHere the situation is the same as with design. Everything is accessible and to the point. The menu is easy to navigate. For people with poor eyesight, it is possible to adjust the font size.


  •  The 1 mAh battery can handle work without recharging up to a week. But if the device is still dead, you can charge it using a common microUSB cable.


  •  In terms of dimensions, the M2 resembles a medium-sized notebook – 16,4 x 11,6 x 0,98 cm. However, the key feature is in the mass. It is only 150 grams. Accordingly, the gadget fits into a bag or backpack without any problems and does not remind of itself unnecessarily.


  •  With the purchase, you get a case that protects the screen from scratches and light impacts, as well as a charging cable.

Digma M2 cost

  •  Summing up, I would like to note a very worthy ratio between price and quality. For this money, most often you can get a much less functional and efficient device. And here we have super lightness, a reliable battery, a very good picture and even a game library as a bonus. So, other things being equal, for studying or just for reading at your leisure, this is a really good option.