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Review of Philips W200 children's smart watch: good battery and the necessary minimum of functions

Overview of children's smart watch Philips W200


  •  If you have children, you know firsthand what a bunch of complex feelings a parent experiences when a child does not return home at the appointed time or goes for a walk outside the yard for the first time. We want our child to be completely safe, and we are ready to do anything, sometimes even to the detriment of the comfort of the child.

Modern technologies come to the aid of parents here: today they are becoming more and more popular kids smart watch. You won’t surprise a child with a smartphone anymore – “Dad has a smart watch, I also want it!”. To make your baby feel like an adult and independent, and you can be sure of his safety, a smart watch can be a good solution. Today we have a novelty from Philips on the review – children's smart watch W200.

Device Features

  • Android/iOS app
  • GPS: Yes
  • SIM card: nano-SIM
  • Battery: 650 mAh
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Speaker: One
  • Display: 1.44" TFT-LCD 240×240, Touch-Single point
  • Charging: Micro-USB port
  • Microphone: Anti-interference
  • Size: 56.2x41.3x14 mm
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Standby: 150 h
  • Talk time: 8.5h
  • Networks: 2G 800/1900 MHz, GPRS class 12


Philips W200 appearancePhilips W200 packagingPhilips W200 boxFirst, a few words about design. The range of colors is good – you can choose between bright green, pink and black. If a child likes a strict “adult” watch, you can stop at a neutral black color, for those who want more fun, there are pink and green. The colors give out the "childishness" of the watch – they are saturated and slightly acidic, attract attention and will definitely appeal to little lovers of bright and unusual. We had a pink watch in our editorial office – a great option that a girl will like.

Materials and ergonomics

Philips W200 power connectors and SIM cardsPhilips W200 smart watch for kidsPhilips W200 strapA little about the materials. Here, without a revolution – the kingdom of plastic. But it can also be different: the W200 uses plastic that is pleasant to the touch, a little soft, as if rubberized. Everything hints that the device will be used by children, who are not always neat – the watch looks durable enough to withstand the “onslaught” of a child.

  •  The same can be said about the strap: to the touch it looks more like thick rubber, the clasp is of high quality and does not put pressure on the hand. The color of the strap here, by the way, matches the color of the case. The size of the strap unequivocally hints that the watch is intended for a child's hand: they do not fit on an adult man's hand, but on a woman's they are held on the last hole. By the way, they are enough for the watch to fit on the wrist of a child of different ages – there is a supply, and the clasp is strong enough so that the watch does not spin on the hand.

Touch control and SOS button

Touch control and SOS button Philips W200There is only one button on the watch, which is responsible for several functions at once. For example, it allows you to turn the watch on and off, and with a long press, launch the SOS function. Then a corresponding notification will be sent to the parent smartphone. The rest of the clock control is implemented through the touch screen – 1.44 inches, TFT-LCD matrix. The display supports only one simultaneous press, no multi-touch.

  •  This is unlikely to be a problem – on such a small display, it is hardly possible to use several fingers at the same time. For an adult, for sure – even with one finger it is not always possible to hit the right icon the first time. However, children do not have such a problem – our young tester was easily managed with any tasks and functions.

Operating time from one charge

mircoUSB charging cable and Philips W200 paperclipPhilips W200 – from the proprietary Xenium line. So Philips calls its energy-saving technology, which adjusts the operation of the device so that it lasts as long as possible on a single charge. The manufacturer promises 8.5 hours of talk time and as much as 150 hours of standby time – and I want to believe this figure: the battery from a charged state reached zero after about 5-6 days of natural use.

Device functionality

  •  On the side of the watch is a microphone and a small speaker. The latter does not shine with sound quality, but it is quite enough to hear and understand speech. But there are no problems with the volume – you can hear it even in the subway. The microphone has built-in noise protection – on the other end of the wire it is easy to make out what the child is saying, even when he is on a busy street.

Functions of the Philips W200 children's smart watchThe functionality of the W200 is far from adult watches, which is not surprising, given the purpose and price of the device. Nevertheless, there is everything you need to stay in touch with the child, and the absence of unnecessary functions only contributes to good autonomy. There is a GPS tracker that allows you to track the location of the child (for this, you need to install the Kids Guardian branded application on the parent's smartphone).

  •  The child can also exchange messages with parents. The watch has a slot for a 2G SIM card (nano format), and the charging connector is a regular micro USB. The specificity of the watch implies a wide range of parental control functions: in addition to the location, you can also listen to the environment around the watch, while there will be no notifications on the device itself. You can also remotely turn off the clock completely or set the mode to “In class” so that the child is not distracted at school.

Smart watch Philips W200 for a childOf the pleasant "chips" – protection against dust and moisture according to the IP65 standard. Of course, swimming in the sea with such a watch is not worth it, but getting it wet in the rain or when washing your hands is completely, nothing will happen to the watch.

Cost Philips W200

  •  The price tag for the device is quite humane – at the time of writing the review, it is a little less than 4000 rubles. Such a watch may well be considered for a child of preschool or elementary school age – for a small price you get all the necessary set of functions that will help you be sure that everything is in order with the child. And the peace of mind of parents is worth a lot.